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you say "goodbye", & i say "hello, hello, hello".



Goodbyes are inevitable. Maybe someone is moving away, maybe it's that final battle, maybe you can't stand to see this person any longer. They're leaving and this is your final chance to see them, final opportunity to say all those words you've been hiding away.


• Post with your character, name and series in subject

• Tag it up! Feel free to use the RNG below or make up your own scenario.

• Enjoy!


TRIGGER WARNING: This meme may contain allusions to death, dying, abuse, etc. Please label threads appropriately if such instances occur.




1. FALLING OUT: You've had a fight. You can't stand to see one and other any more. Let it all out, all that hurt is finally coming to the surface.

2. FORCED SEPARATION: You don't have much time left. Whether you like it or not, this person is being taken away from you - and you won't be seeing them again.

3. DEATH: Whether immediate or impending, this person is going to die. Maybe it's the final battle, maybe it's a terminal illness. They're dying and this is your last chance.

4. MOVING ON: You're graduating. Finished training. Got contracted somewhere far away. Whatever the reason may be, it's time to move on - and it's time to say goodbye.

5. WILDCARD: Make up your own or combine a few! The choice is yours.





...But goodbyes aren't always forever. Be it fate or some stroke of luck, you're about to be reunited. Maybe it's just a short time later, maybe it's years later - somehow, someway, they're back.




1. IN PASSING: Who was that you just passed on the street? Didn't they look awfully familiar?

2. SURPRISE: Someone has just shown up on your doorstep. How long has it been since you've seen that face?

3. IT'S A MIRACLE: They lived. By some stroke of fate, they've lived. Or maybe you're meeting in the afterlife? Whatever the case may be here they are, waiting for you with open arms.

4. LOST & FOUND: Everyone else thought it was impossible; they were dead, lost, gone. But you've never given up hope. Now that you see that face again, it's all worth it.

5. WILDCARD: Make up your own or combine a few! The choice is yours.

Taken from here.

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reunion 4!

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[ They had certainly thought it was impossible— that you'd be sent home once you left Zodion, that the place you'd end up would be the exact point in time from which you'd come. It was what Vanille had been expecting, the reason why returning home was both terrifying and bittersweet. Knowing the outcome, the future, and what she and Fang would do— while it certainly put much of her mind to rest, it wasn't true that she minded avoiding it for as long as she could under the assurance that time had stopped for her.

All of that was exactly why what she was currently experiencing was both unexpected and impossible.

Unfamiliar as she was with Cocoon, it was still easy to tell that this place wasn't it. As familiar as she was with Gran Pulse, it was even easier to tell that she wasn't there, either. So then... where? It was a question that had been plaguing her all the while she'd been wandering the street, looking for something to identify, or a way back the way she'd come.

What she got was even more unexpected. Tall, lanky, long red hair out of the corner of her eye— it was enough to get her attention, enough to turn to look. Enough to recognize. ]
... Badou?
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gently matches icons u///u

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[ truthfully, it's a wonder she's managed to wander around for so long without attracting unwanted attention to herself, dressed as she is, looking as she is, all bright colors and sunshine and everything this place is not.

she should have stood out like a beacon, honestly, and she kind of does. but the thing about this world, his world, is so often people are so absorbed in their own problems and shit that most of the time everyone else just kind of fades away. if you're unlucky enough, someone notices.

it's her voice that distracts him. his name spoken softly enough that he shouldn't have been able to hear her in all this hustle and bustle of souls and shells mulling about, but it's so out of place, so light, that it hits him as if she'd shouted right next to his ear.

he turns to face her, and memories he didn't even know he had come crashing down on him like a waterfall. ]

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swapping bewildered looks!!

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[ Her memories hadn't faded— they were still fresh, still painting a vivid picture of her stay in the world of the Twelve, of those whose worlds needed saving. A stay where, for a time, he'd been a fixture, prominent and loud and a sometimes skeevy kind of fixture, but always a welcome one.

When he'd disappeared, it was like a light had gone out, and replacing the bulb was impossible, and that part of the room would be left in the dark forever. He was a friend— a best friend, making her laugh, making her angry... remedying tears with chocolate chip cookies and leaving her whole house filled with cigarette smoke.

She knew she was sticking out like a sore thumb. Vanille had done well at blending in at seaside town filled with vacationing teenagers... but here, fitting into a crowd wouldn't come as easily. That was the last thing on her mind now— heart thumping in her chest as she made her way through people, stopping just short of colliding into him, gazing up at him with wide, disbelieving eyes.

