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The Opposites Attract Meme

Sure, complimenting personalities bring people together. It's always good to get along with your significant other or friends, so "birds of a feather flock together," as they say. But let's be honest. That doesn't make for good entertainment. Readers and viewers love a good odd couple, where the two are diametrically different. This can be in personality (good girls and bad boys), appearance (Beauty & the Beast, anyone?), species (ALIEN AND HUMAN LOVE IS REAL!!!1), and so on.

This meme is inspired by this concept and a certain song that probably shows your age if you recognize it. According to Wikipedia, "the lyrics are about a couple who love each other despite being different in just about every way possible." And...that pretty much summarizes the meme, too! (Though, it doesn't have to be love. Hate can be an option.)

- Comment with your character. In the subject, put info & preferences.
- In the comment, describe your character in a few key words. This is so that people who don't know your canon can see if your character would be a good opposite to theirs.

EX: Outspoken, strong-willed, funloving

- Reply to characters who are opposite (interpret that as you will) to yours.
- Enjoy the shippy antics!

1. Our Friends Are Saying We Ain't Gonna Last: How did you guys get together? Where did you meet? Was their attraction

2. You Like the Movies / And I Like TV: So, you guys' ideas of fun aren't exactly compatible, huh. Well, one of you is a happy magical girl and the other is a murderous psychopath.

3. Who'd a Thought That We Could Be Lovers: I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT, MARK. HOW'S YOUR SEX LIFE?

...but really. How do you guys get on in bed? Surely, your kinks are different, too.

4. Baby, Seems Like We Never, Ever Agree: Oh, the fights. Naturally, with differences come disagreements. Are they passive agressive snarkfests or knock-down-drag-outs?

5. We Come Together: The one good thing about fighting is how you get to make up after. Better remember what gets you on your sweetie's good side.

6. Don't Think We'll Ever Get Our Differences Patched: That's it. You're done. This dance is over. You should both just leave before you lose it. But will either of you let that happen?

7. Don't Really Matter Cuz We're Perfectly Matched: Okay, so you're nothing alike. But you're going to make this work, damn it!

8. How We Lasted This Long: You've defied all odds. Despite your differences, you're still together. Maybe it's not the best (or maybe it is), but it's still something.
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