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pet adoption meme.

The Pet Adoption Meme!

rules ;

1. post with your character, including their name and canon in the subject title.
2. respond to other people, going to rng and picking a number 1-10 for the type of animal, and 1-7 on how you obtained that animal.
3. you can rp the actual adoption, or the bringing home part, or naming part, or whatever you can think of!
4. ???
5. profit!
animals ;

1. kitten fluffy and cuddly.
2. puppy loyal and genuine.
3. hamster small and easy to take care of.
4. mouse cute and slightly strange.
5. rabbit big or small.
6. snake edgy and interesting.
7. turtle lazy or active.
8. lizard cool and tough.
9. fish tons of options and can get tons of them
10. whatever weird and exotic animals you can think of! ( I didn't list the weirder ones, because otherwise this list would go on for agessss. ) put 'em here.
scenarios ;

1. from the pet store
2. from the pound
3. found
4. given to by a friend/family member
5. other animals you have had babies
6. gift
7. anything I forgot? put it here!