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✖ Whether you're in New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, Istanbul or Tokyo-- you have now entered a world of organized crime. Pick an era, pick a rank, pick your weapon of choice and get to it.

1. You're a new soldier-- time to learn the ropes from an elder.
2. One of you screwed up big time, so it's time to call in some help from the other.
3. You don't like how the current family's being run... it's time for a coup.
4. It's time for a promotion! Are you the other person's new right hand? Or is the other person jealous that you're the boss's new right hand?
5. Your own scenario.

1. This deal just went south, so it's time to turn on each other.
2. You're being traded or just switched to the other team-- how does it feel?
3. Are you on someone else's territory? Maybe it was an accident, or maybe you need to talk.
4. You've been sent to make a deal. You need to work with a group you hate to get something done.
5. Your own scenario.

1. You're supposed to keep your lips shut but you need to tell someone-- a best friend, a parent, just someone you shouldn't involve.
2. You thought this warehouse was deserted, but it looks like a civilian just caught you in the act!
3. It's time to do some recruiting, and you hear this other character's good at keeping secrets.
4. Someone's really mad at you, and it's nothing personal that the other character has to beat you up-- they're just orders.
5. Your own scenario.

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Artemis Fowl | those books | ota

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[[can play with any option because, let's face it, Artemis is a crime lord. Canonically.]]
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[Okay, so, maybe messing with the mob wasn't such a good idea.

This was the thought going through Peter Bishop's head as he was escorted, hood over his head... somewhere. Probably to be dumped off a bridge into the river.

All of this over some empty bank accounts. Really. And it wasn't as if he didn't have a reason.

Touchy, much?

Either way, he's dragged into a room, and the hood is ripped off. He blinks in the light.]
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[And he will see Artemis standing there, perfectly immaculate in his suit, idly inspecting his fingernails in a pose that is possibly deliberately designed to put someone at ease. He looks over at Peter, and gives a mimicry of a smile, tight closed mouth]

Mr. Bishop. I apologise for the manner in which you were brought here. I did order for delicate measures to be taken, but it seems as though the shock factor was more important to the gentlemen. It would appear that you can't find the staff.

[Yes, that is meant to be a joke, to put them at ease. Does it work? Probably not, Artemis isn't very good at jokes]
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[Okay. Artemis Fowl. This was... interesting.

Not good, or bad, per se, but interesting.]

You're telling me. It's almost like they haven't been paid or something.

[Of course, if Peter's allowed to keep running his mouth, things might suddenly spike for bad.]

I appreciate the hospitality, Mr Fowl, but you do know I'm on the FBI's watchlist, right? Suddenly seeing me disappear may raise concerns.
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[Artemis gives that smile again. It's not his real smile, that much is very obvious, but you might begin to wonder why he is giving that smile instead of his real one]

I can assure you, Mr. Bishop, that we have nothing to fear from the FBI.
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I wonder about that.

[Obviously, he's not going to be spouting off his involvement in Fringe division, the fact he's a consultant with the Department of Homeland Security... Besides, Fowl probably already knows that.]

Look, if it's about the money, I can just transfer it back. No harm, huh?

[Because he has a small case of saving the world to get back to. Those supernatural science events ain't gonna solve themselves.]
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It's about the Fringe division, Mr. Bishop.

[Artemis is very calm. He knows that Peter already suspects his own knowledge about the department, and he's right. Compared to some systems, theirs is laughable easy to get into and read any information stored on their computers. But he does have a point]

Some ... colleagues, let's call them, of mine are rather concerned with the areas you're looking into.
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Oh, c'mon. Outright namedropping? Mr. Fowl, I expected better from you.

[Stalling, because there had to be a reason to bring up Fringe so easily.]

And if you're worth half of the mass wealth you own, you'll know the necessity of the areas we're looking into.
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I felt that being direct was the better option in this case.

[He gives a small little shrug. It's barely noticable, but it is there. He has no desire to string this out and make it unpleasant for either of them]

I also know of the dangers that some of these areas bring. My colleagues would consider it ... prudent that you are forewarned of looking too closely.
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These colleages... They about a meter tall? Nut-brown skin, usually red-haired?

[This might be a dangerous move, because, well... Irish mafia, but...]

You can tell them we know about 'em. Known for years. But they don't fall under our purveiw, so we left well alone.

[A pause.]

And we know about you, too. Nice little time travel trick you pulled.
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[Artemis doesn't even bat an eyelid. He gives a small chuckle, and nods]

Of course. It doesn't stop them being concerned, however. Especially considering their records of your department managing to create an alternative timeline.

Magic knows, you see. So I have been reliably informed.
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Hey, that wasn't... entirely on purpose.

[True, the Machine had merged two universes together and, somehow, wiped him from existence, but...]

And how do they know about the diverging timelines? No-one from this world does?
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They aren't technically from this world. An important distinction, apparently. Taking into account that their technology is far beyond what the majority of this world has managed to create... I would not be surprised to learn what else from your department they know of.

[Also they had helped from a warlock demon who really isn't from this world]
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So they can read diverged timelines. Great.

[He shifts a bit, still a bit unnerved by the two heavys standing either side.]

So, what stake does the Irish Mafia have in all of this? This has to be profitable for you, Artemis, or you wouldn't be doing it.
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[Artemis raises an eyebrow, just slightly]

As I said, they're colleagues of mine. I would prefer to continue to have a civil working partnership with them, rather than open the floor to any sort of hostility.
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[This doesn't quite fit the M.O. of one of the world's most feared crime bosses, but, sure... He'll roll with it.]

Alright, fine. Okay. Now we move onto why exactly you've decided to kidnap me when an e-mail to Agent Broyles would have done.
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There is the issue of the money to be sorted.

[And then there's that smile again]
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[You're getting a bland look, Artemis, because, really?]

Alright, fine. Lend me your phone?
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Oh, no, Mr. Bishop. I have another prospect in mind. I'm finding myself very interested in the alternative universes and the possibility of the technology they can provide.
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Aha, yeah. Good luck with that.
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[There is no reaction to him. Calmly.]

While I have no reason to believe this would be of a concern for anyone, has anyone ever question why you vibrate at a different celluar frequency to most on this planet?
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[Okay, joke's over. Peter's expression falls.]

I don't know what you're talking about.
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It's remarkable, really. Such a tiny little thing, you wouldn't think anything would be able to pick up on it. I tend to look for things that others wouldn't, however.

[Still very calm]
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What you're talking about is impossible.

[Peter's still calm, himself, despite the fact that this kid has picked up on the one thing that identifies him as being from the Other Side.]
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Improbable, I think, would be the correct word to use.

[Artemis is almost mockingly calm]

And I have found many improbable things to be very true in my life.

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