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Hikaru Hitachiin | Ouran High School Host Club (manga)

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1. Hi, I put a dog in your house, I hope it's yours.

2. I'm gonna need you to NOT let me play duck duck goose with three racoons in the middle of the street next time.

3. I'm going to see if it catches on fire again, then I'll make the decision.
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If you become an arson you'll ascend to a new tier of bad boy I'm not sure I can follow you to.
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well it's too late to take the fire back now so we should work on finding you something

also please tell the staff we don't need to evacuate they won't listen to me.
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don't even worry about it but forgive me bc i will literally tag you every time i see you bc TWIN

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Tried to tell them. They didn't believe I wasn't you.

Kind of makes me want to make my thing murder.
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you'll make mom cry if she has to see you clashing in an orange jumpsuit, so we're gonna have to scrap the 'felon' idea sorry
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I'll dye my hair, obviously. Something like black. I could probably pull off the rugged look, couldn't I?

But jumpsuits... cringe. Let's go harass Haruhi instead.
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it has legit been years since I've seen a Kaoru DO YOU KNOW HOW EXCITED I GOT

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hang on hang on, that's too close to my dark ash. You know if you want to swap, all you have to do is say something... you don't have to be jealous of my good looks, ne, Kaoru

I also want to say that maybe we should leave her alone for now but I know you'll tease me, so I'm just going to admit that I'm covered in soot and don't want the world to see me.
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my under appreciated baby ;3;

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Aww, does Hika-chan need his baby brother to come give him a bath?

Don't worry, I'll make sure you're presentable again.