He remembered. ]
You... remember me? Really?
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it's meaningful ok!!

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[ for ten whole seconds he can't even do much else but stare. less than a minute ago he didn't even know who she was, and now he does - and then some - and a part of him is still trying to figure out how and why but there's not really any time for that right now.

he looks up just as heads are beginning to turn, as her excitement begins to flare like a fucking beam of light that these fuckers would be drawn to only to want to snuff it out as viciously as possible.

he shrugs off his coat - that same, hideously garish and fur-trimmed thing he'd had back on that island - and slips it over her head where his hand settles almost possessively. ]

Put this on.

[ and then he's steering them both away from the curious crowds, making a calm but hasty beeline back to his apartment before word gets around that there's something worth taking around these parts. ]
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it's so meaningful!! i'm tearbending

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Pu— ah. [ Vanille shrinks a little under the weight of his hand but shrugs his coat on as instructed, slipping an arm in each hole— though they end up being far too long for her hands to reach the ends of the sleeves. She recognizes the coat, too. It must've been one he'd had from home. At least one of the things about being sent back was true. You couldn't take anything with you. Other than the weapon she'd arrived with, Vanille had woken up here just as unprepared.

She almost goes to ask him if anything is wrong until the rather familiar prickle of eyes on her causes a shiver to run up her back. She cast a cautious glance over her shoulder before they were off, having to pick up her pace doubletime to match with his long strides and make sure she doesn't trip over her own two feet.

She's full of questions— something tells her she should hold onto them for a few more minutes, following along quickly and in silence (for once). ]
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without a full moon and everything!! :O

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[ the silence surprises him, but he doesn't complain about it. easier than having to tell her to shut up, which isn't really the kind of thing he wants to be telling her after so long. --just how long had it been, anyway? that's where it gets kind of fuzzy, where time is concerned, but everything else... vivid, just like the rest of her.

his apartment isn't much. they get there before long, no trouble at all (which kind of makes badou wary, considering his luck doesn't often allow for that kind of fortune) and he's locking the old, ratty door behind him and crossing the short distance of the living room to tug on blinds, bathing the space in faint shadows. he turns on a few lamps just to illuminate the place, stands a few feet away from her to look her over again, and then turns back around to start digging in some drawers for another kind of light.

when his lungs are full of smoke again, he's ready to face her. ]

What the hell are you doing here, Sunshine? This ain't no place for you.
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guess i'm talented too...

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[ Even Vanille had lost track of the time he'd been missing— which made her wonder whether or not it had been even longer for him. Shorter? It was probably hard to tell. He remembered her, so he had to remember Zodion, at least... they'd have to fill in the details once they could. She knew, at least, it had been months on her end.

There's something... very 'Badou' about the place as they walk in, the quick glimpses she'd caught before he'd put out the light from the window and started lighting the place with lamps instead. She stays by the door, toying with the sleeve of his coat, brows furrowed, lips pouted and eyes furrowed to the floor. She waits for him to talk... though by that point she'd walked a little closer, waving away any smoke that might waft her way with the floppy end of a sleeve. ]

I don't know! I just... woke up here. Just a little while ago. [ She couldn't be more lost... though from the looks of things, he knew exactly where he was. ]

Where are we? It's... not Zodion, is it?
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It's-- [ hell, he doesn't even know how to begin describing this place. ] Complicated.

[ he sighs, lifting a hand up to run through his hair, pushing bright red fringe off his face for a few seconds before he drops his hand again, falling with a slap to his thigh. ]

Nah, this ain't Zodion. But I can't say it's any better. No forced sex, at least - unless you happen to fall into some really back luck, but-- [ uh. probably not the happiest direction this conversation could have gone.

he licks his lips and swallows another gulp of smoke. ]
It's just you?
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wait you don't want me to keep crying do you...

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[ She cringes a little at the mention of forced sex. She'd honestly had about enough of that, even if, in Zodion, she reasoned it out as a small price to pay for being able to live somewhere that freely. Doing the same thing in this place didn't sound like it was merely an exchange for time. ]

That I know of. I haven't seen anyone else, at least... you're the first one.

[ And she's guessing she's lucky that she found him.

