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 The Bathing Meme


Scrub-a-dub-dub, this meme is ridiculous. No, really. This is a meme about taking a bath. Silly.

- Post your character with name, series, and preferences as the subject header.
- Reply to other characters, using the RNG (1-7) to choose a bath type from the list below.
- Characters bathe. Or other things involving a bath. Whatever, dudes. Anything goes!
- Sexy times and/or triggery material may pop up in threads. Please be conscientious toward your fellow roleplaying buddies!


1. Bubble Bath: Here, the characters are sharing a humongous bubble bath with all the froth they can handle. The scent is delicious, the water is warm—go on, enjoy yourselves!
2. Shower: Perhaps not as fun as a bubble bath, but hey, at least it's built to accommodate two. Don’t slip!
3. Hot Tub: A whirlpool of warmth and—mm. Don't mind me. I'll just be sinking in.
4. Hot Springs: An outdoors bath is good, too, right? Or maybe this is part of a hotel. Either way, it sure is steamy.
5. Decadent Bath: There could be bubbles here, or maybe just those wonderful smelling oils and salts. Awwww, yeah. This bath probably cost a small fortune, so you should enjoy it while it lasts.
6. Lake: In case the hot springs weren't rugged enough for you, here's an actual lake, complete with waterfall for all your rinsing pleasures.
7. Other: Bathe in a shoebox for all I care.

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[Hei was never one known to relax and take time to do so, but sometimes, he had to take the opportunity, less the stress becomes far too much for the young man. Either way, he was within the water, sighing and attempting to relax. At least something as simple as this could not go wrong.]
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[Unaware that she was not the only visitor to the hot springs, Jean removed the towel that had been wrapped around her and stepped into the soothing waters.

This was heavenly, Jean thought finding a rock to lean up against and closed her eyes. She was definitely going to have to thank Ororo for the recommendation. This place was beautiful and the people oh-so-friendly towards her. It made her happy to know they knew nothing about her and she could move about them without worry of fear and persecution of what she was.
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[Hei heard something in the water, but didn't say anything, assuming it was just some other guy. He should have been more cautious, yet relaxation had been too great for him to combat.

At any rate, the only thing he does is sigh and lean against the rocks, not even noticing the woman near him at this very moment. Blocking out anything seemed perfectly possible for the time being.]
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[As Jean's body began to sink into the hot, soothing waters, the sound of soft sighs drew her body to halt movement and her green eyes to sweep over the gentle rolls of steam that rose up but she found no further movement. A quick telepathic scan told her that she was not alone in the water...that there was someone else - someone male.

Jean opened her eyes and considered her options. She could leave the waters quietly and allow the man his privacy or she could remain and perhaps help out with whatever it was that seemed to trouble him.

Opting for the second, Jean called out to the other hot spring guest,

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[A woman was not what he expected to hear, and an unfamiliar voice as well. He kept his guard up, if only because he'd rather avoid any potential conflicts, ones that would probably leave to him being kicked out of here for good. She didn't sound too upset though...]

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[Pushing herself away from the rock from which she was set to relax against, Jean moved through the waters and towards the direction of the voice. She peered around the corner of another large rock and spoke out again,]

Is something the matter? Anything I can do to help?
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[The actions of this woman confused him. Why take such a risk like that, especially if she was one of the girls that did not wish to be seen? At any rate, he doesn't move; not much else he could do in this situation.]

Just trying to ease stress, that is all.

[Losing loved ones, being used as a tool to kill, and finally being free just to lose it all? Yeah, mega stress would accumulate.]
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[A small frown marred her lips as she paused her movements. Jean could feel there was something more to his words and perhaps if she kept him talking, he might open up a bit more to her despite the fact she was nothing more than a stranger.]

Want to talk about it?

[Uncertain of whether the other was naked as she was or in swimming trunks, Jean decided it was best to remain where she was and lean against it. A small test of her telepathy told her that whoever he was he wasn't far away from the spot where she was and she would be able to hear him from her place.
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[Hei raised an eyebrow. Was this woman actually serious? Hard to believe, and suspicion only grew. Staying at his spot, thanks to lack of clothes, he pondered again just what this woman truly desired.]

And just why are you interested in my affairs?
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Is it so wrong to be concerned? [Jean returned, leaning her head against the rock.] There must be something obviously bothering you; and what would it harm to get it off your chest? I may not be a friend, companion, or anyone familiar to you but I am a good listener and I wouldn't ask if I wasn't concerned for your well-being.
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This isn't a matter you need to be involved in.

[And relaxation was growing harder to do with all of this talking. Why did people always try to be so persistent around him? Did they desire a unhappy existence that lead to death? Certainly happens with everyone he met. Why would this be any different?]
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[For a moment, Jean said nothing allowing the silence to fall heavily between them. She knew she could not push because she had no idea what sort of reaction was possible. Still she knew that whatever it was that weighed upon his mind.

She sank a bit deeper into the hot waters until it came to her lower lip and she waited to see if either she had scared him away with her desire to help or if he would remain and possibly talk?
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[He had assumed the silence meant that she had given up on him. And so he had decided to keep to himself once more. So long as he was no longer prodded for information, he would be fine. Solitude, that's what he desired right now.

Nobody else needed to be involved. Talking about this situation wasn't going to help anything.]
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[Deciding that he was going to offer no conversation and hating the silence that remained, Jean contemplated another option. Perhaps she could get him to tell her of this village and where the best places were to eat. She had, after all, only arrived this evening and her stay here was possible three days (it just depended fully on how the others could handle the school without her).]

Forgive me for bothering you but I am a bit new to the area. Any good places to eat here?
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...What do you really want from me?

[Her attitude from earlier wasn't exactly fooling him, even if he had not known her true intentions. He couldn't make vast assumptions, less he reveal himself as a wanted man by the wrong organizations, let himself be used again as a tool. Neither option was something he wanted.]

Who are you?
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My name is Jean, [she answered giving nothing further than her given name.] As for wanting something from you? I heard you sigh and it sounded like something was wrong. I was merely offering to hear what problems were weighing heavily upon your shoulder. [A small pause.] But seeing that you are not willing to share your troubles, I thought that it would be best to steer this conversation to much safer waters as to what sort of activities this village offers to tourist.