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You get a twin, you get a twin, everyone gets a twin!

The Twincest AU Meme

Incest between twins is a subclass of sibling incest and includes both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. While in modern Western European culture, such behavior is considered taboo and is quite rare, incest between twins is a common feature in Indo-European, Asian (such as Japan, the Philippines, and Bali) and Oceanian mythology, and there are a few societies in which the prohibition on it is limited or it is partially accepted [Wiki].

For your whole life, you've been a one-of-a-kind. Maybe you've had siblings, but your siblings are different or older or younger. Nobody quite like you, nobody exactly close.

Or has it been like that? Don't you have someone closer than a regular sibling - a twin?

In this meme, you do! You're a twin. And not only that, but you're...close. Closer than close, actually, in ways the outside world might not understand. It may be a misconception, or you could actually be inappropriately involved; yet in the end, you still have each other, just as you started with. And who needs anyone else? You two don't.

  • AU your character into being a twin. It will probably be fraternal twins so you can account for differences in appearances and/or gender.
  • You can age characters up or down to be the same age.
  • Otherwise, comment with character information and then tag others.

  1. Treated Badly: The way you grew up was difficult, so you've pulled close to the only person you knew.
  2. Posing: Luckily, you look different enough that, if you should leave your childhood home, no one would know you're related.
  3. Protecting: There's usually a dominant, protector twin. That's you. You have to protect your brother/sister from all those out there who'd want to use them.
  4. Narcissism: What's better than masturbation? Being with someone who looks almost like you.
  5. True Love: Your love is just like any other couples'. How can you be blamed if you were born in the bodies of twins?
  6. No One Else Understands: Nobody gets you like your twin. It's such a relief to come to them and forget everything else.
  7. Exploring the Differences: You want to see everything that makes the two of you differ.
  8. Always Been Like This: There's almost never been a moment where you haven't been sexually or romantically involved with your twin. You don't question it.
  9. Childhood Returns: Some old habits from the past have started to resurface.
  10. Natural You were born into this world together. You're soulmates.
  11. Competition: Nearly everything's a game in you two's capable hands. You just want to see who's the best.
  12. Jealous: You want to keep what's yours all to yourself.
  13. Share and Share Alike: You've shared all your life. It's not stretch to share other people.
  14. Nonsexual: You're romantically involved, but not sexually. That's okay, you have something more pure than sex.
  15. Borderline: The one place you said you wouldn't go is the place you're getting closer and closer to. As long as there's no penetration, there's no sex, you tell yourself.
  16. Guilt: There is some self-awareness of how messed up this is.
  17. OTHER
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Hitachiin Kaoru || Ouran High School Host Club

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[Responding to the call of that sweet .gif. Any Hikarus would be adored.]
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[ Hikaru doesn't have an easy time hiding his feelings, namely the more negative ones. But he's acted out on his jealousy before and been reassured a number of times. Enough times that they stick in his mind and he's been trying to keep his feelings under wraps for once.

Kaoru is more open than he is. They're part of the host club together, but Kaoru is probably closer to everyone in it than Hikaru is. He knows this and accepts it, for the most part. He knows he has very little to worry about in the way of the other members, at least.

Kyouya has managed to make himself an exception in the last couple of months. Hikaru thought little of it at first - the elder member of the club requesting Kaoru's help with setting up events. It's not strange when his twin is most likely to take Kyouya's role in the future if they continue on with the club once Tamaki and Kyouya graduate. But the events in question have come and gone and there's still cause for Kyouya to request Kaoru's company, sometimes even after school, at least once a week.

It's one of those evenings, where Hikaru's gone home on his own and Kaoru's remained behind with Kyouya, that he realizes he can't take it anymore. He's been pushing the jealousy down for over a month and he can't take it anymore. ]

When are you coming home? I need you.
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[Hikaru has grown closer to Haruhi and Tono lately, and Kaoru is proud of him. He is. He wants his brother to be more independent, to rely on him less, to pursue the things that make him happy even when they don't include Kaoru...

He does.

So when Kyouya asks Kaoru to help him with the sports event, Kaoru agrees readily, knowing it'll force Hikaru to lovingly harass others. And then Kyouya keeps asking for Kaoru's help, and Kaoru keeps going, grateful for the chance to learn to do things, to see the club through the Shadow King's eyes... and of course, to break his reliance on his older brother. He's scared of how much he loves... loves his brother.

He's in Kyouya's room, reviewing photographs for an upcoming book, and his phone vibrates. He sees Hikaru's name and reads the text immediately, his heart sinking to his stomach.]

Is everything okay? I'll be right there.
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[ The response is as quick as he expects it to be, but he realizes, belatedly, that it's bound to make Kaoru worry. And while he's easily the more selfish of the two of them, he doesn't want to make his brother panic over no immediate urgency beyond Hikaru's own desire to have him to himself. ]

Everything's fine. I'm okay.

