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You can't be around this person without your stomach tying up in knots or your heart skipping a beat. You know, all those cliches people use to describe that feeling of being in love with someone close to you.

You've finally decided it's time to share those feelings of yours and get them out in the open, even if it doesn't end well for you!

- post your characters, name/series/preferences in the subject.
- Others go to
and roll and respond.

1. extravagant confession. You've set up a wonderful night, planned everything down to the T to make sure it's perfect for your confession!
2. note/text. You couldn't do it face to face, so you send a note or a text instead.
3. doomed. You know the other person doesn't love you or just can't be with you, but you need them to know how you feel anyway.
4. childish. You're not actually in love. You just have a childish crush on someone's close to you.
5. bittersweet. Things have all gone to hell anyway, so you might as well let everything out in the open, right?
6. in the heat of the moment. You guys are having an argument and you didn't mean to blurt out how you feel about them, but... oops.
7. serious. You're dead serious about this person, no doubt in your mind, and it's time to tell them.
8. a lie. You don't really love this person, but you're forced to play along either for their sake or because someone is forcing you to.
9. drunk confession. You're not in your right mind, either from drugs or alcohol, and you just let it all hang out about how you feel about this person.
10. lust confession. You don't love them exactly, you just want their body.
11. still in love. You were together once before and broke up for some reason, but you still love this person and they have to know it.
12. other. miss something? Play it out anyway!

Taken from [livejournal.com profile] memebells
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Jean Grey | MU | OTA

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a mix of 3/4 and UMVC3 is behind this. XD

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[Phoenix knows this is truly hopeless, she's married, clearly out of his league beautiful, and becomes a highly powerful planet destroying force that shares a name with him. But still...]

I could fall in love with you, Miss Grey.

[Or maybe it's just a crush.]

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Re: lmao! This is awesome!

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[This little confession stunned her for a moment and rendered her speechless as her mind raced as to where such feelings had come from. Had it been their small and brief meetings? Their conversations in the hall?

Jean wasn't sure but she knew that nothing would ever come from this confession. Not when she was married, although a bit estranged from her husband but she was still completely loyal to him.

Don't, Phoenix, [she implored softly raising her hand to stop any further attempt to continue this conversation.]
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he has a canonical thing for messy relationships with redheads

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[He actually first met her when the two worlds collided, she was in her super-powered state, he scared him then.

But then the conflict was over and The Phoenix Force went away. Phoenix gained a bunch of new friends and allies from that incident. But he's grown... fond of the smart, kind, and gorgeous woman that that power.

He looks slightly dejected by this, but he knew this was coming.]

I know, Jean. But I have... feelings for you.

[He falters for a moment.] What am I doing? You're married and you are clearly out of my league.
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Poor guy! ;.;

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[She rose from the couch and moved to stand before him. A sad smile tugging on the corners of her mouth.]

If things were different, [she began but knew they were not. They were still part of different worlds and soon he would return to his own and forget about her all together. Perhaps she could help him with that. Perhaps erase any sort of meeting he had with her. It was not something she offered lightly but it was something she could give him to help him forget her.] I can help you forget me if you wish.