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So much to learn


From the moment we begin our lives, we're learning. It's imperative to surviving, to growing - don't walk in the shadows, it's dangerous, don't touch the fire, you'll be hurt. These days, most continue to hone this natural instinct with formal schooling, but that's certainly not the end all, be all of knowledge. If you go to school or not, if you have the opportunity or otherwise, you won't stop sharpening your mind after those formative years. That's just not the way our incredible brains work.

You, specifically, have actually decided to something equally incredible: you want to really dedicate yourself to learning a skill, and what better way than an apprenticeship? Formal or informal, you're under someone's tutelage, absorbing everything they can teach, growing closer to them in the process...

...unfortunately, though, you've gained a little something extra with that bite from the fruit of knowledge. You've fallen for your mentor.

Do you realize this pitfall immediately, or will you have to learn the hard way?

  • Comment with your character, preferences, what role you'd like them to fill, and any information you'd like to include.
  • Like it says up there, the situation or setup can be strict or loose, and there may or may not be an age difference involved. Be specific in your preferences.
  • Thread.
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Beerune checked over her papers again as she made her way through the monumental temple ground floor, and past the alter-fountain to Sheem, the Goddess of Protective Justice. Candle light flickered orange soft light on her bronze statue icon and glimmered on the rippling surface of the pool's water. On the second glance through the papers she'd been given on her schedule of tasks, there was no doubting it now she'd been assigned a civilian assistant in penance for a third infraction against the law. It had been a good two years since this had last happened. Some the civilians were quite grumpy with their two week new job, but it wasn't always a trying experience and Beerune liked meeting new people, and often in mixed feelings about her past, she sometimes had more in common with them than they might at first think. She made her way out to the front steps of the temple. The wide flowing legs of her soft dark trousers flapping against her legs as she started a few steps down. The sun was washing the main street of the Temple District in an orange bath of warm light. She sat down, Atrella was a warm summery place, but it didn't stop some of the mornings from being on the crisp side and she pulled her rather long legs towards her and one arm over the belly of her maroon top, over the golden-orange flower icon on the chest. Her other hand she kept free and found herself chewing at her nails. It was a bad habit, but meditation was kind of out of the question when she was keeping an eye out for her new apprentice of sorts... The abbots had given her a description of Hazi Eld, slightly built, fair in complexion and hair, black eyes in his late twenties. The scanned the street up and down, he'd be escorted by the Urban cohort members, but the description helped, because often the Temple took in numerous civilians under these conditions at a time. Her fingernails were dangerously near the quick, but she kept unconsciously nipping, out of excitement or nerves she couldn't say, probably both.
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It had been a while since Hazi had been escorted anywhere. He kept his head down, despite his unusual appearance, out of learned habit. In fact, he knew these people would be far more interested to know that this was the countless infraction against the law he'd made. But they had three on record, and that meant being collected -- and charged -- and shoved off to a paladin like some sort of child.

Hazi didn't make it easy for them. Why should he? He constantly stopped to tie his boots until the Urban cohort figured out he was simply stalling for time, and wandered at a less than brisk pace forward from that point on. He craved a cigarette like no one's business, and a shot of something, but it would be a while before he was allowed either, he imagined.

He was dressed in his usual hooded coat. Once in a while, the cohort would grow annoyed with his pacing and try to grab his arm to march him forward faster -- but he evaded their grip, usually by stretching his arms and yawning, and then simply smiled at them sweetly when he pretended to notice them being closer.

"Here she is," one of them muttered, in clear and (for him) hilarious relief; Hazi squinted to spot the paladin who'd been assigned to him.
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On noticing the two urban cohort members and seeing the young man they stood either side of, Beerune got up quickly and came down the last handful of steps. She was a tall, willowy woman about 5'10 with lots of light blonde hair braided in two large braids one forming a crown around her head and the other flowing down to the middle of her back. The hot sunny weather had tanned her skin, and a multitude of dark freckles were scattered over her face. Her eyes were a blue green color. She looked to be between the ages of 38-42.

"Mr. Eld? Blessings and Light to you. I'm Beerune adherent to the Goddess Sheem, welcome to her chief temple in the city. I understand this may be the last place you wish to be, but I'm glad we've met, and your assistance will be appreciated." She turned to the two cohort members a brother and sister. The sister was small, but athletic the brother was tall and heavy-set with enormous fists. "Thank-you brother, sister. Please feel at ease to break your fast here at the temple if you would like." The sister grinned.

"Oh! Service and Light sister. Do you know if there is any of the cinnamon and kitespur tea they had last week?" Beerune nodded.

"You're in luck my friend."

With that the sister of the cohort grabbed up the beefy arm of her comrade and jogged up the stairs with him and into the temple. Beerune gave a little smile to Hazi, one part sympathy one part friendly.

"Please follow me. Have you broken fast yet? If not we'll do that as soon as possible, but first we have to go to the bathing pools."
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"Yeah, yeah," Hazi says, with a thoroughly audible sigh, as Beerune tells him that his assistance will be appreciated. She doesn't know the half of it yet, he thinks, a hint of a smirk playing around his lips. Being helpful is about the last thing he wants to be. This is humiliating, for a career criminal such as himself.

And yet -- though he wouldn't admit it -- he feels no overly malicious intent for the people here. They fulfill a purpose. And, generally, it's a good purpose. Some of the staff he thinks of as corrupt, and some of them he knows try to do good for the sake of it. But which one of them is this Beerune character?

His upper lip pulls away from his fanged teeth, slightly, as he watches his escorts scurry away. Good riddance. Gaze back on Beerune, he shrugs in response to her question, then wonders if bathing is required. Just what is he signed up for, here?

"I'm not hungry," he says, as he shrugs. "I, uh. Don't eat much. So lead on, I guess."

Was he into this for curiosity's sake, or was he going to look for an opening of escape as soon as possible? He wasn't really sure, just yet.