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The Baby Meme (expanded)

the baby meme (expanded)
last posted on 02/15/2012

Congrats! You are now the proud owner poor soul parent of a wailing bundle of joy! Babies are wonderful gifts. So is being a parent, as those with stars in their eyes will tell you. As for your ever-so-wise mothers, well, they did try to warn you before it was too late.


oo1. post a comment | include name, series, preferences, etc.
oo2. tag others | try to tag someone new!
oo3. optionally, roll a number between 1-8 on rgn
oo4. profit and have fun!


oo1. not there yet ...I am so sorry. You're still in labor. Just keep breathing! Don't break my hand!

oo2. twins?! Looks like the doctor missed something kind of important.

oo3. adoption Who says you had to get knocked up to have a kid? Did you go the route with all that paperwork or were they left on your doorstep?

oo4. wait a moment For some reason, the child looks more like someone else...

oo5. finally You're finally at home, the baby is asleep in your arms. Enjoy the quiet before they get hungry.

oo6. after the hospital Babies are still babies for a while. Have they rolled over or said their first word yet?

oo7. hold on what Tell me the baby didn't just fly/shoot lasers/solve some weird math problem I can't pronounce!

oo8. wild child Got another idea? Go for it!
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Erika Lehnsherr | genderbent | Marvel | OTA

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[oh my god i rolled a 7 how perfect is that]
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[oh my god slkdgfshldkjfg perfect]
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[want me to start? :D]
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[sure, if you dun mind! :D]
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you can change the baby's name, if you want, btw; i'm bad at names you know this

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['course not! oh, and, you can pick exactly what the power is that the baby has~]

*Riley and Erika had been together for nearly two years when that moment of pure joy and fear had been thrown into Riley's face when Erika said the words "I'm pregnant" to him during one of their movie nights. The past nine months had been a whirlwind of emotions; both hormonal and not. They'd had a share of fights (over stupid shit like baby names and no, the crib is not going there, Riley and are you kidding me, Erika, that color is hideous for the room) but at the end, it had just brought them closer together.

They were having a baby together.

Well. They have a baby together.

Their bundle of joy was now in the world. A girl. Riley had insisted they name her Abigail (for clear reasons). Erika had insisted they name her Raven (for semi-clear reasons). They end up picking Darcy.

She wad currently cradled in Riley's arms, as he hummed her a soft lullaby to get her to sleep when he noticed her skin turning different shades of color and there was something about her eyes that was changing and making him freak out. A little. They'd known this might have happened. He just wasn't prepared for the what it might be.*

Uh, Erika, babe? I think you managed to pass on some of your awesome genes.
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Re: no it's the fucking cutest oh my god

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[this is so cute i can't stand it. okay! i'll... okay. xD]

*Erika is tired and spacey and totally not falling asleep sitting up. She snaps back to reality, blinks a few times, and furrows her brow as she works on deciphering what she's just heard. Her voice comes out slurred and there are lines on her face from where she was leaning against her hand.*

Huh? What are you-- *yawn* --talking about?
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i wasn't sure if it'd be dumb or cute fldfla;kfj

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[me either, oh my god. dfkjda;. hehehehe.]

*As Darcy squirms in his arms, Riley tries not to look or sound panicked. They knew this could happen. He knew this could happen. He had told Erika that it wouldn't change how much he would love their child if it did because it didn't change how much he loved Erika but it was still a bit of an "Oh my god, this is really happening" moment.*

I think little Darcy here has a special talent.
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Re: it isn't dumb it's CUTE

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[sludhgksdhfl these two. sghishdkg teehee.]

*She blinks one more time before it clicks and she's out of the chair and over by Riley.*

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[love it. fkjdas;flj]

*He digs his teeth into his bottom lip and moves Darcy in his arms because she had been slipping a bit from all the squirming.*

Yeah. What.. what do you think it is? I'm not really an expert at this sort of thing.