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mistletoe meme

the mistletoe meme

what it says in the gif. whether it's magic compulsion (feat. magical attraction or not), that you're trapped until you kiss, or just tradition and social pressure, you've been caught under the mistletoe and that means you have to kiss.

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Wouldn't say no to going somewhere with a better shot at getting something. [He smiles slightly. But it is a half sad smile. He still isn't over her. So he takes another long drag of his cigarette and looks at Reno.]

There is that new place. Have you checked it out? As far as I can tell it is more our kind of people and less... [He turns to nod towards the room behind them. After all, Rude preferres a simple beer, a good crowd and maybe some music to dance to and that is a good night in his book. ]
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((Continued here.))