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That says memory share, not memeory share. Anyway, the gist is this: characters get a chance to share memories with another one. It can either be voluntary or involuntary (on both characters' parts. maybe discuss non-consensual telepathy and shit ooc first). Mind melds, pensieves, jamjar situations forcing it on everyone, whatever. Sometimes you experience the memory like it's happening to you or sometimes you experience it as though spectating it. Sometimes you get to choose which memory and sometimes you don't. It all depends. Maybe it changes your relationship forever, maybe it catches you out in a lie. In any case, now you know something about each other you probably won't ever forget.

• Top level your character. Include any details you might think are relevant, like what memory they would be sharing. Or don't, we're not the cops.
• Reply to other people's top levels!
• Have fun!

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[That about sums it up! ;) And ooh I like that comic, headcanon accepted. More than one memory sounds just fine to me; I think I'll have to include All That Remains but why don't we jump around/build up to the big stuff. ;) Shall I start or would you like to?]
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[Sounds like a plan! I figured I'd kick things off, let me know if you want anything changed.]

"I thought only mages were supposed to do this sort of thing." Giving their surroundings a reproachful look, Alistair turned back to Hawke and smiled. "I'm blaming you for this." It seemed like exactly the sort of trouble the Champion of Kirkwall was wont to get into, both from his experience of her and from the stories about her exploits in the City of Chains. Although, having met the dwarf who started most of those stories himself he could admit there might be some exaggeration there. But not much.

"This sort of thing just doesn't happen to me normally." Well, alright, that wasn't entirely true. "The first time it was all the Warden's fault. And the second time it was Varric's fault. And now it's your fault." He should probably start keeping better company. But then, at that moment, 'better company' was planning to use blood magic to summon demons. So maybe he'd stick with the people who felt it was better to bring themselves to the demons than the demons to them. That was better, right?

Shaking his head he looked around the unnatural landscape of the Fade again. At least this wasn't another dream designed to keep him trapped and separated from Hawke. Unless the demons had gotten a lot smarter about that sort of thing. "I think I see something weird over there.... Weirder. Do you think that's good or bad?"
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Looks great, thanks! I have a Cold of Doom, sorry for the delay.

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"Why does everyone always blame me?" Hawke complained. "It's not as though I have 'Hey, weird stuff! Get over here! Brings friends with teeth!' written on my back."

Though if she did, it would certainly explain a lot. This, though...this was one for the books. Even Varric's most fanatical fans wouldn't believe this one.

"Anyway, it's your third time here, so you're the expert. Pick a direction. Towards the weirder-than-weird thing, or away from it?" She gestured. She did see something strange the way he was looking. More glowy, fuzzy reality, as opposed to the melty and slimy reality everywhere else.
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np, work has been kicking my ass so I'm sorry too!

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"Are you sure about that?" Alistair mumbled to himself. Hawke reminded him of the Warden in that sense - always attracting trouble. And she didn't even have the excuse of being a Grey Warden, since they were at least supposed to go looking for trouble.

Frowning at the weirder-than-weird fuzz before them he shrugged at last. "Towards it? What's the worse that could happen? Besides demons trying to eat or possess us." And they both knew how to handle demons.

Setting off towards the even-weirder looking patch determinedly, Alistair slowed as he got closer. He could swear he heard voices coming from ahead. They were familiar too, though he couldn't immediately place who they might be or what they were saying. Glancing over at Hawke he asked, "Do you hear that too?" He really hoped so. The ever-present music was bad enough, he didn't need to start hearing voices too.
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Slowtagging high-five. o/ Alistair memory first, btw?

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Hawke pretended not to hear his mumbled doubts, though she smiled a little ruefully. She did have a knack for falling into things, even when she wasn't actively chasing them. At least it kept her life from being boring. She was never going to be the type to just stand around doing nothing, never.

Granted, wandering around bodily was extreme even by her standards. Last time she hadn't been here in person, just in very directed dream, but it still wasn't an experience she'd ever wanted to repeat. Especially not the parts with her friends turning on her.

"How about we not think about the worst that could happen," she said pointedly as they walked towards the glowy weirdness. "Or else it probably will. Do you mean those voices? They don't sound like they're talking about gnawing on our bones, so we might as well check it out."
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Works for me! Starting small here

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The good news was that Hawke could hear the voices too, so he wasn't hearing things. The bad news? They were starting to resolve into something far too recognisable. Even worse? As they got closer he could see the blur taking shape, figures emerging from the unnatural haze of the Fade around them.

