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the lying meme

Lies, deceit, treachery, betrayal... It's human nature to be deceitful. Why tell the truth when a lie would work so much better? (Contains possible triggers.)

How to play

• Post your character with their name and canon in the subject line.
• When replying, roll RNG to pick an option or choose one yourself.
• Go forth and lie to each other! The person responding can decide whether or not to believe what they hear.


01. Denial. You're putting on a front: that you don't care, that you're okay, that something or someone doesn't matter to you. Keep on denying it. Maybe they'll even believe you.
02. Excuses, excuses. Oh dear, you've been caught doing something a little suspicious - or embarrassing. Better improvise an excuse, and quickly.
03. Lie by omission. You're not actually lying. You're just... neglecting to mention certain important facts.
04. Did you know that "gullible" doesn't appear in the dictionary? Say something completely outrageous. Then stand back and watch. Is it good-natured teasing? Or you're just being mean.
05. False confession. You're admitting to something you didn't do, or to feelings that you don't have. Why? Maybe to protect someone, or maybe to hurt them.
06. Secret identity. When you're leading a double life, the secrets just pile up. Maybe the other person is getting suspicious, or they witnessed something they shouldn't. What are you going to do about it?
07. Betrayal. Broken promises and breaches of trust. No wonder they're upset with you. Looks like you'll have to cover your tracks.
08. Manipulation. You want something from the other person, and the truth won't do. Tell them whatever you have to.
09. Sob story. There's nothing like a bit of tragedy to get people feeling sorry for you. Even if it's all made up.
10. Fantastic fiction. Some people avoid telling the truth about themselves by deflecting. Not you. Nope, you're going to fabricate an entire back story. Let your imagination run away with you.
11. Hidden feelings. You're secretly in love with or have developed feelings for the other person. But you can't tell them.
12. You don't want them, but you want them anyway. You're not in love with the other person, but you're going to pretend that you are. Or pretend that you're interested.
13. White lie. Because even if that dress does make them look fat, you're too polite to tell them so. You're lying to avoid hurting the other person's feelings.
14. Call my bluff. You're making a threat or a claim that you can't or won't follow through on. Now you'll just have to hope that they won't see through it...
15. Too good to be true. Make an offer they can't possibly refuse. Don't give away the small print.
16. Sticky situation. You've gotten yourself into trouble, or you're trapped somehow. Talk fast and you might just get out of it.
17. Wish I could be honest with you. You don't want to deceive them. But there's something keeping you from telling the truth, whether that's pressure from others, or guilt, or unresolved feelings.
18. Lashing out. You're hurt, and in the heat of an argument, you can say things that you don't mean.
19. Behind their back. Either you're cheating on your lover, or doing something else in secret that you know would hurt someone. It'll be fine as long as no one finds out, right?
20. Your choice. Combine any of the above scenarios or choose your own! It's up to you.