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Dress me up!

Dress Up Meme

Someone is dressing you up. Maybe you’re getting dressed up because you want to – for a party, for an outing, for staying in. Maybe you’re doing it because you have to, because you need to be disguised.

Hope that’s okay with you – because tough luck if it isn’t.

1. Post with your character. Choose if you’re the dresser or the one being dressed.
2. The dresser is in the process of dressing their partner any way they want. Yes, any way. Gender switch, over the top, style change up … Be silly, be dramatic, be kinky – whatever you want.
3. Use the scenarios below or just be in a big, nexus-oriented closet.

1. Makeover – They've been dying to change how you dress anyway.
2. Party – You’re going out after this –- better go in style.
3. Theater – You've landed a big role! Good thing they're there to help out.
4. Costume Party - Hope you don’t mind being the back end of the horse.
5. Disguise - You can’t be recognized. Maybe you’re in danger, maybe you’re infiltrating something. Either way, you can’t afford the enemy recognizing you. They're completing your disguise.
6. Pretendy Games - You two are planning to do a little roleplay.
7. Revenge - You've slighted them in the past. They're plotting revenge through your wardrobe.
8. Choose Your Own - Thought of something else? Go for it.