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tequila this time? or yet another chance encounter with a "moving vehicle"?
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Just thought I'd kill some time listening to the city, tripped over a, uh. Thing in the way. Nothing you should worry about.
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y'know, Matt, for a lawyer? you are the WORST liar in the history of lying. should i bring a first aid kit?
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First aid kit would be great. Thanks Karen.

Could we maybe keep this between you and me? Foggy has a lot on his mind.
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Right. Because lying to your best friend sounds like an excellent plan. You and me, we're gonna talk. Be there in five.

She's there in three, stepping out onto her rooftop without saying a word. The chimney is up another half level, beyond even where the smokers go to hang out. He's really gone to ground. She moves as quietly as she can, and finds him propped up against the soot-stained red brick.

"Oh Matt..." A moment later, she's at his side, trying to discern the extent of the damage.
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I'm not saying lie. Just don't say anything at all.

In hindsight, he probably should have held off on chasing three large and unexpectedly well-trained guys through the back alleys of the city until he had the chance to change into Daredevil's suit. He'd still be nursing the split lip, but he could have avoided the bruise darkening around his eye and the others forming up nicely under his shirt. The slow trickle of blood from his hairline suggests he has a pretty deep cut there, too.

At least the few minutes he had before Karen arrived gave him a chance to come up with a (slightly) better story.

"It looks worse than it is." He motions with one hand toward his head. "I think I'm bleeding a little?"
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"Holy shit," she murmurs under her breath. She's on her knees in the gravel and she doesn't care, flipping open the first aid kit and pulling out some cleansing wipes. Her hands touch his face, delicately tipping his chin up and brushing his hair back from the wound. She hisses under her breath.

"Are you -- can you stand? We could do this in my living room just as easily."