morphs ([personal profile] morphs) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet2012-08-15 04:51 pm

The Childhood Sweetheart Meme


Ahhh, young love. Whether it's precious or bittersweet, it's something that stays with you. Remember that time...? Of course you do. Both of you thought you'd last forever. Or maybe you were too young to know what that meant. All that mattered was that you were kids and you were together. But time and circumstance tears even the best of friends and young lovers apart. That person, your childhood crush, your first love, is just a memory.

Now, you're being given a second chance. Will it be painful? Will you confess everything and try to win their affection again? You've been reunited, and it's up to you what happens.

① Comment with your character. You can state preferences and such in your subject.
② Characters who comment will be their childhood sweetheart/first love. The muns can figure out how that works, but when in doubt, just wing it. It's a meme. Fun is the goal here.
③ KISS AND REUNITE. Or argue and storm off. Or cry. Or laugh. Or sex. Whatever is appropriate.