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There's no game out there that can cause more shenanigans than Truth or Dare, and now your characters are playing it. Have fun.

  • Post with your character info and preferences. Gen, shippy, and smutty questions & dares are all welcome in this meme, please let people know your limits and respect your threading partner's wishes!
  • Optionally, include "Truth" or "Dare" in your top level comment to allow someone to jump right in, or leave it blank and let them pick first.
  • Tell the truth or do your dare, then the other character picks whether they'll answer a question truthfully or do what they're told, and so it goes back and forth. Come on, you know how this works.
  • Magical compulsion fields that force characters to tell the truth or do what they're dared may or may not be in effect.
  • That's it! Pretty simple, huh? Get out there and have all kinds of awkward fun!

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