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THE STORY of US MEME (a crossover pairing encouraged meme)

The Story of Us

a [crossover pairing encouraged] shipping meme

Crossover pairings are fun. Arguably, they can be one of the best parts of panfandom RP. After all, there's nothing quite like that spark when two characters just "click," especially when it was completely unplanned. AWESOME.

Unfortunately, in a lot of shipping memes here and elsewhere, the environment isn't really conducive to spontaneity. People usually just stick to castmates or close friends, and don't tag out due to lack of knowledge of canons or just plain intimidation. That's not fun for those of us who want to throw caution out the windows and just try crazy things, like throwing a Thor at a Sailor Moon (which, really, isn't that crazy of an idea if you look at the mythos for both series...).

This meme's for you, risk takers, crack shippers, or people who just want something new. All there is to do is fill out a tiny blurb so that people who don't know your canon will have some idea about your character. Then, go. Play. Don't let anything stop you. Don't know where to go with an idea? Wing it! The prompts here are not the super specific variety that most ship memes have, where you almost have to have canon knowledge. Want to reply to a character but have no idea where to begin? Make things up! The more creative, the better.

The Steps
- Make a comment with your character, canon, preferences, etc in the subject. In the body of the comment, fill out this super easy form. Just the basics.

Name: Jane Doe
Canon: The Best Canon Ever
About: Jane is a shy girl with magic powers.
What kind of character they'd be attracted to: Strong, outgoing types.

- Comment to other characters! Use the RNG, first rolling for category (1-3) and then for prompt.
- This meme was created for crossovers, and that's heavily encouraged, but no one is going to hunt you down if you play with a castmate. Just try to remember the purpose of the meme, okay?

Two Ways to Play
#1 (the buildup)
- Start with the first category, which is how the characters meet. Play that as you see fit. THEN, do a timeskip! If you don't know what that means, it's when you handwave that time has past. Assume the characters have known each other for a while. Move on to a prompt in the next category. Rinse, repeat. You can build a relationship!

#2 (the regular)
- Just play it as usual. Roll for category, then for prompt.

The Categories
1. The beginning
2. The relationship
3. Years later

I. How We Met & the Sparks Flew Instantly (The Beginning)
1. First meeting (no matter how mundane or impossible!)
2. First date
3. Blind date
4. Arranged courtship/marriage
5. Hate at first sight
6. One night stand

II. People Would Say "They're the Lucky Ones" (The Relationship)
2. Taking care of you
3. Meeting the family/showing you home
4. First time
6. Marriage proposal

III. One Day We'd Tell the Story of Us (Years Later)
1. Moving in together
2. BABIES or kids
3. Together again after a long seperation
4. Ending the relationship
5. Old (married) couple, aka Still in Love After All these Years
6. At the end of life
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Name: Eliot Spencer
Canon: Leverage
About: A chivalrous fighter who is a lot smarter than he usually lets on. He's ex-military, specifically army and Special Forces. He spent several years as an assassin/enforcer/head of security for international criminal financier Damien Moreau. Eventually, he couldn't live with the killing any more and left, claiming that he wasn't a team player. For the next several years, Eliot pursued career as a retrieval specialist, quickly becoming known as the best in his field. The last several years, he has joined a team of modern day Robin Hoods, working outside of the law to combat corruption bureaucrats who exploit the loopholes in the law.
What kind of character they'd be attracted to: Smart, pretty women. Het only, please
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1-5 because ex-military types should stick together?

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[It was an unusual mission order, and that alone should have tipped Jill off. The B.S.A.A. has seen a lot of overhauling in recent months, with new personnel as high as the chief executives seeing changes.

All she was told was that a group with ties to the scattered Umbrella loyalists was located within the area; her people have their ties, so information isn't that hard to come by. She just wasn't told as many details as she would normally like -- just a few names, a couple security-footage photos of who to track down. Her orders are to arrest, if possible, with lethal force authorized as necessary -- but Jill is a counter-terrorism agent, not an assassin. Unless someone shoots first, she's not aiming to kill, whatever the brass goes on about.

Getting into the hideout isn't difficult; underground facilities have that advantage, and so she takes the north side while her partner takes the south. It's not long before she comes across a single individual, and one she recognizes from the security photos -- Spencer, if memory serves.

She steps inside the room, out of the shadows, a pistol raised in one hand -- the other shuts the door quietly behind her, just to avoid any surprises.]

Hands up. Now.
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sounds like fun!

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[Eliot resists the urge to groan. He's exhausted, aching, and frustrated. The CIA had been more than happy to hire him for this mission, but much less willing to part with their hard-earned information about the target. Now this. Damn it. This is the last thing he needs right now.

He turns around slowly. This time, he does groan. As if his day hadn't already been bad enough. She's obviously a professional. Her stance, her obvious comfort with what she's doing are distinctive. He raises his hands. What the hell?]

