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Pokemon GO!


It’s the latest craze sweeping the nation! It seems like everyone has at least tried catching invisible monsters on their smartphone. Even your grandmother’s seen the thing on the news. What kind of adventures will you have in all this strange, new, horribly distracted foot traffic in your town?

How to Play
  • Comment with your character and preferences. Optionally, include their team color!
  • Tag around, friends and strangers!
  • RNG for prompts, or just take whatever sounds like the most fun.
  • Feel free to mix prompts!
  1. Hey, watch it! - One of you just walked into the other while pursuing a rare Pokemon. Oops!
  2. Under the (digital) cherry blossoms - Someone put a lure on this Pokestop! Was it you? Did you anticipate who might come to take advantage of it?
  3. Why are you here?! - Didn’t you know? Your home/job/favorite hangout is a Pokestop or a Gym and players seem to be showing up at all hours.
  4. No really why are you here?! - You’re trespassing in pursuit of a game goal, and this person is either with you or the one wanting you to stay out. Is the risk worth the prize?
  5. Where’s that Pokemon?! - A dratini spawned around here somewhere and you have to find it first!
  6. Running on empty - Your phone battery is dying, maybe you can get somebody to lend you a charge?
  7. Gym buddies - You and this other person are on the same team! Can you defeat this gym, then guard it against the horde?
  8. Gym rivals - You and this other person are on enemy teams! It’s an even match, so the question is who’s going to run out of potions first? If the servers stay up that long.
  9. We came out to have a good time, and… - You were going to kill this evening playing Pokemon Go. You have your walking shoes, your water bottle, your portable phone charger, aaaaand the servers are toast. Maybe if you hang out with this other unfortunate for a bit they’ll come back online?
  10. What do you mean we can’t change teams?! - Maybe you should’ve coordinated with your friends before you hit level 5. Alternately, maybe you should’ve checked to make sure you didn’t side with a person you can’t stand by accident.
  11. Hatching eggs! - You're jogging, biking, or somebody's rented a go kart. ...Or maybe you're just begging your friend to drive you around the neighborhood real slow while you play your stupid phone game.
  12. Ouch! - You really should've paid more attention to where you were going. At least if everyone's on their phones, someone can call an ambulance!
  13. No fun allowed! - Bah humbug, all these people and their stupid fancy smart phones and their stupid critter game. You can’t believe your friend/enemy/coworker would waste their time on this thing, or you’re just going to give a stranger a piece of your mind about it. (Or maybe you’re just bitter you’re still using a Razr and can’t play.)
  14. Really? Right now?! - You've been caught messing around with your phone at just the wrong moment. You're at work! You're at a funeral! The satin sheets are on the bed! But the phone just buzzed and you have to know if it's that rare pokemon you've been chasing all week.
  15. WILDCARD - Something else! Decided to set up a lemonade stand for all these thirsty trainers? Need help reaching that Pokestop in the middle of the ocean? Or maybe you just thought this was Tinder and you are horribly confused.
orbislife: screenshot of Zenyatta throwing orbs (We must guard the objective)


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[ Oh dear. It seems like Rin has run into a robot of the non-singing-idol kind with a voice to match. Zenyatta was hovering with nine orbs flying around him in a ring... before he got knocked to the ground. He does not seem to be worried about himself, however. He simply pushes himself back upright and resumes hovering again. ]

Pardon me. Are you all right?

[ He's more worried about her. ]