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Vimpire Meme

Your characters are now vampires, one is the sire and one is the sired. Play out the relationship that results from this!

- Post your characters, name | series | preferences in the subject.
- Go to RNG for their role. Note it somewhere or roll for each individual response.
- Others respond after going to RNG and getting a prompt.

1. Sire.
2. Sired.



1. teacher/mentor | you have to teach your newly created vampire the ropes.
2. resented | the vampire you created resents you for what you made them. can you work it out?
3. tracked down | you're being tracked down and hunted and the only thing that matters is keeping the vampire you created safe and vice versa.
4. injured | one of you has been injured and is in need of some blood.
5. before | you're giving your potential child an option to become like you... or maybe you
6. wildcard | missed something? want to combine options? go ahead.

1. first time | you're confessing your love for your creator or the vampire you helped create.
2. prey | you have to show the other the art of hunting and preying on humans for food, how to seduce them.
3. sharing | maybe one of you is reluctant to drink from humans, but it works just as well from your lover or maybe you just got carried away in the throes of passion.
4. gift | a gift of food to feed on or a literal gift, you like to spoil the other.
5. dedication | you need the other to know how important they really are to you.
6. wildcard | missed something? want to combine options? go ahead.

1. torture | they disobeyed you and it's time to pay.
2. no spelled y-e-s | they don't want to be like you, but you'll make them into a vampire anyway.
3. mine | the other is yours, only yours, and you will claimed them.
4. trapped | you're trapped in physical danger or about to be set out to burn. can you get out of it? or can you only save one?
5. fight | verbal or physical, you are at each other's throats.
6. wildcard | missed something? want to combine options? go ahead.