I just want you.

[ The meaning behind the second text is open for interpretation, but Hikaru means it in multiple ways. Mainly in the sense that he wants to snatch Kaoru away from Kyouya for once, rather than it being the other way around.

And perhaps there's an underlying need to make sure Kaoru is his, though... well, they've never gone quite that far. Nothing beyond what's seen in the club and the way they sleep together, though Hikaru's had more on his mind for quite some time now. ]
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[Kaoru finds himself reading and re-reading that last message, dumbstruck, as the implications sink in slowly. It would have been one thing for Hikaru to say he needs Kaoru; they have always needed each other, and a secret part of Kaoru hoped they always would. But to say that he wants him is... something else.

He gets to his feet quickly, and then is embarrassed when he looks at Kyouya and sees him staring with one eyebrow lifted curiously. Just saying 'Hikaru' is enough of an excuse, apparently, and that's good because it's all Kaoru can say. He remembers to bow politely before he leaves, but otherwise races out to the car waiting for him.]

on my way
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I'll be waiting.

[ The text is sent as Hikaru lets himself fall back on their bed, knowing it'll be some time before Kaoru actually does make it home. But knowing that he's on his way is enough to calm him for the moment as he lies there.

And it's not that long after that restlessness wins and he moves from their bed to the window instead, sitting at the edge of it and watching out as if it might make his brother arrive home faster. ]
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In the backseat of the car, Kaoru finds himself growing more and more anxious the closer they get, because the anticipating is building. It's bizarre, it's still bizarre, how much he can miss someone he last saw only a few hours ago. How desperately off kilter he feels when Hikaru isn't there to balance him out, to be his reflection -- when he's working with Kyouya-senpai he's too distracted to notice, but now that there is nothing else on his mind, he can't stop thinking.]

i miss you.
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[ His phone is still in hand, like some kind of lifeline to Kaoru despite him being on his way. And when it sounds, he brings it up to look at the message immediately, his attention drawn away from the window for the first time since settling in front of it. It's a simple text, but something about it leaves Hikaru glad - maybe because it's confirmation that Kaoru feels the same way he does when they're apart, even if he seems fine with working with Kyouya whenever the elder asks. ]

I miss you, too. I can't wait to see you.
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so mess up your hair and look in a mirror

[Kaoru sends the text with a playful smile, but it speaks volumes that he's forgone capitalization and punctuation; he's sending the messages faster than he can edit them. He hates waiting for Hikaru to answer, doesn't hesitate to respond with the first thing that comes to mind. When they're together, they can think and move as one. Being apart feels like there's a filter on his brain when it comes to Hikaru, and he hates it.]
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[ That's enough to earn a quiet laugh to himself, though it doesn't last for long. Hikaru gives the end of their driveway a long stare before he returns to the message, typing out a reply with growing impatience. ]

not the same. i wanna touch you, too.

[ He gives up on caring about the way the messages are typed, sending another between glances out of the window, as if the car will suddenly appear if he looks up often enough. ]

i'm dragging you into bed once you get here and we're not getting out.
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[Kaoru is composing a response to the first message when the second one arrives to his phone, and he goes a little wide-eyed. Sure, he and Hikaru have slept in the same bed since they were old enough to sleep outside of cribs, but there's a tone to this message that promises more than sleeping. More than idle touches that soothe their anxieties, even. More than what they perform at the Host Club, since it won't be a performance.]

almost there.

...i'm holding you to that, Hikaru.
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i hope you do.

make him drive faster.

[ There's clear impatience in his text as he sends it then returns to staring out of the window, the desire to see Kaoru growing into more of a clawing need as he gets closer. He's entirely serious about pulling him into bed and not letting him go until they absolutely have to. And there's certainly more to it than just going to sleep together as they usually do. ]
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You know I can't do that. You want me to make it home safely, don't you? Hika-chan.

[He smiles as he sends the message off with the playful diminutive nickname, wishing he could see Hikaru's face when he reads it. It isn't often he adopts that kind of tone with his twin; generally they use each other's names, simple and unadorned, and when they have to play things up for the Host Club, Kaoru is the one who gets the diminutives -- Hikaru gets "onii-san," if they're really playing up the twincest-angle.

Thinking about their act makes Kaoru feel warm to his belly, knowing that he and Hikaru know, and that the rest of the Host Club has no idea, the extent to which it isn't an act at all.]
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[ The message, and the nickname, earns a long, somewhat flustered stare because it really isn't usual and it's unexpected. And maybe the flustered part comes more from feeling like he can almost hear it in Kaoru's voice, teasing him to earn playful retaliation. ]

i'll get you back for that when you get here.

