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coffee shop au


It's a coffee shop. You're a hot barista, or just visiting because of the hot barista. It's a hot summer day, so why not go for a Grande Special Deluxe Western Style Low Sugar Peppermint Macchiato? Or just a simple pumpkin spice latte that is, for the sake of convenience, available all year round.?Either way, this is a setting-based meme, so take it from here however you please! 

  • Post with your character's name and canon on the subject line, indicate preferences as needed
  • Tag others
  • Have fun!
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oops my hand slipped

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"Hey you. What can I get you today? Don't tell me, lemme guess. Venti triple shot double pump white mocha with extra whip*?"

[ *credit to owlet & "This, We Protect" ]
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"You know me too well." There's a wide grin on his face as he stands in front of the counter, fishing out some cash for this drink that he always orders. It tastes too good to go with another so he's not surprised that she remembers it.

"It's always good to see you." Tiny cafes with their cute work attire make his daily routine visits especially if they have cute employees. And this particular cafe was not that far from his apartment, just a few blocks over. He hands her a ten dollar bill when she calls the amount.
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"You let me know if you ever get bored with it. I know some regulars get frustrated when I jump the gun." She's babbling she knows, but god damn is he attractive. He probably has a dozen girlfriends chewing at his ankles. Still, she can't help herself.

She takes the bill and chews on her lip while she punches in the payment, and then counts out his change.

"So, how've you been?" It's slow, so she decides to take a moment and chat. Customers always come first, right?
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[ooc: sorry for being late, i was at sdcc these past couple days. ;v;]

"I will let you know whenever i do." he chuckles, it'll be a long time before he ever does but who knows what other drink will be his instant favorite. His gaze wanders as he watches her, she was ridiculously adorable and gorgeous.

"Been good, a little busy with work but who isn't. How have you been?" He leans up against the counter after making sure no one was standing behind him. Not wanting to hold up a line if there was.
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"Doing okay. Same as you, working too much. But hey, it's a paycheck."

She leans in, unconsciously mirroring his posture, grinning, one hand tucking a wisp of hair back behind her ear. She licks her lips, nervously.

"I was beginning to wonder if you were ever gonna show up here again. I'm glad to see you back!"
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"Don't work too hard. No need to overwork yourself." Coffee shops can get ridiculously busy out of the blue and he imagines it is just utter chaos with all the drink orders. He wouldn't be able to handle it as well as she appears to.

He ducks his head down with a smile before looking back up at her, a little embarrassed. "Did you miss me? I'll be sure to stop by more often if you'd like. It's been, what, a week since i was last in."
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"I did." She flashes him a ten thousand volt grin. "I did miss you. I mean, you don't have to go out of your way or anything. You're just one of my favorites."

Never a harsh word. Always a genuine smile. So very easy on the eyes.

"Listen, uh. I have a break coming up here in a few minutes. You maybe, want some company?"
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"I've never been one's favorite before so thank you for that. It wouldn't be out of the way at all, I live in a loft just down the street. Plus it would be good for me to work in a few breaks while working." He worked from home so it would be easy to work in coffee breaks plus it's a good excuse to stretch out his legs.

"I don't mind the company at all. I'll pick a seat by the window and you can join when your free." He's glad that she can't hear how fast his heart is beating right now because it feels like it will burst out of his chest at any moment.
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She grins and chews on her lower lip, and then nods. There's a flush of color in her cheeks, so he might surmise he's not the only one feeling a little anxious. "I'll be there in just a few."

She turns away, and he can't see the look she gives her coworker, but if he could, it would translate roughly to OMG CUTE GUY ALERT OMG OMG OMG.

True to her word, she's only a few minutes behind him, and she settles into the seat across from him. She brought a couple of plates with cinnamon rolls, still warm, and slides one across to him with another shy grin.

"I got the last two."
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"Take your time." He smiles at her while he waits for a few seconds for his drink before he takes the table by the window, his cheek on the palm of his hand as he people watches and takes sips of his drink. He would have found that reaction pretty adorable if he would have seen it.

"You clearly know how to win my heart and that is dangerous." He says as he perks up at the sight of her and the plates of cinnamon rolls, moving his drink to the side so he could move the plate closer.
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"It's that easy? Man, if I'd only known six months ago," she beams at him, stirring her coffee.

"You look like you work out a lot. And y'know, these things need burning off sooner or later. I mean, uh, I -- go running. And I do yoga, and other stuff. Exercise."

Shut up, Karen. Just stop talking.
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"Well, food is always the quickest shortcut. Better late than never, right?" He takes a quick bite of the cinnamon roll.

He can't help but laugh, god she's adorable. "I do. You go running and do yoga, I go running and do yoga. It's like a match made in heaven." That sounded really cheesy, great job Barnes. He could add weightlifting and high intensity workouts to that but why not just keep it simple.

"Anything else that you do besides our common shared interest in exercise?" He gives a little tilt of his head as he continues to work at the cinnamon roll.
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"I don't know, but that's -- a good start?"

She leans in a little, hunched down between her shoulders. There's still a flush of color in her cheeks, but she's chewing her lips as she works through a thought in her head.

"I didn't mean to imply -- that we -- I mean, you're attractive, sure, and I bet you get proposition by a hundred women a day, but I would never --. really, I was just -- I wanted to get to know you better. Is that weird?"
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He gives a nod in agreement as he finishes that last of the roll.

Did he misread where this was going? Probably. He tries to recover by rubbing the back of his neck with an embarrassed little laugh. Way to go, Barnes. Off to a great start.

"Actually, you would be quite surprised that it's not that many. Most are too nervous to say anything but i still see them staring and giggling amongst themselves." He pauses, gently tapping his fingertips against his arm. "It's not weird at all, I think i may have jumped to an early conclusion"
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"No, you didn't! No, I mean." Karen covers her face with her hands and mutters, "god, I'm terrible at this."

Her hands come down and catch his. And then she fumbles for a napkin because her fingers are still sticky from the cinnamon roll, but when they're slightly less sticky, she grabs his hand in both of hers.

"I like you. I -- really like you. I mean, like like you. Which means I don't want to throw myself at you, because I don't want you to get the wrong idea about me."
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He goes to reach for her hands but she beats him to the punch when she reaches and holds his. Good thing that he's fingers are on the less sticky side. He thinks, "You're not terrible at this, I am.", it feels like he's tripping on his own feet when he knows how to dance better than this.

His mind slowly processed what she was saying under a dulling nervous panic, connecting the dots, oh. OH.

"I haven't had the wrong idea of you so far, even if you did throw yourself at me." He slides his hand out of hers and hold her hand between both of his. "I really like you too." He gives a little tilt of his head as he searches her face to see if that was the best answer to give for the way he felt about her.