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covered in scars i did nothing to earn

the s c a r s meme

Most everyone has some sort of scars. Some are from happy accidents. Some are from events you'd rather not speak about. But sometimes, two people can share a moment over scars: Be it friendly, romantic, or with a complete stranger. These are those moments.

01. new: the scar is fairly new. maybe you still need to do something to make sure it heals more properly. maybe you're just worried about the new scar that's appeared on someone you care about.
02. discovery: you've just had someone find out about your scars, or you've just accidentally learned that the other person has scars. do you say something, or let the moment pass uncommented on?
03. shame: maybe you're ashamed of your scars. maybe you want someone else to know that there's no need to hide their scars around you.
04. show: you're proud of your scars, or at least you don't see a reason to keep them covered-- never have, or not anymore. or maybe someone is showing you their scars for the first time.
05. story: it's time to talk about the story behind your scars. or, perhaps, it's time to listen to someone tell you about how they came about their scars.
06. touch: maybe you want someone to touch your scars so you can remind yourself you're still here. maybe you want to touch their scars because you want to show them you don't mind them.
07. attraction: you've heard that people like someone with scars, so you're flaunting them, or you're the person very attracted to someone with scars. 
08. kiss: letting this person kiss your scars may be a moment of extreme vulnerability, or just something you like. kissing someone else's scars may be just what you need to do to show someone how much you care. 
09. soulmate: you live in a world where your soulmates scars appear on your own skin. what's that like?
10. other: wildcard option.

Post with your character's name and canon, and maybe a list of some of their scars and if you're interested in gen/shipping/etc. Reply to other people's comments by picking RNG for an option, or pick your own! 

A mash up of several other scar memes. Warning: May have reference to abuse, torture, violence, self-harm, or similar. 

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