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The First Meeting Meme

01. Post your character, fandom and preference.
02. Go to RNG, roll and tag others. Since this is a first meeting meme, tag characters your character has never met. If you’re tagging characters you already RP with, then it defeats the purpose of this meme.
03. Tag around! Don’t just throw your characters in the meme, and make no effort to play with others.
05. Have fun!

01. At A Bar: You’re out with your friends, or maybe by yourself, and someone catches your eye. Don’t be shy! Go say hi, or give them a cheesy pickup line.
02. Grocery Store: Maybe the both of you are eying the same frozen dinner, or maybe you’re both grabbing for the same apple. Whatever the case, chat them up!
03. Laundromat: Whoops! Did you just drop your panties/boxers on the floor? Don’t worry! There’s a friendly stranger there to help you pick them up, or maybe just look awkward and blush a lot.
04. Blind Date: Your friend thinks you need a life so they’ve set you up on a date!
05. A Long Line: Both of you are stuck next to each other in a long line. Strike up a conversation!
06. Work: Maybe your cubicles are next to each other’s, or maybe you work in the same building. Or, maybe you’re a delivery person, delivering something to the other person.
07. Public Transportation: Subway, bus, train, airplane. Whatever the case, you’re now sitting next to this person.
08. Jail: You’ve both been put in the same cell (let’s just pretend there are coed cells), and now you have nothing but time to chat.
09. Wildcard: Pick whatever you want!