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the heart meter meme

  • comment with your character.
  • respond to others
  • use the heart meter below to tell other characters how you feel
  • don't forget your hovertext!
  • have a grand ol' time

"i would kill you."

"i would physically and/or emotionally hurt you."

"i would manipulate you."

"i dislike you."

"i pity you."

"i'm indifferent toward you."

"you scare and/or intimidate me."

"i am unsure of you."

"i enjoy trolling you."

"i would like to get to know you better."

"i would like to spend time/have fun/be friends with you."

"i respect you."

"i hero worship you."

"i would rescue you/fight by your side."

"i would protect you."

"i would hug you/hold your hand."

"i would kiss you."

"i would date you."

"i would have sex with you."

"i could fall in love with you."

"i love you like family."



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Hey, hey! That's cheap, isn't it? I mean it's true but--

Here, here, let me help you. Start with something like this:
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Wow, Hikaru, why can't you be grateful for what you have instead of telling me how to stroke your ego?

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You stroke mine and I stroke yours, right?

Anyway, anarchy's best when it's someone else's rule. I'll just have to make sure I've got a co-ruler to keep all of our subjects in line.
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Actually I don't know if that guy even has it in him to think about that sort of stuff.
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True, but I want to know if it's what you're thinking about.
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Well right now all I can think about is whether or not he'd survive.

I can't be responsible for killing fantasy-Tono, Kaoru.
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[He huffs and slaps his brother's cheek. It's not very gentle but the kiss he follows it up with is.]

Don't get distracted from me, Hikaru.
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[look sometimes a guy's just gotta fall down the terrible How Would The Guy We Kinda(?) Admire React To Suddenly Being In The Midst Of A Threesome hole and then get himself distracted by how dramatically that additional third person would cark it. He doesn't even know what their fantasy-selves would do if Tamaki passed out from shock, Kaoru. Do they call an ambulance??? Kyouya??? Would Kyouya already have had dibs, and would calling him get them into a world of trouble??? Should they call Haruhi, then? But that's its own set of problems, isn't it??????? So Hani and Mori then, but what if they were already in the middle of something and too busy to come help them out?!

good call on the slap, basically, or he'd be following this train of thought forever]

A-aah... [he will pout, tho] You're the one who wanted to know.
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You were the one who brought him up. How he might feel about us stroking each other, right? He'd probably pass out, [Kaoru nonchalantly mused, mirroring his twin's thoughts precisely.] But then he'd get up and start crying to "Mommy" about how deplorable his sons are.

[He can't help but stroke his thumb over Hikaru's protruding lower lip tenderly.] What I mean to say is, he'd get over it. I'm not very interested in his reaction beyond that initial amusement. I'm very interested in all the dirty thoughts you have of us.

[Kaoru was seemingly reverting back into the person he was before the Host Club-- possessive of his older brother's affections and attentions. It'd been a long week. He overheard some of their guests mooning over Hikaru and his 'seme' act because everyone knew the 'uke' was way less desirable and it hit a sore spot he didn't know he'd had. He didn't want to tell Hikaru about it, but he wanted Hikaru to understand that he needed reassurance.]