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The Wedding Meme

The Wedding Meme

Want to RP a wedding? Want to RP something on the path to the wedding? Then this is your meme! Here's how it works:

1. Leave a comment here stating your character's name, series, your preferences, etc.
2. Find someone else to comment to.
3. Using the RNG, pick one of the following prompts.
4. Enjoy yourself!

1. Popping the Question. You've been together long enough, and you're sure the other person loves you just as deeply as you love them, and that that will not change. It's time to ask them to marry you. I hope they accept!

2. Meeting Your Spouse. Unlike the previous prompt, you didn't choose your spouse; rather, someone else chose them for you, and it's time to meet them. Will there be a spark between the two of you, or is this marriage doomed to unhappiness?

3. Choosing the Venue. Where will you get married? The church you've belonged to ever since you were a child? A luxury hotel? Down on the beach? We'll leave it up to you to decide!

4. Making the Guest List. Who will you invite? Who will you not invite? It's time for the two of you to work that out!

5. Engagement Party. It's you, your fiancé(e), and a group of your closest friends. Make sure to properly celebrate this occasion!

6. The Quarrel. Uh-oh, the two of you can't agree on something! You'd better work it out quickly, or who knows -- one of your fathers may pay for relationship counseling and make you work it out there!

7. The Bachelor(ette) Party. WOOOOO! This is your last night before tying the knot, so let's make sure this era of your life goes out in STYLE! Get your friends together! Bring on the booze! Get the exotic dancers in here! But...make sure you don't go too far, all right? Tomorrow's a big day, after all.

8. The Wedding. The day has finally come. Are you waiting at the altar for your spouse-to-be? Are you coming down the aisle? Where are you? Is it where you wanted to be? Regardless, this is a momentous occasion. Make sure to make it memorable enough to remember for the rest of your lives.

9. The Reception. The main event's over, now on to the party! Dance with your new spouse, or let a member of the wedding party say a few words over a glass of champagne. Cut the cake! Pull out the karaoke machine! This is your first party as a married couple, so enjoy it!

10. Guess What? We Eloped! Is the stress of all this getting to you? Well, there's one solution -- run off and elope! I hear the wedding chapels in Vegas are numerous and ornate...

11. The Wedding Night. The wedding is over, and you're both back in your room, and out of your wedding clothes. Will you just enjoy each other's presence? Will you go straight to sleep? Or will you take this chance to consummate the marriage?

12. The Next Morning. Last night, you went to bed together. This morning, you wake up together. Perhaps you want to stay in bed a little longer and snuggle closer to your spouse. Or maybe you want to wake up and make them breakfast before they wake up!

13. The Honeymoon. Welcome to paradise! The two of you are now celebrating your recent marriage by taking a vacation. Where will you go? Are you a beach person or a mountains person?

14. Wild Card. Roll again, pick any of the above, or create your own scenario!
[from a prior meme]