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piling on. (2)

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whoa whoa whoa. are you drinking without me?
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always welcome

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im niot a social drnker

[Frank, you're not a social anything.]
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Re: always welcome

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oh i see. self-medicating. at least i send you sexy pics.
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u r great at it
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want me to come over and be antisocial with you?
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you sdhoiuldnt
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wasn't the question. there's a lotta things i shouldn't do. doesn't stop me from doing them.


like you for one.
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[okay that made him laugh irl not that she can hear]

you make it haord to rests

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are you a friendly, affectionate drunk? i'm dying to find out.
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im nevert friendly im a badfass
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you are. and you are so drunk. i have to see this. where are you?
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[a moment or two later:]

itsfine im fine
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i'll be there in half an hour. and it's my turn to bring coffee. and more whiskey. xoxoxo
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[cue his constant texts now that he knows she's coming over and he's powerless to stop her]






[OH, fuck it, the screen's getting blurry anyway.]
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She parks two blocks away and climbs the fire escape of his neighboring building, crossing over to the roof of the warehouse where he's holed up these days. His apartment, the office of said defunct warehouse, is spartan, smells strongly of gun oil and stale laundry. She'd offer to clean up for him, but he seems comfortable here. Any place Frank is comfortable, she can tolerate.

She lets herself in through the big vent windows, dropping her bag through first and then shimmying under and dropping down the few feet to the floor.

"It's just me! I brought coffee. And donuts. And Chinese food, in case you haven't eaten today." He often forgets to eat. She has no idea how he maintains the bulk he carries, but he must have some amazing source of protein to sustain the four million push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups he does when he can't sleep.

"Where are you?" She heads out into what passes for a living room, looking for him.
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