So what is this? Some kind of double cross?
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[personal profile] flipkicking 2012-08-05 09:15 pm (UTC)(link)
[Jill's focus stays on him, but her eyes chance a quick glance over the room -- double-checking for anything she might have missed. Namely, any co-conspirators.]

If you're asking whether one of your buddies ratted you out, that's the least of your worries. [Plus she just doesn't know, thanks to that tight information network.

This one's pretty levelheaded for a terrorist, all things considered; most know Jill by either sight or name these days, and that's usually enough for them to make a desperate run-or-gun maneuver. That, or arrogantly confess everything since they figure she's about to die, anyway.

None of that shows on her face, though.]

How many men do you have in this base? Your operation's already busted, so save us both some trouble and answer me honestly.
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They're not my buddies.

[Even if he hadn't been hired to infiltrate them, they wouldn't have been. Eliot despises them. War, even guerilla tactics, he can understand. What this group does, though, is a whole new level of horrific.]

I don't have any men here. They have twenty here. Your little B&E has probably ruined my chances of finding their other bases.
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[There's a brief pause on her part, during which her eyes narrow slightly. Jill's not gullible, but this is tugging on that bad gut feeling she was having before.

And she's not one to ignore her instincts.]

Eliot Spencer, former Special Forces and suspected co-conspirator in three bioterrorist attacks in the last two months. [That rigid tone of authority from before has loosened up slightly, though -- it's not a claim as much as it is a simple statement, open for any evidence to the contrary, should he have it.

Still, her gun hasn't budged.]

We haven't received any notifications of another force on this case.
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[His eyes narrow darkly at her words. Damn it. This whole job was a set up. That's the only explanation. The question is by who.]

The last two months? I've only been here for one.

[He's not disputing the rest. He did what he had to do to keep his cover and minimize any casualties. Biological weapons are outside of his expertise, though, so he hadn't been able to do much.]

Fucking CIA. Should've known better than to take the job. Especially when they were so closed-lipped.
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[Despite herself, she can't help sounding surprised.] CIA?

[Two of the new heads in the Alliance came from the CIA. One direct transfer, another an ex-agent. Possibly more, given how secretive this whole process has been.

Jill's gun arm releases a little bit of its tension, but still staying upright.

If this guy is lying, he's very good at it -- but there are easier lies to tell, and Jill hasn't given anything away concerning her own intel restrictions. More than that, there are few coincidences in her line of work; even fewer are this strong.]

If you don't have any ties to the Umbrella loyalists, why would the CIA leave you out to dry like this?

[As she asks, she's watching him with undivided attention -- a lot hinges on this, considering where they are, and she's looking for even the slightest hint of hesitation, body language, anything to say he's lying.]
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[He grimaces. He doesn't really know. If it hadn't been so long ago, he'd say his last Special Forces mission. If his team was involved, he'd say the Zilgram job. But neither of those seem to fit.]

Hell if I know. For all I know, it isn't even the CIA proper that set this up, just a couple higher ups on the sly.
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[Sad thing is -- assuming he's telling the truth -- Jill can relate. The FBC had good motives, after all.

Jill hesitates again -- only for the earpiece on her headset to suddenly chirp, and she quickly puts her free hand to it... right as bursts of gunfire are heard several rooms over, making her start.]

Chris-- Chris, do you copy?

[No response. She looks forward again, obviously divided -- because if there's one thing that can tear her from the mission objective, it's someone she cares about. Even so, potentially turning her back on an unknown...]
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[He looks over toward the gunshots.]

That one of yours?
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Unless you have any teammates onsite. [Or something else went awry. But she's willing to bet that yes, it's one of hers -- which is the only reason she takes a chance here, moving back to the door and letting her gun hand retreat to her shoulder.

But she hesitates, just long enough to add:]

If what you told me is true... [Pause.] ...I'll find you again either way.

[Whether that's a promise or a threat or whatever else, he can decide. Whatever it is, it's a sign that she's not about to let the matter rest; they're not done here.]
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[He hesitates for a moment. He doesn't trust her yet. But he knows what it's like to work from bad information. And his cover is already blown anyway.]

Do you need backup?
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[Honestly, she... doesn't expect that. She doesn't trust him, either, but if he's telling the truth, he's under no obligation to lend a hand -- and if he's lying, he has even less cause to help her out. For what it's worth, she doubts it's an effort to stab her in the back; he could do it more easily if he pretended to leave, after all.

It takes Jill only a couple seconds to make up her mind.]

I wouldn't turn it down. But I understand this isn't your mission, so... [So no hard feelings if he cuts and runs.]
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My mission's blown now. Either you'll take me in and I can't learn anything or you leave me here and they wonder who I'm really working for.

[He grabs one of the guns laying around the room. He doubted he'd need more than his knives but if he'd learned anything from the first time he got sold out, it was to be prepared for the worst.]

Let's go.
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[Jill raises one eyebrow at that -- and while she doesn't smile or give any expression like it, there might be some fleeting glance of something like... humor, in the look?

