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Blood is thicker

The (possibly AU, possibly crossover) Sibling Incest Meme

-Comment with your character and preferences. Be sure to mention any hard lines you have.
-Comment around to others. PLEASE NOTE THAT IN ORDER TO FACILITATE CROSS-CANON TAGGING, THIS MEME WILL BE CONSIDERED AN AU FAIR GAME ZONE. Feel free to comment in with characters who do not canonically have siblings or comment to people from other fandoms.
-Be respectful of others.

1. Feeling Strange: You've known this person your entire life, yet lately you've been feeling...different about them. These feelings aren't exactly familial, either.
2. Not as Normal Families: Whatever the specifics of the case may be, your childhood was not the norm, and thus the two of you have grown close that way.
3. Raised Apart: Scientists believe that when siblings are raised together under normal circumstances, they will not find each other sexually attractive; however, if they are reared apart, they may be highly attracted to each other when they meet as adults.
4. Only Kin by Name: Psuedo-incest between step siblings or adopted siblings is not quite as taboo, but you could still be looked down upon for harboring those desires for someone who is a member of your family by one way or another.
5. Defender: One of you is older and has always looked after the other, meaning that something has grown between you that is thicker than any blood.
6. Guilty: You feel terrible for these longings toward your own flesh and blood, and you do your best to stop them. But can you choose who you want to be with? And how disciplined are you when it's someone you care for in other ways?
7. Dysfunctional: You don't have a good relationship as siblings, yet your relationship as lovers is great.
8. There's Nothing Wrong Here: To you, incest is a casual affair and the "forbidden" aspect is lost. Sorry you were grounded, big brother. Here, since you can't go out, let me be your girlfriend for the night.
9. Like Looking in a Mirror: The two of you are closer than siblings: you're twins. You share everything, so why is your love any different?
10. Skirting the Line: Stolen glances. Lips only a breath away. You're walking a fine line here. You haven't become physical...yet.
11. Got a Secret, Better Keep It: Needless to say, an incestuous relationship is not one that can see the light of day. You'd better keep it behind closed doors.
12. Jealousy: You can't stand the idea of sharing your beloved sibling with someone else, yet it's hard to make this known without blowing your cover.
13. As One: The obligatory smut prompt, whether it be the first time or one of many the two of you steal away.
14. The Things I Do for Love: You'll do anything to protect your love affair with you sibling and make sure no one interferes. Anything.
15. And You'll Be My Queen: It may seem as though the light will never come, but you want to make promises to your most precious sibling that one day, you'll live as any normal couple.
16. Anyone Who Isn't Us is the Enemy: You're in a dangerous climate, and the only one you can depend on is your flesh and blood - bringing you closer together.
17. No Choice in the Matter: Your sibling is not a willing participant in your debauchery, but they endure your cruelty, grooming, and manipulation because you are their brother or sister.
18. No One Like You: There truly is no one who can love you like the person who is closest to being you, bone of your bone. You perfectly understand each other and your love is pure.
19. Where No One Knows Our Faces: You've decided to flee your current life and live as new people among those who don't know that you're related.
20. Out in the Light: A secret no more, the two of you have decided to bring your affair out into the open. You will face the world, no matter what it does.
21. Rejection: Someone - friends, family, etc - has found out what you two have done and are disgusted by it. Will you turn to each other for comfort?
22. The End: Being with someone so unattainable is tiring, and one day, you may grow weary of stowing everything away, locking your heart up, or feeling so shamed. This must cease. But can you go back to being just siblings?
23. Not Really Related After All: Perhaps the most cliche of tropes, though it's often used to "justify" incest. Turns out the two of you aren't really siblings! Now, you can pursue a relationship freely.
24. Part of the Same Whole: You're meant to be together, you firmly believe it.
25. Sick and Twisted: The fact that you two are siblings actually is a kink/fetish for you. You get off to all of this.
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Hitachiin Kaoru || Ouran High School Host Club

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[ooc: Would you be fine with an older brother that pops up whenever it pleases him, just saying that he has been working or been on a trip?]
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[Sure! Can you start?]
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[Like always Byakuran had not called ahead to tell that he would return home. He had just caught a regular taxi and let himself be dropped off like that. Didn't call home while in the taxi either to let anyone prepare for his arrival. Byakuran simply took his one rather small bag, payed the driver with a big smile and walked up to the mansion to let himself in. It just so happened that one of his twin brothers were in the hallway as he stepped through the doors.]

Kaoru, how nice it is to see you again~

[Byakuran went up to his younger brother and pulled him into a hug. Having lived together with the twins for so long he had learned to see the subtle differences between them. It had taken a few years to do so, but now he had no problem with differentiating between the two.]

Where have you hidden Hikaru? Are you having separate adventures today?
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[Kaoru would have been more impressed at being identified if he was trying to hide his hair-part; given that it was obvious who he was, he wasn't about to give his older brother any sort of kudos for identifying him correctly.