Of course, she's not just lucky, really. After all, seeing a friend for the first time in months that you thought you may never get a chance to see again... despite circumstances, it was a good feeling. She had no idea what had become of Badou, or what his world was like-- whether or not he'd be okay. After everything she'd heard of Giovanni that night at the masquerade, she's been uncertain— and hoping he wouldn't have to go back to a world that was dangerous for him. At least until he was prepared to. She wasn't sure whether he had been or not. ]

Something weird is definitely going on, huh. [ Not a question. That much is obvious. Only this time, there was no handily written guide or letter to explain her situation. Unable to stand still for very long, she starts to wander the apartment, poking around here and there. ] Think... maybe the Twelve screwed up trying to send me back?
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[ he watches her with his one good eye, slowly but surely starting to relax the more he listens to her voice. no one's come for them yet, and it's safe to assume no one will for a while, if ever, so he can afford to let his guard down, just a little.

with a quiet murmur, he lifts a hand and starts to massage one of his shoulders, rolling it. ]
Whatever it is, we gotta fix it. It's dangerous here, kid.

Still... [ he pushes away from the kitchen to stand in the living room where she wanders, hands slipping into his pockets. a small smile spreads across his lips, his unlit cigarette dangling at the corner. ] S'nice to see you again. Didn't think I would.

[ he pauses, looking sheepish. ] Didn't think I wanted to, actually. I didn't remember you till I saw you again. I didn't... remember any of that.
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[ So she'd heard. She didn't know all of the facts or the information, but she'd heard about the kinds of things Badou had gotten up to before his magical appearance in Zodion. Just like her, however, he kept things hushed... and maybe that was for the better. At least until she'd found her way here. Now, she felt a little uninformed, and it wasn't entirely a good thing for once. Ignorance wasn't always bliss, and feigned ignorance wasn't always her truth.

His admittance he'd forgotten... it was something she'd seen coming. But it was still okay— he remembered now, and now was when remembering was important! Not everyone had good memories of Zodion... and it might have been better for him to forget, anyway. Even if it meant forgetting her, too.

Back to him, a smile breaks out over her face, stomach doing a happy little flip as she turns to look at him, hands at her sides, leaning forward. ]
It's about time you said that! Were you gonna make me wait all day or something?

[ Giggling and wasting no time closing the gap between the two of them, she didn't even wait for a confirmation or an okay before wrapping her arms around his middle, pressing her face up against him. ]

I missed you, a lot.
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Missed you too, Sunshine.

[ and he ain't all that surprised to find it's true, too, despite the words falling out without much thought. his arms come up and around her much smaller frame, easily swallowed up by his coat and hug. ]

Guess you're my guest here till we figure this shit out. It ain't much, but... you don't gotta worry about waking up feeling all weird or transformed or handcuffed to anybody or anything. Heh.

[ it had meant to be a light joke, but now that he thinks about it, he probably shouldn't be joking about stuff like that. oops. ]

First thing's first, I guess. [ please, allow him to stuff his foot in his mouth once more-- ]

We gotta get you outta those clothes.
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n-no we aren't doing this again we always do this

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[ Except that it was a small comfort! Worship was bad enough as it is without all of the weird things the Twelve would force them to do. Keeping still where she is for a moment, she lets the situation sink in a little deeper. It's still surreal— and she's still not sure this isn't anything more than a really elaborate dream. ]

You didn't really have time to miss me. [ She laughs, tilting her head up to grin at him. She's getting a hug, so she's pleased! ] Buuut, if you had been able to, you would! Of course.

[ It'd totally be hard not to. Just as hard as it is for Badou not to say something skeevy! Even... if well-meaning. ]

—ah?! W-wait, what? I thought— [ You said no worship shenanigans! ] What do I have to take off my clothes for?!
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oh come on nostalgia is the theme!!

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[ he blinks down at her, looking so shocked and incredulous. he thinks somehow it happened again, that weird occurrence where they'd be talking about the same thing in one moment, then two completely different things in another. ]

Because you stand out like some kinda fucking beacon, that's why!

[ he frowns, before it starts to actually sink in and soon he's jumping back with his hands in the air like he'd just been caught with his hand down her pants the cookie jar. ]

What - no!! - that's not what I meant! No Twelve, remember? We only fuck here if we want to!

[ yes.. better....... ]
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okay then X(

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Well you said it like..! Like... you know what you said it like! [ She puffs up her cheeks, turning a little pink.

It had been exactly what happened, that they'd had a misunderstanding— except, for once, it wasn't her fault! The blame lie entirely with Badou. Why would you say it like that, if that isn't what you meant. Honestly... ]

A beacon? [ Hands move to draw open the coat still draped around her, glancing down at her outfit. It is different from the clothes he wears— and the ones she'd seen as she was wandering around... but they weren't that bad, were they?

