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This house is a labyrinth, let's get lost.

Hallways*: a free form horror meme

Wherever you meant to go is not where you are. When you look back, there is no door.

A hallway stretches out in front of you, with branching corridors and closed doors as far as the eye can see. There are hints of other people around - sounds and voices of others who have found themselves trapped in this space, or those who were originally here. Not everyone is friendly.

Just remember: any door you go through will cease to exist. You must go forwards to get out.

So, will you make it?

*It doesn't have to be a hallway, you might end up in a kitchen that tries to eat you, or knee deep in water of a basement somewhere when you were just on the 18th story.

Warning: tags in this post will deal with themes that include violence, blood, gore and other horror topics. Please communicate your preferences with your threading partners.

Starters and thread hopping is encouraged.

Inspiration from HOUSE of Leaves and [personal profile] cardio_swindle.
Meme taken from [personal profile] thelongcon 

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