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tfln. you know what to do.
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James Madison | Hamilton: An American Musical

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A. Just come home. We will have sex and Taco Bell. I'm feeling wild, I put on temporary tattoos.

B. I'm running on 2 hours of sleep. Just spent the last 6 minutes staring at the back of my hand and thinking "I don't really know this that well."

C. Do we have to do this party tonight? I'm worried my bed will miss me...

Or text him?
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What's wrong with running on 2 hours of sleep?
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/also cheats

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Not very efficient. Need to plan escape.
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your madison is like, 3.5x the size of ima-madison lol

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MADISON where are you are you alright do you require any assistance?
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And imagining him crying because scared of apples IS ALL THE MORE FUN.

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I do not KNOW, Hamilton! Even when I know where I will be, I only know it from the inside, not the outside.
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nooo oak don't be scared the apples probably won't hurt you

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Can you describe the appearance of where you are to me? Perhaps that would be a start.
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It is dim. Spacious. But also very high, I cannot bear to look outside the small small window. Let alone the big window. The furniture is in very weird shapes.
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[well that... doesn't help much.]

I need for you to do me a favor, dear Madison. Can you try to look out at least one of the windows and let me know if there are any signs you can see? To help us come find you? You do not have to look for long, just let me know of any businesses you may see nearby.
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I only see rooftops and not very many unless I look down and I don't want to look down it's very very very far down I don't think I will be able to see any businesses.
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[To literally everything. James openly asking for sex? Taco Bell? Tattoos? Whaaaat...]
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Things that I am sure I will regret in the morning. The Taco Bell at least. Take the mood while it's happening, Thomas!

I mean, it's always possible that my new allergy meds are not getting along with something I've had, but you get to say if you want something for those temporary tattoos anyway!
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[Continued here]