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The Harem (or Reverse Harem) Shipping Meme

The Harem (or Reverse Harem) Shipping Meme

Your life is about to take a turn for the better. Now, instead of...whatever you were doing before, you get to live in the lap of luxury. You get to move into a new, luxurious mansion, live in a quaint town, get adopted by a rich family, go to a magic school, whatever! Things are coming up roses, and you're ready to turn a page and start a new chapter in your life. Maybe you even have a new purpose or mission!

The only problem? The people - yes, people, plural - you have to live and deal with on a daily basis are a truly colorful cast. Kind peers who work or go to school with you, a mature, elegant person, a crazy assassin, a doctor, a lawyer, a prince/ss from outer space, a smattering of childhood friends, and many, many more: your life is practically a menagerie. What really throws a wrench in the works, though, is that each and every one of your hanger-ons is madly in love with you. Sounds good in theory to have all these gorgeous people fighting for your attention. In reality, they may just be fighting each other, leaving you to keep the peace.

And you, poor you, can't find a minute to think which one of them you may like in return. If it's only the one, anyway. You could be conflicted by all this attention, both good and bad.

...ah, isn't it nice to be loved?

  • Comment with your character. Your character will either be a harem lead/object of affection or a harem member/love interest. So sell your character as both! Introduce them and give information about them. Have fun with it. You can do a first person introduction like a lot of the shows begin with ( ie, "My name is x, I'm x years old, and I lived a typical life blah blah blah"). For the love interest role, you may want to describe what type they'd be - spunky, stoic loner, bad guy with a heart of gold, psycho stalker, what have you.

  • This is a shipping meme, obviously, but it doesn't have to be played all that straight. Half of the fun of harem shows is how over the top everything is.

  • If your character doesn't exactly "fit" into the genre, don't worry about it. Be as loose with the definition as you want, or as strenuous. Wouldn't it be funny to see Tony Stark fought over by a bunch of waify bishounen or something? I don't know, sounds amazing to me.

  • All treads don't have to be between leads/members. It can be members/members...or maybe even threadjacks with multiple people!

  • Play out confessions, scuffles, fanservice scenes, UST, romantic moments, comedy, whatever suits your fancy.

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Kyoya Ootori | Ouran High School Host Club | OTA

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My name is Kyoya Ootori, I am a second year student at Ouran High School and the third son and last child of the Ootori family. I am also the treasurer and shadow king of the Ouran High School Host Club where I fit the cool type of prince within the club.
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[How about a scene where Hikaru is sick and Kaoru tries to rope Kyoya into his act instead?]
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[Sounds like fun. I'm a little rusty playing Kyoya just to warn you.]
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((ooc: that's ok, I'm pretty new to Kaoru. I'll start.))

[Host club activities were too important to stop even while there was a nasty cold going around, and while Kaoru could acknowledge that, he was still a little bitter that he had to be in the Third Music Room when Hikaru was at home, suffering alone in bed.

He could still entertain their girls to an extent, mostly fielding questions and providing gossip about his relationship with his brother. A lot of blushing was involved, and roundabout answers. At one point, he dropped the implication that sitting down really hurt, and the girls absolutely tittered.

But his act was best with two people, that much was undeniable. And when Kaoru got bored, he started to think of ways to keep his interest up. And then he spotted Kyoya, pushing his glasses up and holding onto a clipboard, the perfect image of their Shadow King. A grin spread on his face, and he made a very dramatic show of shuffling over to Kyoya's side.

It would be fun to tease him, especially with all their customers around, preventing Kyoya from being too disagreeable.]

Kyoya-senpai... [He whined, toeing the line between pitiful and endearing.] I'm so lonely with Hikaru here... Can I keep you company?
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[The nasty cold that was going around the school was indeed unfortunate, especially for the Host Club as not only were some of their regulars were absent but so was Hikaru which meant they couldn't fully offer the Brotherly Love package.

Kaoru was doing pretty well on his own, the twins' regular princesses looked to be enjoying whatever it was that the lone twin was saying and alluding to, information that would surely be important to the Club at some point.

Kyoya sighed in mild annoyance upon feeling a presence suddenly by his side, he was shocked to find that it wasn't Tamaki when the person spoke. In fact in the Shadow King's mind it was a little worse, as instead it was a bored twin and that never ended well since the last time the pair had pretended to have fallen out with each other, costing the Club quite a bit.]

I am sure Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai would not mind you joining with them today, Kaoru.
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[Kaoru bit on his lip, which served the dual purpose of making him look shy and demure as well as plumping up his lips and making them a little pinker.]

I know they wouldn't, they're really sweet like that... but to be honest, Kyoya-senpai, I feel more relaxed around you than anyone else here, for some reason...

Um, actually, Kyoya-senpai... could you tell me what cologne you use?
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[Kyoya very quickly scanned the area around them for costumers, he wanted to gauge just how well their pairing would play out before fully committing himself to it any further.]

That is rather strange, you're not coming down with your brother's cold are you?

[There was a very small hint of concern in his tone as he spoke.]

And I'm wearing Issey Miyake today, thank you for noticing.
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[Kaoru inhaled deeply through his nose, and then he smiled.]

That's it! The same smell Hikaru prefers to wear.

[He comes up behind Kyoya and hugs him from behind, nose brushing against the fabric of his blazer.]
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[The suddenness of the hug had Kyoya's body stiffen for a few seconds as he hadn't been prepared for it, or the sound of the cooing girls around them.]

If you are missing Hikaru that much, you may wear my blazer if the scent calms you.
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[Kaoru considers this. On the one hand, yes -- he'd be getting Kyoya's blazer, and the girls would be incredibly pleased about how large it was on him. On the other hand... that would end the fun a little too soon.]

I don't know if the blazer will be enough, senpai. It won't be warm if you aren't wearing it. I know it's probably a huge inconvenience for you... but if you let me stay by your side today, I'm sure I can think of a way to make it up to you...?

[His expression was submissive and innocent, but the thoughts behind it were anything but. Of course the princesses knew that too, and the scene was starting to attract a crowd.]
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[Kyoya turns in the embrace to face the younger teen, gently and tenderly tilting Kaoru's chin up to look at him.]

You are never an inconvenience my little imp, but surely you would consider being by my side instead of with our gorgeous princesses as uneventful.
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[Kaoru gasped at the chin tilt, and it wasn't even entirely an act; Kyoya could be really suave when he needed to be, and he did it so infrequently it was easy to forget that about him.

He blushed at being addressed as an "imp" with so much care, and then his gaze darted to the ladies. He gave them a shy smile.]

T-To be honest... without Hikaru here, I don't know if I'm worthy of their attention, Kyoya-senpai...
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I don't know about that, they seem to still think you are worthy just like I do.

[Kyoya could hear the ladies around them gasp and swoon because of what they were doing, he could also feel the eyes of the other club members on the pair as he kept a hold on the younger student.]
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[Think fast, think fast, don't lose them!

Kaoru leans even more into Kyoya's chest, burying his face in the lapel of his blazer. He looks at Kyoya, then at the girls, and back.]

D-Don't tell Hikaru I asked you to do this, or he'll get really jealous...