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Hitachiin Kaoru || Ouran High School Host Club

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1. As your friend, who loves and cares for you, I have to be honest. I am judging you so VERY hard right now. Sorry.

2. What am I doing? Usually I only like horrible people, but like 5.5 out of the 7 friends I have right now are actually probably better than me.

3. Also I just took the BEST ass selfie of my adult life.... it's gonna be a good day haha

4. You said too many real things and now I need to crawl back inside my protective fort of sarcasm, being an asshole, and sass.

5. [text him]

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You said you made him cry, Haruhi.
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I mean, I didn't MEAN to! It just sort of... happened! How was I supposed to know he was sensitive about that?
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Tono is sensitive about everything, honestly, how did you not see this coming?
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Believe it or not he's really hard to read sometimes. To be honest, I thought I was giving him a compliment. Guess my class status has made for another tense, awkward situation.

...He's not still crying, is he?
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He's really messed up about this. What did you even say?
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I guess... I was just honest. I thought the whole ordeal was kind of overblown and way to elaborate.

How was I supposed to know that you guys had been planning it for the last 3 months? You never let me in on anything like that!
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That's the point of a secret, Haruhi. You were supposed to be surprised. Happy surprised.

Too bad that flopped.