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In that case, I thought my parents did well with a set of identical twins, but your parents must be real champions to have gotten six of you at once.

[ooc: guess who went and made this new account bc she couldn't help herself? me.]
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oh hey we got a real comedian over here
not bad but u gotta tie in the idea that we are all fuck trophies if u wanna make the joke really pop

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Hmm... well, if we're supposed to be trophies, Hikaru and I are probably Olympic Golds... the six of you are probably medals for participation or effort, or something. You know, since you're no good at anything and have no prospects.

[ooc: this is the asahi muse from before. i went and made this account bc i love this boy and he's definitely sassy enough to deliver this line.]
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i wouldnt say were not good at anything . . .
were pretty good at making other people think better about themselves

[ooc: oh, no! i got you! the question marks were referring to Osomatsu. XD like, what is he even talking about]
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osomatsu isn't thinking, usually, is the thing ?? xD

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How do you turn that into a marketable asset? Walk around with a sign that says "Human Punching Bag" on it, maybe?
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well now thats not a bad idea
oh man i bet id make a ton of dough !!
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Of course, then you'd have to spend all that money on medical bills, wouldn't you? I doubt you have good health insurance so it will probably be expensive to get you patched up again.
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way to go wrong journal

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geez u bring me up then drop me back down again
ur a real ball buster
the least u could do would be to encourage me for a little while
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all matsus are interchangeable right?

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I think there comes a time in everyone's life when they should learn to face reality. You can't possibly live in a fantasy land forever.

Or, well, I guess you can, but at some point you just get institutionalized for it.
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i dont need to be lectured by some kid
shouldnt u be out doing teenager things instead of breaking a handsome young mans dreams
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So you do have dreams! I wasn't sure, Matsuno-san.
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um yeah
my dream is to be filthy rich

[like you, dammit...]
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I don't think there's a polite way to say the thing on my mind, so I think I'm just not going to say it.
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ive probably heard it before anyway
but if u wanna be polite thats fine w/ me too

so what do they teach kids at a rich school anyway
do u get to ride horses and drink tea n shit
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That's in rich kid preschool. In high school it's more about overseas investments and multinational corporations.