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1. My sexual preferences tend to require a degree in psychology to understand.

2. And he's a cuddle champ. I know because I slept over because I don't know what boundaries are.

3. FYI, his "son" is a Chihuahua.

4. All I'm saying is this is the exact reason I should not be left unsupervised.

5. [text him]
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I'm sure yumoto would be happy to have a fellow cuddler around.
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Then I should definitely introduce him to Hani-senpai. Except we might need a crowbar to pry them apart...
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That almost sounds like a playdate is in order.
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Can we put them on child leashes? I've always wanted to put Hani-senpai in one of those tacky backpack leashes.
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Sometimes I think Yumoto might need one, so I am not against using this method.
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Is this Yumoto-san also only one meter tall?
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He's a bit taller than that, but extra cuddly.
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It'll probably be cute either way. I hope Yumoto-san likes sweets.
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What if I don't want to tell you.
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Afraid I'll be disappointed in you?
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I know you're already disappointed in me without the details. I just don't want to make it worse.
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Well, I guess that all depends.

Is anyone hurt? Yes that includes emotionally. How bad's the damage? I promise I won't be angry.
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The emotional damage was fixed! I just... sort of lost Ageha for like... maybe two hours...?
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I've filed away numerous reasons you shouldn't be left unsupervised.

Want me to xerox you a copy?
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Actually, yeah, I'd really appreciate that, Kyouya-senpai.