[ Playful retaliation that would come much better in person rather than over texts. He wants to have Kaoru in front of him and he considers heading out of their bedroom to wait at the front door instead. ]
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[Kaoru smiles as he reads the response and his fingers twitch as he tries to think of the appropriate reply, but in the end, he can't; he doesn't want to be too much of a tease, too sassy -- this is Hikaru, the only person he can't be that way with. The only person who can see the non-devil side of him.]

we're pulling up.

[When the car comes to a stop he's already immediately bolting out of the door and up the steps to their door, vaguely embarrassed in the back of his mind by how eager he is to get to his brother.]
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[ He sees the car come into view even before Kaoru texts him and he's out of their bedroom and on his way down the stairs to the front door when he gets the message. So it's only shortly after that, after he hears the car come to a stop, that he reaches the front door and yanks it open.

And Kaoru is heading up the stairs toward him.

It takes a second to remind himself not to do anything while they're still downstairs and he takes a breath, only opening his arms to welcome Kaoru into them once he gets inside. ]
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[It's incredibly dramatic, the way Kaoru ends up throwing himself bodily at his twin the moment the door opens and he sees him waiting, but he can't be bothered to care; the staff that tends to their household already know how firmly attached at the hip they are. The maids don't even flinch when they have to wake them up, sleeping in the same bed and naked except for their briefs.

Kaoru holds onto Hikaru tightly, inhales his scent; they use the same hair and body products, so to most people they probably smell as identical as they look, but Kaoru thinks there must be a difference, because Hikaru's scent makes him feel secure.]

Aww, did you miss me, Hika-chan? [He coos softly, breathing against Hikaru's neck.]
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[ Any stranger who might see a display like this might think they've been apart from each other for weeks or months. Anyone who knows them knows it doesn't take that much time apart to earn such dramatics and that they likely wouldn't last apart from one another for weeks. Hikaru can admit that he wouldn't, at least.

But with Kaoru in his arms, wrapped up tight enough that it's bound to hurt a little, Hikaru doesn't have to think about the possibility of the two of them being apart or anyone coming between them. It's enough to earn a soft, relieved sigh against Kaoru's shoulder.

Until he hears that nickname. Then he lifts his head, glancing over at Kaoru with a slight grin. ]
I told you I'd get you back for that.

[ And the warning is followed by a tilt of his head so he can bite at Kaoru's earlobe, giving it a light tug before he's mumbling against it. ] Let's go, Kaoru.
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[Kaoru can't help the full body shudder that quakes him down to his toes when Hikaru bites his ear; it's not the first time they'd done that kind of thing, but it's still rare enough that each time is notable and totally distracting.

He nods a bit dumbly as he and Hikaru walk in the same stride up to their bedroom. He's already loosening his school uniform tie on the way up, knowing he's going to end up in as few clothes as possible as soon as the door is shut behind them.]

You're so needy, Hikaru. Texting me when I'm with a senpai.
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[ Feeling Kaoru's reaction is even more reason to get to their room, so once they part from each other to head there, Hikaru is quick about it. And when the door is closed behind them, he doesn't waste any time in turning to Kaoru to reach for him, pushing his jacket off of his shoulders to help him in his undressing. ]

You spend too much time with him.

[ He says it as he presses closer to Kaoru, obviously wanting to lay some claim to his brother at the thought of the time he spends with Kyouya. ]

What if he keeps asking you to help him because he wants you?
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Yeah, well, it's a busy club and it's not like Tono helps with anything-- wait. [Kaoru comes to a sudden realization as his blazer is pushed off of his shoulders and falls in a heap on the floor. He looks Hikaru in the eyes, nearly going cross-eyed in the process because of how close they are; he knows that whiny tone of voice.]

You think Kyouya-senpai wants me? Are you sure you're not just jealous?
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[ The jealousy is impossible to hide around Kaoru, but that doesn't mean he has to own up to it. Or acknowledge it at all. Because rather than do that, Hikaru shakes his head insistently, his hands moving to the buttons of Kaoru's shirt. ]

I'm not jealous of Kyouya-senpai. Why would I be?

[ But it reads obvious once more in the tone of his voice, too clearly trying to dismiss it. ]
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[Kaoru laughs under his breath as he undoes his belt and lets his pants drop so he can kick them away.]

You just said I've been spending too much time with him, remember? Time you wish I was spending with you instead.
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[ Buttons are opened with a fair amount of speed, Hikaru's attention fixed more on Kaoru's face than his clothing. ]

Why do you need to spend so much time with him? [ It's a pointless complaint since Hikaru knows why they spend as much time together as they do. ] Don't you spend enough time together while we're at school?
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Someone has to help manage the club. I don't even think I realized how much work it was until I started helping him; there's so much we don't even think about that goes into it.

[Kaoru shrugs both to punctuate his statement and to roll the shirt off his shoulders. He pulls his arms out of the sleeves, then tosses the shirt aside. Then he grabs Hikaru's shirt.]

You too, come on. I don't want to be the only one in my underwear.

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