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The Good/Bad Pairing Meme

The Good / Bad Pairing Meme

Attraction is a strange beast. It's hard to pinpoint just why you may want to shag that particular person...or, even worse, why you're in love with them! And can't that be bad enough when the two of you are, but what about when you're completely different? Or maybe you're not even on the side! You're a superhero (or at least on the side of good), he or she's a super villain... How would your relationship pan out if things were like that?

Okay, it may not be as dramatic as that. You two could just be the "good" guy/girl in school, the goody two shoes, who's fallen in love with the "bad" boy/girl, leather jacket and all. Whatever the case may be, things won't be easy.

How To Play
- Comment with your character, putting the standard information somewhere in it. You also may want to specify your preferences or where your character would fall for each set of prompts. Some characters may be different things for each: ie, someone like Dean Winchester would probably be a traditional "bad boy" in the first sit, but a hero in the second.
- Tag others! Feel free to use the RNG. Roll twice. First number chooses the prompt set, second the prompt number.
- Have fun and be respectful to others.

1) Every Good Girl Loves a Bad Boy
1. Summer Lovin', Happened So Fast: One of you is straight laced, while the other walks on the wild side (interpret that as loosely as you'd like). Somehow, though, you've come together.
2. Daddy Don't Approve: Your friends or family don't like your partner.
3. Be My Lover but Don't Be My Friend: You're just in it for the sex.
4. Uptown Girl: There's more than just "good" and "bad" at play, here; there's also class differences.
5. Ashamed to Be Seen: You care about this person, but you're rep's more important.
6. Love 'Em and Leave 'Em: You thought you were important, but your lover's just left you by the wayside for some reason.
7. Against All Odds: Somehow, you're standing up to all the naysayers, and you've lasted.

2) Heroes and Villains
1. Love or Hate at First Sight: Pretty self explanatory. This baddie/good guy is a little different than the rest.
2. Got to Have You: The good party's been kidnapped by the bad, for some reason. Is it love, lust, annoyance? Who knows?
3. Stockholm Syndrome: You're the one who's been kidnapped or hurt, but you're falling in lovelust with your captor.
4. Reverse Stockholm Syndrome: You're the kidnapper, but you're falling in love/lust with your charge.
5. Unrequited Love: One of you cares for the other, but it's not returned.
6. Purification: Through the power of love, the bad guy has been won over and changed affiliations!
7. Corruption: Through the power of lust and manipulation, the good guy has fallen in order to be with the other person.
8. The BatCat Scenario: You've both decided to stay on your own sides, but whenever you meet, there's enough UST to power a small city.
9. Bad End: One or both of you have been killed or hurt by your affair.