He let himself be hugged but he was definitely tense about it; Hikaru was still the only person who could intrude on Kaoru's bubble.]

I didn't hide Hikaru, he's on a date. We didn't know you were coming home, aniki.
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[Well he could tell them apart even when they hid their hair, it just took longer for him and he had never gotten the chance to show it off. One day perhaps. Now it looked like he would have a hard time to do so with the other twin away.]

A date~? You have already gotten that big? I still recall when the two of you were just born.

[Releasing his brother from his embrace, Byakuran playfully ruffled his hair, completely messing it up.]

The two of you were so small and adorable back then~
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[Kaoru wrinkled his nose a little at the idea that somehow they'd still be as young as they were when they were born. It turned into an outright scowl when his hair was mussed.]

You know, I nearly forgot I had another older brother, what with him being a good-for-nothing sibling who never came home. Does Ageha even know you exist? [He wondered, referencing their elementary-school aged sister.]
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[The jab only made him laugh, like always oddly cheerful. It was like nothing could get under his skin, not even his younger brother attempting to insult him.]

It is not like I'm wasting away my time when I am away. I have work and my work is mainly in Italy so I have to be gone. And don't worry Ageha knows fully well who I am. She even sent me a letter a few weeks back~
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[Kaoru gasps, totally affronted.]

She did not!! She doesn't even talk to me and we live in the same house! [Well, mansion, but still.]
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[That made him laugh again.]

Well it was more or less about me being an idiot brother and the demand to show more interest in my family.
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Is that why you came back? I know Ageha is irresistably cute.
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Part of the reason~ I was already planning on coming back, I just set the date earlier. How would I be able to resist the request of one of my adorable siblings?
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[Kaoru snorted.]

It's not like Hikaru and I make requests of you, anyways, so how should I know?
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That is because you two tend to rely on one another, leaving me outside of your sphere of brotherly bonding.

[Byakuran had a wounded tone to his voice, but he were still smiling, showing that he wasn't as upset as he sounded like.]
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Oh? Are you interested in the kind of brotherly bonding we do, aniki?

[He smirked, wondering if Byakuran had any idea what he was getting himself into.]
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You have a mischievous look on your face, Kaoru~ Like you are plotting something.

[Still he did not look taken aback by that look. Byakuran rather looked to be interested in this development.]

But by all means, enlighten me in how the bond between the two of you are so strong~
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[Kaoru sighed; and here he was, hoping the Host Club had an international reputation. Which was a pretty silly thing to hope, all things considered.]

It would be easier if he was here, but I guess you'll do.

[Kaoru readily stepped into his brother's personal space, and put on his very best wounded uke expression. He touched Byakuran's chest and shuddered.]

A-Aniki... I get so lonely when you aren't around...!
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[Well, well, well, this was an interesting development. Someone with a better moral compass would stop this, perhaps laugh it away as a joke and then forget about it.

Byakuran did not have that compass and instead cupped his brother's face in his hand.]

I had no idea, Kaoru. Let me make it up to you.
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[Kaoru easily leaned into the hand, nuzzling his cheek into his brother's open palm. He made a little wounded noise and murmured.]

Please take responsibility, aniki.
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Of course~ Will a kiss be a good enough start?

[Byakuran used his hand to tip the other's face up, his free arm wrapping around his brother's waist to pull him closer. Like this their breath mixed together, lips nearly brushing together.]
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[Kaoru hummed his assent, and his eyes fell shut as he leaned up, chest to chest with his older brother, waiting for the touch of their lips.]
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[How cute. If he would be a man with moral guidelines then this would be the last chance for him to pull back before he did something he might regret. He did not however. Instead he closed that last gap between them, locking their lips together.

Byakuran hummed in satisfaction, letting the kiss linger for a few seconds before breaking it off, still staying close enough for their breaths to mix. He gently caressed Kaoru's face, looking at him with a soft smile on his lips.]

I can give you more then just kisses~
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[The kiss was Kaoru's first, if one didn't consider the countless he'd shared with his twin, and there was a rush of thrill at the feeling of unfamiliar lips against his. Byakuran was taller than Hikaru, so he could properly loom over Kaoru. When he ended the kiss, he spoke to Kaoru so sweetly, and it was getting hard not to get swept up.]

Y-Yeah? [He challenged, his voice a little raspy.] Can you do it better than Hikaru?
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Fufufu~ We just have to find out, don't we~?

[But perhaps not in the middle of the hallway. That no one had walked in on them yet was a small miracle. Better to take this somewhere private. Byakuran at least understood the importance of discretion.]

My room~?
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You'll have to lead the way, I don't remember which one that is.
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This way~

[Even after being gone for months, Byakuran would be able to find the way to his room blindfolded. It looked exactly the same as when he had left it. Filled with various objects that seemingly served no point, books of various subjects and everything neatly organized.]