(Except for the fact that there isn't enough of them, that is.) ]

So... I should dress more like you? [ She has to wear even more fur? ] But... what else can I wear? I didn't get to bring anything else.
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We'll get you some stuff. Something low-key. [ and, if luck will let him, they can avoid the bishop entirely. the man will surely want to dress vanille up in those kinky get-ups of his.

he's about to offer that she can pick out her own clothing... then thinks better of it. ]

You'll be okay, don't worry. I'll take care of you. Heine, too. [ because badou will whine until he agrees to. ] You remember him, right?
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Something low-key... [ She nods, agreeing— to something! She's not sure what, but she trusts Badou. (And she probably wouldn't mind the kinky get-up... in fact, she's used to them. Thanks, N.) Refraining from letting her do it herself is probably a good idea, as well. She's not picky, but, she does have preferences that might not fit his idea of 'low-key' at all. ]

I do. Unlike you two... I never got a chance to forget anyone!
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[ badou's smile turns into something of a grimace at that. he feels a little bad, even though logically he knows it's not his fault at all he didn't remember her. he can't imagine how she must have felt, suddenly realizing he wasn't there anymore. he thinks to ask, then thinks better of it.

lifting a hand, he drops it gently over the top of her head again, idly ruffling her hair. ]

You ain't changed a bit, Sunshine.
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[ The hair ruffling gets a pout... before she's wrapping her arms around him again. She's missed hugging him! She's missed a lot of things about him. Even the nasty smell he left behind him because of his constant drag of cigarette smoke. Even if she doesn't like it, the smell is just a reminder of him, and even now she finds herself inhaling it from his clothing, fingers gripping into the material of his shirt. ]

Neither have you.
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I'll take that as a compliment.

[ though it's probably not. eh.

he indulges in the hug for a moment, trying to remember the last time he had an honest-to-goodness one and... unable to. he pulls away with a faint, slightly pained smile, his hand still over her head as if to make sure she stays there. just a little while longer. ]

C'mon... you ready to brave the world again? We'll try and get you some stuff to wear. Granny Liza'll love it, I'm sure. [ and, if she likes vanille enough, she might give it to them for free... ] You can tell me all the shenanigans you been up to since I left.
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It was a compliment! [ With things always changing around her after terribly long sleeps or the whim of the Twelve, it's nice that some things can remain the way they were, exactly the way she remembered them being. She gives his stomach an indignant little poke as she turns to walk away again. Back to exploring! A little, anyway, until he catches her attention once more.

She's still unsure herself whether or not she's ready to go back out there... just the way he'd been acting about it made her nervous. If she was with him, though... maybe she'd be okay? It was his world, he knew about it, and she trusted him. She didn't see why not. So, she nods. ]
I think so.

Ah— who's Granny Liza? A friend of yours..? [ In which she suddenly realizes the only person she knows Badou considers something even remotely resembling a 'friend' is Heine... and... well. Her ship is still the Titanic. ]

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[ let it go, vanille!!

but, no, he nearly chokes on a laugh at her suggestion, his head shaking incredulously. ]
Nah... she's more like an occasional employer. [ yeah. sounds about right. ] She likes making clothes on the side, though, and I'm pretty sure she'd adore you. [ everyone does! ] She and her assistants get a little handsy, though, so watch out for that.

[ he's already walking towards the door, tugging it open and peeking out into the hall before stepping back to let her out first. ]
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Ooooh. [ So basically a friend in the way that Heine is a friend. Though that thought strikes her funny and she scrunches her nose up, making a face at him. ] Do you have any friends..? Actual ones? [ She worries about you, Badou...

But she follows, tucking his coat closer around her body and peeking out the door herself before exiting. ]
"Handsy" You mean like...

[ Gropey... Or like... friendly like she is... ]
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you skipped :D!

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[ he squints back down at her, his lips thinning out. ] Sure. [ but he doesn't really give much more other than that.

once she's out, he moves past her to lead the way, though he takes care to keep her beside him, in his line of sight. hands in his pockets, fingering the lighter he has there, he heads down the hall and back out, avoiding any eyes that might swing their way. ]

Let's just say they get really excited for that dress-up shit.
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technically you should've been d...

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[ "Sure?" What kind of answer is that? He gets another look, but she drops the subject— for now! At the very least, she knew he had one friend. He had her, didn't he? She counted, too.

It's easier to keep step with him when he's doing what he can to keep her at his side, though her arm does slip around his, moving a little closer. ]
Kind of like the people at Striaton, huh. I guess I can't blame them, then.

It is kinda fun.

your face is always d

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