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We'll survive, together.

the mutual captivity dependency (romance) meme

No matter how hard you fought, how subtly or overtly you rebelled, or how many times you tried to escape, you ended up at this point all the same: you're a prisoner. Perhaps you're just a regular, run of the mill captive, perhaps a hostage, a science experience, a weapon to be used, yet, no matter what, you're not free.

But you're also not alone.

There's someone else confined along with you, who you met through your mutual imprisonment. The only thing you two may have in common is that you're both trapped here - and that's enough. The two of you grow close (it seems you're closer to them than you've ever been to anyone, but that could just be the situation); soon, something begins to start between you, tiny and delicate. You can't speak to what that something is, not in a place like this, but you know you want it to last. They are another reason to keep going.

Captivity, of course, has a way of stripping everything from you, including reasons to live. Surely, it is only a matter of time before this small - and still somehow world encompassing - comfort is taken from you... Not this time. They've taken all you have, right down to your freedom, and it stops now. You won't let the person who's become most precious to you in this hell be stolen away.

No matter what.

  • Comment with your character and preferences. Are you open to AUs and assumed CR? What are your limits? Given the subject of the meme, there's likely to be triggering material here. Do you prefer very dark fare or a light at the end of the tunnel scenario?
  • There's one prompt that could be smut, but feel free to play it in others if you're open to it. However, I'm going to be posting this as a smut meme on TLH later this week.
  • Reply to others. RNG.


  1. Prisoner of War: Who's side were you on? Or were you just an innocent civilian caught in the mire?

  2. Hostage: Take heart. You're worth more alive than dead.

  3. Scientific Experiment: What an interesting specimen you are. You will have to be tested.

  4. False Charges: One or both of you are here because of lies told against you; eventually, though, you may begin to believe that your worth is truly that low.

  5. Do the Dirty Work: Your powers are useful, maybe even enough to use you as an unwilling assassin.

  6. For Different Reasons: You're imprisoned for different reasons, and you still draw close. After all, does it matter when you're both stuck?

  7. Most Unforgivable Sin: One of you is a prisoner in the most basic of senses: hostage, slave, what have you. The other? Well, it's much more complicated. The other is a person forced against their will to be a lover, spouse, or sex slave of those in charge. What if that other does find someone they actually love? It could cost you both your heads.

  8. Equalized: Maybe you were in different social strata before, but now, you're both common dirt.

  9. Should Be in Charge: One of you has a higher ranking in the system. Will you use your power to manipulate them or to skew things in their favor.

  10. Beneficial: You both have something the other wants. It's a mutually beneficial set-up, and that's all it needs to be. At least, that's how it starts.

  11. Love at First Sight: You never thought you'd see someone like them here, and maybe it's because you've been cut off for some long, but you're feeling so smitten, even if that's usually not you.

  12. Needy: You're not cut out for this. Almost immediately, you reach out for anyone who can offer to take you under their wing.

  13. Won't Fall: To you, it's all to keep yourself sane. You won't actually fall in love, not in a million years.

  14. Traumatized: It's hard to care for someone so broken, someone who's seen such terrible things, but you do it anyway.

  15. Brainwashed: Before you met them, you never doubted your masters. But now...

  16. Flower of Hell: Such a beautiful ray of light should not belong here in this darkness. Cruelty will snuff if out. You don't want that to happen.

  17. Kindness: They showed you an unprecedented act of charity and selflessness. You feel drawn to them.

  18. Tend to Wounds: It's easy to get hurt while captive. At least you don't have to wait for your wardens to fix you up. You have someone kind or dedicated enough to tend to you and you alone.

  19. Anything to Protect You: They can't protect themselves, so you'll do it for them in any way you can.

  20. Using Them: Really, you don't care for them. You just want their protection and their help. At least, that's what you keep thinking.

  21. Burned Before: You had another prisoner before that you loved, and they were sent away or killed. You want let down your guard again.

  22. Human Contact: You've been deprived for so long, you crave any attention.

  23. Can't Touch: You're in cells, kept apart. You can never touch.

  24. Barely See You: There kept away from you and everyone else for most of the day, but you still have feelings for them.

  25. Separate: They're to be taken away, perhaps even to another outpost. What will you do?

  26. Frustration: How long has it been since you've been with someone? You may take any opportunity to get some privacy.

  27. Have Hope: You don't want your partner to lose faith, so despite your own beliefs, you'll stay positive.

  28. Promises: You keep telling them things, swearing that you'll follow through and you'll both be okay. Inside, a part of you may fear it's all hollow words.

  29. Escape: You're going to leave, but not without them.

  30. Punishment: For your crimes, both of you will be punished. How much will your affections mean then?

  31. Forced to Torture: Not only does your closest person have to be tortured, but you're the one who has to do it.

  32. All a Sham: The truth is out. They were only playing you. In fact, they may

  33. Turncoats: Your captors have pitted you against each other.

  34. Fight: You may argue or even come to blows, yet soon enough, you'll be wanting to forgive and forget because there's no one else to look out for you.

