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Marriage life meme

the marriage life meme

marriage life meme
(condensed version)
* post with your character's name and series in the comment title along with any preferences or notes.
* taggers, go to RNG and roll between 1 and 3, or choose one of the prompt selections down below.
* head back to RNG or go there if you haven't already and roll between 1 and 5, or choose a prompt of your own.
* play out the sequences relevant to that of a married lifestyle.

1. proposal {
1. park - you've been planning this proposal for awhile and have taken your sweetheart to a nice secluded area in the park. are they going to say yes or leave you in the dust?

2. house - dimmed lights, candles, home made dinner. it's obvious you've fixed yourself up for something tonight. let's see if your lover catches on before the question is popped.

3. public event - perhaps you're one who wants to gain a lot of attention; maybe your significant other doesn't as much. either way, this goes from writing their message in the sky with an airplane to something like a flash mob ensemble with others involved.

4. restaurant - nothing romantic like taking them out somewhere ritzy and hiding the rings in that glass of expensive wine.

5. car - you've driven them somewhere nostalgic or meaningful either to you or each other, or perhaps just a good view overlooking the city cause maybe you had no other idea how to do it or couldn't afford anything else.

2. marriage {
1. traditional - both parties have agreed and said yes, and everything goes well just like in the fairy tales you've always dreamed of.

2. arranged - you had no say so in this but somebody else like your parents did. you've never seen this person before until you walk down the aisle. what are your thoughts? are you nervous? what if you two don't get along? looks like you have to deal with it either way. enjoy?

3. elope - nothing fancy. you know, they do make drive thru chapels or perhaps you're just going to experience the excitement of meeting up at the court. all and all, it doesn't matter, just so you have your sweetheart to yourself.

4. shotgun - congrats, somebody is pregnant. there's only one more thing left to do now..

5. disaster - looks like somebody forgot the rings! never mind the fact the maid of honor is having a wardrobe malfunction or that soon to be father in law is causing a scene of some sort.

3. after marriage {
1. honeymoon night - self explanatory! come on, you know what this means. it just wouldn't be the same without this option.

2. new addition - it could be a pregnancy or bringing home a new child, or something as simple as a new pet goldfish.

3. house purchase - after months of living in a trashy apartment, you're both about to sign the dotted line and move into your new place.

4. argument - deep, relationship sort of arguments or something petty like who drank all the milk; it's up to you!

5. divorce - somebody has had enough of this and is ready to move on. how will it all go down?
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[ooc: If you're up for it, got honeymoon and house purchase. Thinking..loving marriage? High school sweethearts?]
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[Sure! You'll have to forgive my canon blind - my PSP broke before I got to finish the game :|||||| Do you wanna do the starter?]
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[ooc: That's okay! It's been some time since I've seen Ouran Host Club. I'll go with Aqua being adopted into a rich family, but doesn't discuss it. Honor roll student with an adoptive older brother, Terra, and younger brother, Ven. Let me know if this works.]

I think we got everything packed up.

[Aqua said over her shoulder, peering into one of the rooms of the apartment. It was hard to believe that they had been living in the same place for years. Their first home together, but tomorrow they were going to move into their new home--their own house. A house they bought with their own money, that wasn't gifted to them by family or anyone else. Granted, where they were living now was as big as a normal house. Their apartment was more of a grand penthouse, perfect for a billionaire to reside in, or a newly married couple.

The bluenette would have preferred to start off in a smaller apartment, but she didn't want to change Kaoru's lifestyle too much. The penthouse was a great compromise between a small apartment and living in a huge home. As wealthy as the two of them were, Aqua wasn't born into a life of riches. She was adopted when she was younger and never forgot how different her life was before. She believed in earning what she wanted, while leveraging her available resources.

In school, she was the straight A student who was more focused on her academics than anything. She never believed that she would wound up marrying her high school sweetheart, or ever thought she would enter into a relationship with Kaoru. The other half of the infamous Hitachiin twins of the Ouran Host Club. Funny enough, she didn't meet Kaoru at the Host Club. They were assigned as lab partners for a science project. Everything after that was history. That first assignment lead to them becoming friends, and more.

It was so bizarre for Aqua to think their relationship came about because of a random pairing by the science teacher. Either both of them were really lucky, or it was all meant. Now, they were going to move onto the next part of their lives; homeowners.

Looking at the boxes in the living room, she recalled the many times they fell asleep on their couch watching movies or tv shows.]

You excited?
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[Kaoru remembered hating Aqua on principle the day he met her, not for any fault of her own, but because Hikaru had been so quick to toss him aside and snag Haruhi to be his lab partner. It was part of growing up and growing apart, and Kaoru knew he should have been alright with it, and logically he even supported it and was rooting for his brothers, but emotionally...

Well, he was a grump. Until he realized that he was acting worse than Hikaru usually did, apologized, and took Aqua seriously for who she was; so different from so many of the Ouran girls. He'd never seen her at the Host Club, and as they talked, he learned more about her. She was genuinely charming, beautiful, and it didn't come from lessons or money. They stayed lab partners for the rest of the year, and Aqua was never going to be able to shake Kaoru off, not after she'd snared him in.

He'd even managed to not make her brothers kill him through the years, which was sort of miraculous.

And now they were moving into a house of their own. They'd been living in one of Kaoru's family's penthouse apartments since college, gifted to them by Kaoru' grandmother as a message that she approved of their relationship, with a warning to Kaoru not to fuck things up. And somehow, he hadn't: Aqua was his soon-to-be wife.

He finished labeling another box of his fabric samples, and looked up to Aqua's head in the doorway.]