As they got closer it seemed like they'd reached the part where the demons tried to tempt them, the figures before them familiar faces, as had happened every other time in the Fade. Though, if that were the case they were going about it differently than those other times.

Their surroundings shifted, changing from the bleakness of the Fade to the lush Ferelden countryside as the voices got loud enough to understand. The small cluster of boys in front of them were all glaring accusingly at the one at the head of the group, who was looking up at the pair of templars that had been sent to retrieve them.

And didn't have any pants.

"...Is the plan to embarrass me into getting possessed?" Alistair finally managed as he stared at himself, albeit much younger. "Because that might work."

His cheeks were turning red to match his younger self's blush but it still managed to be unnerving to hear his own voice, unbroken but still him as he tried to defend himself. "I didn't want to be in charge! Ser Tomas made me! And we only got lost because the map... had an accident. There was a bear and while we were trying to get away from that Kell stumbled into a beehive and he's allergic and-"

Alistair coughed as one of the templars cut off the torrent of words with an exasperated 'Alistair' and turned to Hawke. "Well. If that doesn't prove I shouldn't be the one guiding us I don't know what does."
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Ohmygosh that's beautiful, headcanon accepted.

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Even though she knew whatever they were about to see would be an illusion, it was still a bit of a relief to see the green-slime-unreality of the Fade shimmer into something more familiar and comforting. Even so, Hawke crossed her arms and waited with wariness for whatever was coming.

She'd expected demons, temptations, disasters. She hadn't expected to see a gaggle of green boys, particularly not without trousers. The penny dropped a moment before Alistair spoke, as she recognized the hair of the lad in charge.

She tried not to laugh. She succeeded. Though it took effort, and she couldn't repress a smile. "Well," she managed, after a moment. "This does rather make your point for you, yes." Her gaze flickered over to the distinctly unamused Templar who was now lecturing Alistair's younger self. Her mouth twitched. "And explains a few things."

Young Alistair, squirming in his boots (he has boots but no pants, however did he manage that?), was actually adorable to Hawke's eyes. She figured that observation wouldn't be welcome, however. At least, not just now. She took pity on him and turned away from the scene. "Shall we move on to somewhere else, then? That rock over there looks just fascinating. We should explore it."
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I am glad you approve!

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Hawke was a woman second only to Andraste herself, Alistair realised in that moment. She was not only not laughing at the scene in front of them - still smiling but he could forgive that. He was adorable even now and more so when he was young so he was just going to tell himself that was what had her pleased - but she was offering an escape from the torments of the Fade too?

She should definitely be in line for sainthood as well as being a Champion.

"It does, doesn't it?" He agreed with a relieved grin. "Let's go explore it. In great detail."

As if to emphasise the point, there was an exclaimed 'He was bleeding and everything else was covered in muck! I had to take off my pants!" behind them.

Briefly covering his face, Alistair shook his head and started for the far-more-interesting rock. "Let's see if we can get out of here before I decide to let a demon eat all my memories, shall we?" Or worse, decided to ask what the sight had explained for her.
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"Maker forbid we allow that," Hawke agreed. She let herself have one last look back at poor, protesting, pantless younger Alistair before moving on. "And that rock does so need attention. Also the trees."

She might not have hurried away quite so quickly as Alistair (the one with pants), but she was willing enough to move on, though she kept a sharp lookout for the demon. It had to be hiding somewhere, and it was clearly determined to play with them. She figured she was next, and wondered if she could use whatever memory it evoked to reveal its location.

So it was no surprise at all that the area around them melted into a familiar farming village, one Alistair might remember himself, though villages of this sort all tended to look alike. Still, she was surprised at how vivid it was, how detailed. There were things she didn't know she remembered, like the lopsided chimney on the tavern, or the broken gate.

Similarly it was no surprise when a long-legged colt of a girl with messy black hair tied back in a equally messy ponytail ran around a corner, followed closely by a mabari; she was laughing, and so was the hound, its canine tongue lolling. Hawke stood and watched with some bemusement, crossing her arms. Had she really ever been that young? It seemed forever ago. The silent mabari shadow at her side, Teo, whined confusion at the sight, and she reached down to scritch his ears. "It's all right, old boy," she murmured to him. "Just an illusion, nothing that can harm us."

Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a woman waiting at a doorway. The woman's hair was dark, just going to grey, her expression sober and eyes red. "Marian," she called softly, loud enough that the girl missed it the first time, still busy playing tag with her dog. "Marian."