  35. Jealousy: They're all you have here, so you're not inclined to share.

  36. Taken by Another: Someone else captured here with you all saw what you had and decided they would steal away your significant other.

  37. Know How to Break You: Your tormenters know they can't hurt you with torture, but if they hurt the one you care for? That's another story.

  38. Death: There's no need for prisoners who won't keep on the straight and narrow. You've pushed the envelope too many times, and now, execution is the easiest option for your captors.

  39. Finally Free: The two of you have finally made it out alive. Suddenly, in the light of day, things seem different. Was all of this, all of these feelings...were they true or out of some desperate need?


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Pearl ☆ Steven Universe ☆ OTA

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[hi! Would you like to roll? I'm up for AU or something set in the war, whichever you'd prefer.]
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[personal profile] spearess 2016-09-06 10:41 pm (UTC)(link)
(Hello~! There are so many juicy options, so I had to roll at least three times, and I got 35, 09, 20. I'm up for any of those three, and am inclined to say we should do something set in the war, only because I haven't thought of a single AU idea yet. On the flip side, if there is an AU you'd like to try out, I'd definitely be open for giving it a shot. I can start also if you'd like! NGL I'm leaning toward 09 and 35!)
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[there are so many great options it's definitely hard to choose! I don't have any AU ideas specifically myself either, so let's go with during the war. I'd be more than happy with 09 or 35, those are great ones - if you have an idea, you're welcome to start, I don't mind either way. I'm still a little new to Rose so be gentle with me, haha.]
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(Are you caught up with Steven Universe? I only recently caught up like a week ago, so at the risk of writing a potential spoiler I wanted to ask! Also, I just started playing Pearl myself, so it'll be a new adventure for both of us! I may be extremely excited, just saying.)
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[I'm all caught up, no need to worry about spoilers here! I'm super excited too honestly :> I may or may not have picked up Rose in the hopes of playing off a Pearl, not gonna lie.]
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[ Knees folded, the renegade gem sat razor straight in the corner of the cell closest to her leader's, wearing a tight lipped frown as she glared at each gem that passed by. It turned out that not a single one of them could resist the urge to gawk at the rebels. Notoriety or not, she was only a pearl, the many and expendable back on Homeworld. For that reason Blue Diamond's gems had overlooked a rather large detail in their prisoner's history; this lowly pearl had once been part of a crew on a ship not entirely dissimilar from the one on which she was currently imprisoned. Their's was a newer model, though the differences seemed few enough for Pearl to begin formulating a plan. If getting out of the cell was a problem, sneaking past a ship full of gems preparing for departure was a near impossibility.

She suffered no fear in the face of being shattered, it was a fate she had long since accepted, and a realization in turn that only served to reenforce her resolve to live life to its fullest for as long as possible. Still..if the ivory gem were to imagine her end (not that she did so frequently), it would be in defense of her leader and everything the Crystal Gems stood for. Truth be told, Pearl could never imagine leaving her quartz to protect Earth alone; if anything her fear of seeing Rose shattered was enough to keep her from shattering, for as long as she could will it. Survival often demanded sacrifice, a compromise of morality in the name of the greater good... ]

Don't you find it a bit odd the fusion failed to mention this potential future? [ She'd been stewing over this for a short while. ] What I'm saying is, she may very well be the reason we're here, Rose. The diamonds would do anything to put an end to this rebellion, like offering those two a pardon for their crimes for instance. Life on Homeworld may very well be all they know, it makes sense that they'd want the comfort of familiarity back in their lives.

[ Admittedly Pearl would often think, then repress, how much she wished they had never met the fusion, no matter how fascinating she may be. ]
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[Rose, for her part, had remained standing, and was resisting the urge to pace the dividing wall between their cells. A show of strength and serenity, at least in part; she could not allow their enemies the satisfaction of believing her cowed or weak. The more nervous the footsoldiers were of her, the more they would avoid the cells, and the more time bought as each rung of the hierarchy looked to those above it for orders. More time to formulate a plan, more time to escape. Stars knew they needed more time, realistically. Diamond vessels were designed to be virtually impregnable, and her knowledge of them - especially Blue Diamond's - was far more lacking than her knowledge of the Earth bases and Galaxy Warp locations.

Not only that, but it wouldn't do to worry Pearl any more than necessary. And projecting calm for Pearl helped her feel calmer herself.

Pearl's sudden comment surprised her a little, though. She had sensed a tension in her lieutenant around their newest recruit these days, but had hoped it would abate they more she got to know them. Her. The brand-new gem the two had made. She'd certainly hoped for at least a little more trust. Something else that would take time, again, she supposed.]

You underestimate how much the Diamonds hate Garnet. They both know how little there is for them on Homeworld - even if they were willing to give each other up, let alone us. [It would be darkly funny, if it weren't so sad. They were so afraid and disgusted over something so new and precious and interesting.] Don't blame her, Pearl. She's learning to differentiate between many potential futures for the first time. Imagine how overwhelming it must be! Garnet might have just thought this one unlikely, if she saw it at all.

[She chuckled a little.] In some ways, it's a shame she's not here. Future vision would certainly be useful right now, wouldn't it?