Of course I'm excited. Finally, a place my whole family won't have the keys to. [He half-joked, tearing another piece of tape with his teeth and securing down an open flap.] We can finally do whatever we want, whenever we want to.
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[It was a miracle indeed that both of them managed to get to this point. From being accepted into the Hitachiin family, and Kaoru into her own. Terra was skeptical of him at first, while Ven was very interested in getting to know him. After surviving one year together, the following years were easier to handle. They grew up, but didn't grow apart.

Aqua let out a soft chuckle, coming into the room to see which fabric box Kaoru labeled. He had a point, they were going to have a home that only they had the keys to. They hadn't spoken about if they were going to have staff there or not. Maybe just someone to help them out initially...or something. She wasn't sure. They still had other things to do.]

And what exactly are we going to do? Hm? [She asked with a teasing smile, coming up behind him to hug him, chin resting on his shoulder.]

Crazy colors on the walls? Or a big chandelier? Or wall paper on the ceiling? [More teasing, she wasn't serious.]
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[He turned to give her a saucy look from out of the corner of his eye.]

All of those sound like wonderful design choices, [he teased. But also, he filed them away to consider later. He could make those seemingly silly ideas work.] but I was thinking more about other creative pursuits. Like... baby-making. I hear something like that requires a lot of practice...
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[Oh that look. She knew that look all too well, and it usually lead to one of them losing shedding their clothes. Aqua had been kidding about the choices, but now that they were on the topic of baby-making....she couldn't help but chuckle a little.]

Oh it does. A lot of practice, trial and error, and time that goes into it. Why [Aqua pressed a kiss to his cheek.] Have you already started to design a nursery?

[Or had Hikaru or their mother?]
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No, I haven't put that much thought into that part of it, yet. I'm just glad we can finally have sex in a place where we can be as loud as you want.

[He smirked, definitely teasing her with that comment, but just in the most affectionate way.]
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[As handsome as Kaoru looked when he smirked, the fact he had to bring up how loud they could during sex made Aqua pause. A pink blush came over her cheeks, making her quickly pull back to duck her head. Yes, he still had the power to make her blush.]

I'm not... I mean, you're just as loud!
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[He laughed at her beautiful blush and her reaction.]

Yeah, I am. You feel so good, it's hard not to be.
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[Aqua let out a soft huff, pouting slightly at her lover and soon-to-be-husband. They were crazy to move so soon before they got married, but it had to be done. As Kaoru mentioned, they would have a place that his entire family wouldn't have the key to.] least you own up to it.

[He wasn't denying it, and neither was she. Aqua took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.]
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[He put his arms around his fiancee and pulled her against his chest, hugging her tightly.]

Well, yeah. Like I said, it feels good being with you. How could I deny that?
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[Well, her plan to keep hiding her blush doesn't work out as well as she would have liked. However, being held tightly by Kaoru is always great. She pressed a kiss to his temple and nuzzles the side of his face.]

Wouldn't want you to. I'm just really make me happy, Kaoru. To the point where...I do get a little loud, but, we're going to have a life together.
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[He can't help but chuckle at how nervous she is, how adorable it is, and he cuddles her quite possessively and hums.]

I am going to make you happy for the rest of our lives, I swear.
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I know.

[The words are sweetly whispered to him, returning his embrace and breathing in his scent. Yes, they would make each other happy for the rest of their lives. Their wedding wasn't too far away, and she was trying hard not to count down the days or stress over what still needed to be done.]

I'm going to make you happy the rest of our lives, and I can't wait to be called your wife. [She gave him a sweet smile then, kissing his cheek once more.]

In the mean time...should we take a break and enjoy a semi-empty apartment?
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[Aqua was being so, so adorable. He really loved her, especially in moments like these where they didn't have to worry about impressing anyone and they could just be silly together.]

How do you propose we enjoy it?
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A few things come to mind; such as opening a bottle to enjoy wine, or soda. They could have a pillow fight--assuming they knew where the pillows were located and hopefully not in boxes. ]

A few things come to mind. Like....laying on the floor and cuddling. Or see if we still have a bottle of wine and open that...really, you can decide.
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[Kaoru grins, stroking her hair.] Wine and cuddles, God, you're a catch.
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[There was a light chuckle from the bluenette, nuzzling Kaoru.]

Ah-ha, and you caught me. Great job.
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[He laughed and kissed her hair.] What a miracle, I'm the least athletic person I know.
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You sure? What about Hikaru?

[A little bit more teasing, just to get him to smile or chuckle.]

But you caught me, and I couldn't be happier. Right now Cuddle on the couch?
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[That made Kaoru laugh out loud, and he couldn't agree more.]

Hikaru is definitely lacking the important skills, like girl-catching. And couch cuddling, which, for the record, I'm a professional at. Red, or white?
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Indeed, you are. The only Couch Cuddler who has ever forced me to stay in their lap. [More teasing. They really should be a stop to this before they became too sickeningly sweet for even them to bear. But it was still fun. She pressed a kiss to his cheek before pulling away to see if they had any glasses still left in the cabinets.]

I would be fine.
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[Kaoru missed her beside him already, but got to his feet too to go to the small wine fridge and grab a bottle of some good, celebratory red. He found just the thing and brought it to where Aqua was looking for glasses.]

We could just take swings out of the bottle. No one would have to know. [He joked.]
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[Aqua first checked the cupboards to see if anything was there. Only a few normal glasses, used for water...she shrugged a little to herself, grabbing one for each of them. They would do. She wasn't about to rummage through one box after another.]

Mmmm, no. We could use these, they're not wine glasses...but it'll do for now.

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