Hawke went dead still. She remembered now what day this was, and wanted no part of it.
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Alistair's thoughts mirrored Hawke's to some degree. He was equally expecting another trick from the demon after the first failed and there was no way it would ignore Hawke's presence unless it thought he was the one most likely to succumb to it. Either way, the only questions were what it would show them next and if they could find it before this went on too long.

The change in scenery only made him sigh and glance over at Hawke with a wry half-smile. Demons never were very good at just giving up when a trick didn't work.

He turned his attention back to their new surroundings, waiting to see whatever they were here for. Something from Hawke's past he guessed, as the place was no more familiar to him than any one of the many Ferelden villages he'd passed through on his way elsewhere. That thought was confirmed as the young girl rounded the corner before them.

Despite knowing this had to be the work of a demon, Alistair couldn't stop himself from smiling at her. She and her mabari both looked so carefree and happy. As inevitable as such things were, it wasn't fair that she'd had to grow up to face some of the things she had. Even the sound of her given name, as strange as it sounded given he didn't think he'd ever heard Hawke use it, didn't dim his smile.

Alistair was still grinning fondly as he looked back at Hawke, mouth open to tease her. The look on her face quickly killed his amusement and replaced it with concern. "Hawke?" He took a step closer, reaching out to touch her shoulder lightly. "What is it?"
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Hawke's face remained very deliberately blank, a sign that she was struggling to keep some powerful emotion under control. If it was this day, then the younger self in front of her was older than she'd first guessed...fourteen? Fifteen? She looked like such a child. Especially now, her expression shifting from an amused denial to terror and grief. Hawke still remembered how the moment had felt at the time, how impossible it was to accept, how betrayed she'd felt later.

She swallowed, then swallowed again; her throat had gone too dry to speak, for a moment. "This is the day my father died," she said quietly. If they stepped closer they'd be able to hear the furious conversation between Leandra and Marian. She didn't move an inch. "He'd been injured on the farm. Not badly, but it got infected. Bethany wore herself out trying to heal him, but that was never her speciality. They were both force mages." She sighed, suddenly looking tired. "I was convinced it wasn't serious, because I was so sure he could do anything, overcome anything. He'd always managed to do the impossible before."

She doesn't have to say in words how much she loved, even idolized her father; it's there in her younger self's face as Marian crumples into tears and runs into the house, shouting her denial. Hawke grimaced and turned away. "We don't need to watch this. Come on. Let's find another rock."
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Even without looking at Hawke, Alistair knew the scene before them was something he wasn't supposed to see. This was something personal that a demon had dug up to try and weaken her, not something she would have chosen to share on her own. And yet he couldn't stop himself watching, as the loss hit Hawke's younger reflection. His heart clenched with sympathy but the real Hawke spoke up before he could find the right words to say.

"...Alright." Alistair quietly walked alongside Hawke as they moved away from the scene, the sound of her younger self's shouts still audible. For a long moment, he considered keeping his mouth shut and letting Hawke try to forget the reminder of what she'd lost but he couldn't just pretend he hadn't seen anything.

His voice was soft as he spoke again, watching Hawke out of the corner of his eye. "It's not the same but... I remember when my mentor, Duncan, was killed. He was... I didn't take it well." And he'd known before it happened that Duncan wouldn't have much longer, the Calling already upon him before the Blight began. He hadn't had the illusions that Hawke, being younger at the time, would have had about her father. "I'm sorry."

Whatever demon was responsible for this, they'd make it pay when they tracked it down. With that thought in mind, it was almost a relief when the sounds of grief began to fade as their surroundings twisted to become the familiar grounds of Redcliffe castle. If they were following the same pattern they'd seen so far maybe the next scene would be something to cheer Hawke up. He could take the embarrassment if it made her laugh.
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Hawke was, for once, bereft of an easy comment. Even she couldn't be flippant about some things, and those things were usually the subjects she avoided. She closed her eyes briefly as she heard the noise still behind them. The whole of Lothering probably heard her that day. Everything changed afterwards. Even her name.

It was a relief when Alistair spoke and derailed her thoughts, even if it still touched on the subject. "I doubt anyone really takes the death of a loved one well," she said, still quiet. She gave him half a smile, and if it took more effort than usual, it was at least something. "Thanks."

Fortunately, the surroundings changed again. Hawke frowned a bit as she surveyed their new location. "This is...Redcliffe, hmm?" She jutted her chin towards a tapestry with the appropriate crest decorating it, showing how she came by the deduction. "So it's your turn again, I take it. Maybe we should just skewer anything that moves and hope it accomplishes something."

In the Fade, stabbing things was a pretty solid strategy. It worked pretty well for her in the real world too, come to that.
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