Come on in~

[Byakuran gestured for Kaoru to step in and closed and locked the door behind him. Now they would not be disturbed by anyone.]
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[Kaoru took the opportunity to glance around his brother's room and see what kind of stuff he had hoarded; how did someone get so much shit when they were never home? It looks like the maids still came in, because the room was completely devoid of dust, which was nice.

And the bedsheets were fresh from the wash; even nicer. Kaoru didn't hesitate to sit on the bed and grin.]

Get over here, aniki.
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[Someone who had a lot of money to spend and had lived fully at home until his mysterious work had started to pull him away. A lot of the things were from when he still attended school. The various technological gizmos prof of it.]

Always this demanding~?

[Byakuran smiled over at his bother, walking up to him and tilting the younger's head up with a slim finger. Leaning down, he closed their lips in another kiss. This one more heated then the first, tongue sneaking out to lick over lips to ask for entry.]
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[Kaoru was getting ready to retort that he wasn't really good at being patient, but it seemed like Byakuran got it, because there he was, leaning over him again and kissing him hotly. Kaoru knew frenching his brother shouldn't have been so appealing but he didn't particularly care, opening his mouth to brush their tongues. He was long past the days of guilt over innocent incestuous acts.

He threaded his fingers in his brother's hair and tugged just hard enough to cause some pain.]
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[With his brother's mouth open, Byakuran slipped his tongue into the awaiting cavern, taking a good and proper taste of of his brother. He smiled and chuckled into the kiss at the slight sting of pain to his scalp.

Having no qualms over his actions, he moved his hands down Kaoru's sides, to move in under his shirt and back up his chest, feeling over smooth skin.]
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[Kaoru inhaled quite deeply, and one of his hands slid down his brother's back to pull him in so that Byakuran ended up sitting in Kaoru's lap.]
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[Byakuran had no problem with following that directive and easily moved in to straddle his brother's lap. With this new position, he moved his hands over to Kaoru's back, pulling him in close.]
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[Kaoru moaned that time, chest pressed against warm chest, and started pushing the back of his brother's shirt up.]
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[Pesky clothes to be in the way. They would have to go, but Byakuran were reluctant to break the kiss as he rather enjoyed it. Well he could go on devouring his brother after they were off. By the looks of it he would not go anywhere.

Pulling back from the kiss, he playfully nipped Kaoru's lips, smirking at him.]

How far have you and Hikaru gone~? Part of the way or all of the way?
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[Kaoru hummed when his lips were bitten, but then licked over the mark himself; he was reluctant to talk about the things he did with Hikaru, which were their own level of intimacy. But... if he was going to do this with Byakuran, he had to tell him what he could handle.]

M-Most of the way, I guess. Fingering's the farthest we got in the back, but all that other stuff, yeah, we did it...
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That is pretty far~

[A glint entered Byakuran's eyes and he leaned in so he could whisper in his brother's ear.] Willing to go the rest of the way~?

[He certainly was. Kaoru was attractive and the whole taboo aspect with them being brothers only made him more interested. If he could get his brother moaning from a kiss then he wanted to know what more he could make his bother do.]
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[For the first time that day, Kaoru hesitated. He and Hikaru were going slow, yeah, but always with the knowledge that they would undoubtedly be each other's firsts. His love for and loyalty to his twin was such an innate part of him, Kaoru had never imagined that someone else would try to claim him first.]

A-Aniki... I.. [He bit on his lip, and then sighed. His effortless, smooth, easy facade was all gone.] I don't know if I want that without Hikaru. But I can do other things for you.
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[Such loyalty, but his brothers had always been like that towards each other. It was sweet enough for him to not even feel disappointed that he wouldn't be able to fully claim his brother's body.]

I understand. The two of you are close after all~ [Byakuran gently caressed Kaoru's face. Full out sex was just one of many things they could do and as long as he would feel satisfaction at the end, the way there wasn't as important.] Let us do something you are comfortable with~ And if you ever change your mind, know that I'm still open for it~
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[Kaoru hesitated, and then he sighed a bit sadly.] Well, I guess if he date goes well he probably won't want to do it with me so maybe then..

But for now, I'll blow you, okay?
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You are bound to start walking down separate paths at some point. It might not be now, it might take several years before you do, but in the end you are not one person.

[No matter how alike his brothers were in both looks and personality, there were still these small things that separated them. Just looking at the fact that Hikaru was on a date now while Kaoru were with him proved it.]

Philosophy can wait however. Now I really would like to know what that mouth of yours can do, aniki~
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Unfortunately... [He said under his breath, missing his twin like an ache. Which was probably really unfair to Byakuran, but he had plans to make it up to him.

He got to his knees in front of his brother, and readily started to palm at his cock through the layers of his clothes, just relishing in the way it hardened under his touch.]

((ooc: "aniki" is one of the Japanese terms for "older brother.")