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Trapped Meme


Everyone has been trapped against their will in a situation not-so-flattering. You might feel powerless, angry, scared, or worst of all, bored. So, why not do that to your characters?

→ Post with your character and preferences.
→ People respond.
→ Congratulations! You're both trapped!
→ ???

SCENARIOS (You can use RNG to choose for you, or pick yourself)

1. Trapped outside your house: Maybe that super-duper, ultra-fancy security system with the ridiculously long passcode that can only be opened from the inside wasn't such a good idea, was it? And does that look like rain to you? Oh yeah, you're right. It looks more like hail.

2. Trapped in your house: You've locked yourself in, you're on house arrest, or you don't want to lock yourself out by leaving. Maybe you're not even at your house. Maybe you're trapped in someone else's house, at a party, or by a bet, or a robbery gone wrong. Just find a way out before you start shooting the walls out of boredom.

3. Lost: You're not trapped, you're more... lost. Yeah, if you could find that object of your desire you could get out of this hellhole. Unfortunately, the powers that be won't allow that. So continues the quest for the holy grail. Though, it doesn't help that you have to go to the bathroom, your friend's goldfish is dying, and that big screen Plasma TV is getting heavier by the second.

4. Waiting: Whether it be a long line, a car ride, or god forbid, the dreaded doctor's waiting room, ain't no getting out of this one.

5 . Self-imposed lockdown: Before you can rejoin society, you have to get all that demon blood out of your system or get over that addiction. Or perhaps it's more crack-worthy. WE'RE NOT LEAVING UNTIL THAT FLY IS DEAD/THAT PEN IS FOUND/OUR DIRTY SECRETS ARE OUT IN THE OPEN. AND IF WE CAN'T DO IT, OUR CHILDREN'S CHILDEN WILL DO IT!

6 . You're literally trapped: Maybe your head is stuck between two bars or you're stuck in a window. Point is, you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Metaphorically, of course. Or maybe you actually are, I don't know.

7 . Oh, here's the metaphorical one: You just go through the motions everyday, you watch everyone else live their lives, and that rut just gets bigger and deeper. What to do?

8 . Trapped in an elevator: We just couldn't take the stairs, could we?

9 . Trapped in a crowd: Maybe you're on a packed train or just a hallway where everyone has stopped walking and created a bottle neck. Or maybe you ended up in the middle of a mosh pit. Hope the person next to you is wearing deodorant.

10. Choose your own hellhole!


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