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suddenly naked meme .

rules .
post your character
tag to others
you are now butt ass naked. have fun.

scenarios .

one. walked in on
oh, hey have you seen my-- never mind, I'll come back later.

two. changing
like walked in on, only part of you is naked and you're not fapping.

three. streaking
oh, you sexual deviant you. you just want to run around with your balls or your titties flapping in the wind.

four. skinny dipping
there's some water and there's you naked in the water.

five. nudist beach
because everyone wants to see everyone else naked.

six. shower
you're now taking a shower with someone.

seven. dream
you know that dream you had where you went to school naked? well like that, except you're doing your entire daily schedule buck ass nude.

eight. free for all
did I miss something? do you just want it to all hang out? whatever, pick your poison.