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The Lovebag Meme


Post a blank comment with your character. Name, and fandom in the subject line!
Look for other threads, hit up and use the randomizer.
If you only want regular prompts, go from 1-10. If you do not mind the R rated prompts, go from 1-15. If you only want R rated prompts, go for 11-15!
Now match that number to the theme and have your character act accordingly!
Have fun!
Please note somewhere if you are okay with R prompts, and be respectful of those who aren't! (IE; if you only want the PG promts, put REGULAR ONLY in the subject. If all of them are okay, put REGULAR & R! And if you only are really interested in R, just put R)
And yes, this is a combination of several love memes, and grab bag memes!


ONE ➔ CONFESSION: You've been admiring this person from afar, or you've been friends with them for a while. Whatever you want! Either way, you've finally worked up the courage to admit how you feel!

TWO ➔ YANDERE STYLE: I think we all know how this goes. You're sweet on your crush when they're focused on you, making them lunch with rice balls with smiles... aw... wait, are they looking at another cute person?! THEY'RE ONLY ALLOWED TO LOOK AT ME.

THREE ➔ LOVE NOTES: Send your crush personalized little love notes for them to find! Flick them at your crush, or hide them in their shoes! Draw pictures of you two kissing! Heck, even an old fashioned YES/NO checkbox note will do. But you've gotta get their attention with your written prowess! Get creative! Maybe they'll come up to you and you'll find true love!

FOUR ➔ SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN: You're locked in a closet with someone else! It can be a crush, a friend, a boyfriend, whatever! But whoever it is, you're locked in a closet with them with the intent to kiss. Will you go through with it? Will it end up in romance? Or will it end up as a B-B-B-BAD ROMANCE?

FIVE ➔ KISSING BOOTH: You're working a kissing booth, for whatever reason. Charity, for your school, or just because you got conned into it. But will something special bloom from a chance encounter with a booth guest? Or will you just be embarrassed for life, and punch your friends for getting you into this later?

SIX ➔ IT'S A DARE: You've been dared by someone to romance this specific person! You're not allowed to tell that it's a dare, and you must seem earnest. Will you be able to make them swoon from your charms? Or will you fall into love's trap, and fall head over heels for real?

SEVEN ➔ LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: You've been completely dazzled by this specific person! Your heart races, you have a cold sweat... why is this?! You simply must get to know them! Maybe it was meant to be!

EIGHT ➔ TSUNDERE STYLE: Sure, you like them, but you can't show that by being cute or cooking them lunch! No, you have to punch their shoulder and tug on their hair, of course! W-what? They're complimenting you? Try not to blush too hard, or shove them too much.

NINE ➔ IT CAN NEVER BE: You're both already taken, or you simply can't be together for some reason! Your families hate each other, your friends hate each other, or you only see each other once a year! But you don't care, you have tonight, and romance is in the air. Maybe you can break away from what can't be, just for one night of fun and love.

TEN ➔ NEVER SAY NO: You're super intent on making this person yours! You're willing to go to the extreme to garner their affections! How can they say no to extreme outbursts of love and other hard-to-ignore signs of affection? Though, it might be easier to just ask... but that's not big enough for your love!


ELEVEN ➔ THE KISSING DISEASE: You simply must kiss this person. You have to get your lips on them somehow, anywhere, everywhere. Even if you have to push them into an empty closet and lock the door to do so!

TWELVE ➔ DRUNKEN ENCOUNTER: You both met up, drunk, and you're both feeling a little bit adventurous thanks to the booze. Are you ready to get down and dirty on a beach, or do you want to vandalize something a bit before barging into a hotel room? The choice is, drunkenly, yours!

THIRTEEN ➔ OBSESSION: You're so obsessed with this person, you want them so badly -- you're willing to do just about anything to get them. Manipulate, pretend, tie them up, make them yours! You're driven by your desire!

FOURTEEN ➔ IN PUBLIC?!: There's something about messing around in a public place, where anyone can walk in on you anytime. Try to keep quiet, the woman over in the bathroom stall next to you might hear you and your partner heating up and fooling around.

FIFTEEN ➔ HANDS: Hey, woah! Your hands just happen to keep drifting to "inappropriate places"! You might not realize it, or it might be fully intentional! Whatever it is, it's happening! Maybe your partner will simply brush you off, or maybe they'll suggest you two scadattle off to a room!