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It's All Up to You


Jean-Paul Satre said, "We are our choices." So let's see what our muses are made of.

Post with your usual top-level information and note any preferences in your comment.
Reply to others presenting two choices.
Choices can be as innocent or out of this world as you'd like, just warn for content or triggers and respect people's preferences.
Answer questions others have left for you.
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Kyouya Otori | Ouran High School Host Club

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Would you rather date me or Kaoru?
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[There is no pause. At all.]

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[Kaoru frowns a little, going from playful to cold in a split second.]

So much for that, Kyouya-senpai... You couldn't even tell that I'm Kaoru.
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I'm honored you think I can tell the two of you apart.

[Which, strangely, might contain a hint of teasing. And a flicker in his eyes. The barest hint of a smile.]

You've spent an awful lot of time trying to prevent exactly that.

Did it ever occur to you that some of us have been humoring you?
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[Kyouya doesn't often present his very charming side, but he is a host, after all; Kaoru gets a fluttery feeling in his stomach and he can't believe he forgot that simple fact.]

It has occurred to me. That's why I was waiting for you to call my bluff. And besides, if you can't tell us apart, then you really shouldn't be dating either of us, right?
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Certainly not. That would be extremely unfair to you.

Though, even if I could, we both know I shouldn't be dating anyone unless it's the young woman my father will eventually decide I should marry. Anything else would risk a scandal to the Otori name.

[Cool, calculating.

But they all have their masks. Ways that they detach to protect themselves. Tamaki fawns, the twins recede, and he deflects. Because if he seems above it all...

Well. Then he's out of reach and untouchable. Unable to be hurt.]
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[Kaoru heaves a dramatic sigh to hide the fact that maybe that sort of hurts just kind of a little bit. He'll get over it quickly. Maybe.]

Yeah. Speaking of which, do you think if Hikaru and I marry identical twins our kids could end up looking identical, too?

[He's not going to let this bother him he's not going to let this bother him.]
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Just what the world needs -- four identical Hitachiins.

[There's almost a lightness to the way he says it.

Foolishness is Tamaki's domain. So is sentimentality. So is romance.

Besides, the question was no doubt part of whatever game the twins have decided to play this week. Nothing to be taken seriously.

It had to have been a joke. Nothing else makes sense.

Does it?]
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[Kaoru sighs again at the non-answer, and changes the subject.]

You know, Kyouya-senpai, I once read that the more older brothers one has, the higher likelihood they have of being gay. I only have one older brother, and he's only technically older than me. Where does that leave you?
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In a precarious position for someone under constant scrutiny.

[Perhaps the most honest he's ever been, actually.]
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[Kaoru took a step forward, his body language cool and unbothered though he was being careful to gauge Kyouya's response nonetheless.]

No one can see what you do in the club room, though. It's just us here right now.
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And if someone walks through those doors?

[Calm, simple.

Because if there's one thing Kyouya can fake, it's being in control and completely calm. Even if he's watching Kaoru very carefully.]
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No one will. Haruhi went home, so the Boss and Hikaru have no reason to come back, and Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai have martial arts stuff to do.

And, I locked the door.
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Unless, of course, Hikaru comes back looking for you.

[But he didn't sound too concerned. It was, after all, a minor worry. The club members were... unimportant. They could keep the secrets of other members of the club.

Visitors, however, were the real threat.

But the door was locked.

It was strange, this kind of uncertainty. This wasn't a situation good manners and fine breeding alone prepared him for, especially not since his inclination went against propriety. Which was why he kept very still and raised a brow just slightly.]

You're not as hard to tell apart as you think.
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Oh yeah? [Kaoru's eyebrow quirked.] Tell me what the differences are, Kyouya-senpai.
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Hikaru is impulsive. Quick action but little thought.

You consider more. You think first then act fast.

[He stands, pushing the laptop closed.]

You always have. Two? Three months? That's about all it took.
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[Kaoru is touched, honestly. It's not that he didn't know this, and it's not that objectively, he didn't expect Kyouya to have noticed, but subjectively... he's still getting used to the idea of wanting to be seen as his own person.]

So then you must know I've given this a lot of thought.
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It's always been my job to keep all of our club members out of and away from trouble. So, I've had to know who's likely to start and get in what.

[And even though the twins were nearly inseparable, the types of trouble they could get each other in were distinct, and he had to guard against each type.

That was his role in this club, truly. Protecting them all from anything that might threaten the way things were. Even themselves.

...Which he was doing a rather poor job of right now.]
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You're ignoring me now, Kyouya-senpai. If you're not careful my feelings could get hurt.
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I don't think anyone could really accuse me of caring about someone's feelings.

[He almost smiles as he says it. After all, he has a reputation. And only one person's really called him out on how much of an act it really is.]

But very well--

Yes. I'm aware you've considered things.
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And you're a man of reason and science, right? So there should be no harm in... experimenting.
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[It called for a cool dismissal. Even a cruel one. A roll of the eyes, a sharp laugh. The same tone he employed when shooting down Tamaki's more elaborate ideas.

And yet--]

Well, it isn't as though my family can disinherit me.

[He'd turned management of the Otori Group back over to his father, but the man hadn't been keen on reading the fine print right then. Financial control remained firmly in his hands. He'd save the company, after all. It was his by right.

And he needed a bargaining chip to keep his safe from retaliation.

So a scandal now...

Well, it could be chanced.

And it wasn't as if he'd never considered the idea.]

Very well.
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[Kaoru's expression turned into one of hesitant happiness.]

Really? You won't tell me off for kissing you, senpai?

[He asked, taking a step closer.]

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