But it's blink-and-miss-it -- she's back in her mission mindset an instant later. She only gives him a brief nod before sweeping the hall outside with a glance, and then motions him after her with a wave to say it's all clear.

And thus was their wonderfully awkward first meeting?]
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1-4 what is happening with your life you might ask. i don't know.

[personal profile] chrometophilia 2012-08-06 04:27 pm (UTC)(link)
[ooc; Small note before I dive in, I hope you don't mind; Parker is from season 3 finale, as I'm still working through catching up with the show. In case of spoilers.]

[It's a really bad sign when Parker has to grift; that's Sophie's territory, and she doesn't tresspass it just like she doesn't tresspass into Hardison's Age of Geek (although, in her opinion, it's the Age of the Thieves), because she's grown to respect Sophie's work, and because she's really, really bad at it. But the good part, the good part of this is Eliot's on her side and at her side, meaning there will probably be no stabbing the mark tonight. Or maybe there will.

Things have a way of working out, just like they have a way of going really bad before it gets good. Parker thinks that the middle of the search for the secret diamonds' vault is the perfect place to point that out.]

Did you notice that something always goes really bad before we nail the bad guys? [She carries on with that train of thought, though she's whispering, since - well - they're supposed to be a regular Jane and John Doe couple of rich newlyweds who came here to attend the private party for favoured clients, seeing as (thank you, Hardison) John likes to buy Jane lots and lots of diamonds. (Parker could definitely learn to like a guy like John, if he did something cooler like, for example, hid the gifts or challenged her to steal them from his very own secret safe.)

She shakes her head; too easy to get lost in these scenarios, sometimes. Her eyes scan the walls, and she keeps close to Eliot, just in case, before remembering another tidbit.]
Generally, it involved you getting shot or run over by a car...

[She squints at him.]
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Eee! E/P! They're so cute together...

[personal profile] retrieverchef 2012-08-06 04:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey, don't think about that now, Pa-Jane.

[He rubs a hand soothingly along her arm, moving her slightly to stand just in front of him. He places his hands on her shoulders, squeezing them gently and then carefully massaging them.]

Everything's gonna be fine. Might even find somethin' for ya.

[More like he'll make sure he picks something up for her. This job has been particularly challenging for her and it might help her relax a bit.]

((OOC: That's cool. Before or after they take down Moreau?))
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eee! yes i think so too. best team that's for sure

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[See? That just there, proof that Eliot's a better grifter than she is. A dog is probably a better grifter, too. Although there was the soul stealing job, but that had exhausted her, and this was on short notice. Emergency plan E. Emergency plans A through D all failed. This one's not going to fail, though.

All they have to do is find the vault; she'll break in, steal the blood diamonds so Sophie can sell them back to their mark and he can be exposed for the guttless asshole he is, easy peasy, and she won't even break a sweat. It helps that Eliot's in character, it grounds her to the persona a little more firmly - although Jane Doe has a tendency towards cleptomania, she thinks. She reaches up and pats his hand. Affectionately. Or at least she hopes it's affectionate.

And just in case, she laughs a little, too.]
Oh, honey...another one, I wouldn't know where to wear it...

[ooc; After? Somewhere between 4.1 and 3.16, in some AU variation where 4.1 isn't the first regroup mission after Moreau.]
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[He leans forward and whispers in her ear.]

Oh, I'm sure I could think of somewhere, darlin'.
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Whoaa - [wow. Whew. Other variations of the exclamations starting with 'w-', he is good at this! For a hitter. She stops them when they reach a certain door.

Here's the part where their credibility as a supposed couple is needed. The vault has the sort of lock that would normally take her up to two hours to crack, time which they do not have since the deal is going down later tonight, so Hardison has hooked her up with one of his craftiest decoders. She just has to plug it in and wait up to five minutes. Five minutes during which someone might patrol down this road, and that is why she needs arm candy. Also, protection. Just in case the arm candy bit doesn't work.]
Okay, you know what to do.
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[He backs her against the door, covering both the lock and the decoder with their bodies. He slips his hands around hers as he leans in and kisses her.]

That's your way of askin' for a kiss.

[His tone is light, teasing as he slides a knee between her legs.]
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[personal profile] chrometophilia 2012-08-07 07:39 pm (UTC)(link)
[Okay, nothing to this. No big deal, just a distraction kiss, one obstacle to sort through before she gets to steal things. Stealing things, she understands. The reason why people make such a big deal about kissing for the sake of the job? Not so much.

She trusts Eliot to be alert to footsteps and the like, just like he should trust her to be alert to the tiny ding the decoder will let out when it's done; it doesn't make her close her eyes, but it doesn't mean she gives a poor performance. Con stands for confidence, after all.]
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[He deepens the kiss, mapping out her mouth with hos tongue. He doesn't back away until the decoder gives its signal and they hear the latch click.]

I guess we'd better finish this later...