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Hitachiin Kaoru || Ouran High School Host Club

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1. Accidentally made a straight guy question his sexuality again. I really gotta watch myself.

2. Can't find my wig, my underwear, or my dignity. Halloween 2016.

3. I sat on his face and watched Mean Girls. It was a good date.

4. I mean, don't most people have like a two week grace period where it's okay to ditch new friends?

5. [text him]
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Well, not like I care about the second or third but if you don't find the wig, you're paying to replace it. I won't allow your carelessness to impact on the club's bottom line.
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so cold senpai

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Fair, but something tells me all the girls taking creepshots of my dick are going to have a much bigger impact on our treasury than a missing wig.
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kaoru would only worry if he wasn't

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Then allow me to correct myself. I won't allow your carelessness to impact negatively on the club's bottom line. The rest can be negotiated.

[Brb just contacting all the girls who might have done such a thing.]
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Gosh, Kyouya-senpai, you say that like I'm not the victim of a sexual crime!
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Except by all accounts, you were the one encouraging them.
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Accounts?? Who have you been talking to, and why do you trust their word over mine??
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I find when multiple sources all agree with one another, particularly where their only connection is proximity to the incident, there tends to be a reason for that.

Or are you suggesting I should accuse several loyal and well-paying customers of lying to me?
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Well it's either you accuse them or you accuse me. I definitely didn't lose my underwear in public intentionally.
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Just because you didn't anticipate the situation doesn't mean you can't capitalise on it. However it began, the fact remains that opportunity was given for these photographs to be taken and no action has been taken to ensure their deletion.
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Except I immediately reached out to you, the only person I know who can "ensure their deletion."
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Well in that case, find me that wig and I'll see what I can do. Otherwise I'll have to consider it recuperation of costs.
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[Twenty minutes later.]

I have the wig, now get me out of here.
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Car's outside.

[Car has been outside for about that twenty minutes but the driver had been under strict orders to not let Kaoru in empty-handed, unless Kyoya alerted him otherwise.]
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I'm going to make this up to you somehow senpai, promise.

Preferably through sexual favors.