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another kind of marriage meme

marriage life meme
(condensed version)
* post with your character's name and series in the comment title along with any preferences or notes.
* taggers, go to RNG and roll between 1 and 3, or choose one of the prompt selections down below.
* head back to RNG or go there if you haven't already and roll between 1 and 5, or choose a prompt of your own.
* play out the sequences relevant to that of a married lifestyle.

1. proposal {
1. park - you've been planning this proposal for awhile and have taken your sweetheart to a nice secluded area in the park. are they going to say yes or leave you in the dust?

2. house - dimmed lights, candles, home made dinner. it's obvious you've fixed yourself up for something tonight. let's see if your lover catches on before the question is popped.

3. public event - perhaps you're one who wants to gain a lot of attention; maybe your significant other doesn't as much. either way, this goes from writing their message in the sky with an airplane to something like a flash mob ensemble with others involved.

4. restaurant - nothing romantic like taking them out somewhere ritzy and hiding the rings in that glass of expensive wine.

5. car - you've driven them somewhere nostalgic or meaningful either to you or each other, or perhaps just a good view overlooking the city cause maybe you had no other idea how to do it or couldn't afford anything else.

2. marriage {
1. traditional - both parties have agreed and said yes, and everything goes well just like in the fairy tales you've always dreamed of.

2. arranged - you had no say so in this but somebody else like your parents did. you've never seen this person before until you walk down the aisle. what are your thoughts? are you nervous? what if you two don't get along? looks like you have to deal with it either way. enjoy?

3. elope - nothing fancy. you know, they do make drive thru chapels or perhaps you're just going to experience the excitement of meeting up at the court. all and all, it doesn't matter, just so you have your sweetheart to yourself.

4. shotgun - congrats, somebody is pregnant. there's only one more thing left to do now..

5. disaster - looks like somebody forgot the rings! never mind the fact the maid of honor is having a wardrobe malfunction or that soon to be father in law is causing a scene of some sort.

3. after marriage {
1. honeymoon night - self explanatory! come on, you know what this means. it just wouldn't be the same without this option.

2. new addition - it could be a pregnancy or bringing home a new child, or something as simple as a new pet goldfish.

3. house purchase - after months of living in a trashy apartment, you're both about to sign the dotted line and move into your new place.

4. argument - deep, relationship sort of arguments or something petty like who drank all the milk; it's up to you!

5. divorce - somebody has had enough of this and is ready to move on. how will it all go down?
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