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BDSM Lifestyle

The BDSM Lifestyle Meme

BDSM isn't all about the sex. Sure, handcuffs, whips and chains, toys, power and control-play can be fun, but sometimes it's about the other stuff too. The little stuff. The ways you and your partner give yourselves to each other every day.

So this is a meme to play out safe, sane, consensual and maybe even non-sexual BDSM.

If you want more information, check out:
          The Ten Golden Rules of BDSM Negotiation
          Sexuality.Org's BDSM Index
          Extreme Restraints

Be warned: Threads and prompts below may contain triggers, and will contain sexual content.

  1. feeding: using him as a plate? having her kneel and accept hand-feeding? maybe someone's been very good and should have a tasty reward.
  2. bathing: after all, you have to take care of your partner. it's nice to have someone to get lotion in those hard-to-reach places.
  3. talking/therapy: how are you going to work out this relationship? what obstacles do you have to overcome?
  4. massage: some intimate relaxation.
  5. dates: it's good to go out every once in a while.
  6. negotiation: to work out what kinks are and are not okay.
  7. nonsexual bondage: gags, bridles, chastity belts. some people just like the security of bondage in everyday life.
  8. humiliation/in public: take your pet out to show her off; bend him over a bench and spank him for bad behavior.
  9. animal play: pony play, pet play.
  10. punishment/discipline: someone's been bad. maybe it's time for a time-out. or maybe someone has to clean the bathroom with a toothbrush.
  11. other
  1. the light stuff: some handcuffs, some ropes. nothing too extreme. maybe one partner or the other is afraid; maybe it's just time to take a break from the trappings and have some love-making.
  2. bondage: chains, or elaborately knotted ropes, or full-body bindings. maybe even suspension in midair.
  3. caning/whipping/spanking: for punishment and for enjoyment of the pain.
  4. shaving: you like them with smooth skin. no beards, no lovetrail, no hairy legs.
  5. piercing/tattooing: a permanent mark of devotion.
  6. sensory deprivation: gags, blindfolds, earplugs, to shut out the rest of the world.
  7. as therapy: exploring a past trauma or fear.
  8. first time: one partner or another is experiencing the kink lifestyle for the first time.
  9. kink parties: for casual play. mind the rules; drugs and alcohol are rarely tolerated, and all play must be consensual. or else the host or hostess might get angry.
  10. orgasm denial/forced orgasm: until they beg for it, or beg you to stop.
  11. ageplay: perhaps someone wants to be treated like a child. maybe a little daddy or mommy kink to go along with it.
  12. role-play: taking on roles. master-slave, teacher-student, dragon prince and slave-dancer -- your imagination's the limit.
  13. genital torture: pain where you're the most sensitive.
  14. electricity: to give things a spark.
  15. medical fetish: sounding, stirrups, speculums -- oh, doctor.
  16. fucking machines: it'll keep in the same rhythm, no matter how much you beg.
  17. other
Please do NOT leave your comment blank! (Blank comments will not be deleted, but we highly recommend that you post something.) Either write a note on desired kinks/undesired kinks or create a scenario or fill out the textarea below:

Source credit: [personal profile] memesnthings

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