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The Baby Meme (expanded)

the baby meme (expanded)
last posted on 02/15/2012

Congrats! You are now the proud owner poor soul parent of a wailing bundle of joy! Babies are wonderful gifts. So is being a parent, as those with stars in their eyes will tell you. As for your ever-so-wise mothers, well, they did try to warn you before it was too late.


oo1. post a comment | include name, series, preferences, etc.
oo2. tag others | try to tag someone new!
oo3. optionally, roll a number between 1-8 on rgn
oo4. profit and have fun!


oo1. not there yet ...I am so sorry. You're still in labor. Just keep breathing! Don't break my hand!

oo2. twins?! Looks like the doctor missed something kind of important.

oo3. adoption Who says you had to get knocked up to have a kid? Did you go the route with all that paperwork or were they left on your doorstep?

oo4. wait a moment For some reason, the child looks more like someone else...

oo5. finally You're finally at home, the baby is asleep in your arms. Enjoy the quiet before they get hungry.

oo6. after the hospital Babies are still babies for a while. Have they rolled over or said their first word yet?

oo7. hold on what Tell me the baby didn't just fly/shoot lasers/solve some weird math problem I can't pronounce!

oo8. wild child Got another idea? Go for it!
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Jean Grey | MU | OTA

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I rolled a 2...

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[A two days after the birth of twins he wakes up in the hospital waiting room. He gets up placing his jacket over his arm while he proceeds to the room both Jean an the new born's are. He slowly opens the door peering his head around the corner]

I thought de two little once might wanna see dere dear papa. Also I would like a reminder of how dis all came about.

[Nervously scratching the back of his head knowing once word gets out he is gonna get a whole lot of trouble from Logan and Scott]
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Re: I rolled a 2...

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[ Hovering above her beautiful children as they laid asleep, Jean's slender fingers brushed each forehead as a smile tugged on the corners of her mouth. Hours of labor had given her two perfect children and she loved both so very much. It had not mattered either that their father was not Scott but another.

As she was set to consider the events that brought her here, the sound of Remy's voice broke through causing her head to turn towards the entrance.

You can always see them, Remy. They are yours too. And you shouldn't worry about either Scott nor Logan, [ She assured him reading his thoughts. She placed a hand upon his shoulder and smiled again.] You can leave them to me.

[She knew how to deal with both Logan and Scott but she was none too worried about either them especially since Emma seemed to have Scott's attention and Logan was quite busy lately.]

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Re: I rolled a 2...

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Aww now ya'll cant be readin my thoughts like dat all willy nilly aint aint fair on a man like myself

[He looked down at the two kids remembering how he was cast out as a baby for his eyes but smiled knowing despite if these kids got his eyes they would fit in fine at the Xavier Institute]

Well, de first question i wanna know is what we gonna call de bébés
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Re: I rolled a 2...

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My apologies, Remy, [she apologized sincerely. She had not meant to pry into his mind but since her resurrection and ultimately decision to take on the persona of the entity that continued to inhabit her body on and off, it had become a natural for her to be able to read anyone.

Looking back at their children, Jean chewed on her lower lip thoughtfully considering names in her head but she knew this would need to be a joint effort between them.

I think we are going to have to make a decision on that soon. They cannot continue to be called Grey-LeBeau forever.
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Re: I rolled a 2...

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[He places his jacket over a chair dragging it over to the kids sitting between them looking from one to the other]

Can ya not read dere mind ask dem what day wanna be called?
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Re: I rolled a 2...

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[Jean gave a soft laugh and shook her head at the question.]

Although that would resolve our problem, they are too small to understand what names they would like to be called. As far as they are considered, names like "my precious one" or "my happy little one" are their names. No, this decision must be made by us.

[It was then that she turned to look at him fully expecting and hoping that the two of them could come to some compromise on names. Part of her realized that they should have come to this decision much earlier when she had learned of her pregnancy but she had been laden with such guilt for sleeping with her friend that she had avoided him all together until recently.]
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have we got 2 boys, 2 girls or one of each?

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[he nodded his head to her words but kept his eyes on the kids only loosing train of thought he digs in his pocket pulling out some cards]

Ya'll kids are gonna learn ta play cards real quick dats little more important dan ya names

[getting the 4 aces out an starts rambling on about the suits of cards an how they are used in poker]
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How about one of each?

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There will be no teaching them anything like that, [she warned as her eyes flashed briefly. If there was one thing Jean had long decided upon, she wanted her children to have a semi-normal life. And if either of them showed promise of being mutants, then Jean was willing to cross that bridge to teach them how to use those powers for the sake of humanity.

She was not, however, willing to allow their father to teach them how to play cards. If one had inherited his ability, it was fine then. They would need something quick and easy to charge up.
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fine by me, if they take after there dad they will have his eyes

[personal profile] remy_le_beau 2012-07-30 03:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Aww come on now wont do dem no harm ta be ahead of the game if ever asked for a game of cards. . .

[his face lit up as he realised the possibilities]

Come ta think about it if dey can get all up in peoples heads like you do day wont need ta know dey could call a bluff with out a second thought. Dis will be great nice little family troop travelling place ta place.

He stands up then turns to Jean with a big smile]

I think the boy should be called Remy.jr!
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Re: fine by me, if they take after there dad they will have his eyes

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No, [Jean stated quickly placing her hands upon her hips and narrowing her eyes as she listened to him ramble on about taking them to the card tables. This was not something she was going to allow now or ever! If she had anything to do with it, they would never see a card table but she knew Remy enough to know that he wait until the kids were grown up enough and take them on such an outing behind her back.

Allowing her arms to slide back down to her side and displeasure to dissipate when he changed the subject back to the naming their children. For a moment she said nothing allowing the idea of their son to be named after his father. She really saw no harm in it. Actually the name fit their boy as she saw more of his father in him than anything.

Remy Jr. it is, [Jean agreed with a smile as her eyes flitted over their girl whom seemed far more content in her dreams rather than her parents.] I think Bella would be nice for her, don't you think?

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Re: fine by me, if they take after there dad they will have his eyes

[personal profile] remy_le_beau 2012-07-30 11:02 pm (UTC)(link)
[Sharply turning away looking to the floor while taking a sharp breath in the thought of his daughter having the same name as his ex-wife he still has problems with]

Now don't go readin my mind or nothin but lets just say I'm gonna have ta say no to that name
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Re: fine by me, if they take after there dad they will have his eyes

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[She respected his wishes and did not dare probe his mind for reasons. Instead she allowed herself to consider other names for their girl but nothing came to mind.]

Do you have a name for her?
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Re: fine by me, if they take after there dad they will have his eyes

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[rolls his eyes to think about it]

How about a flower? Like Rose?
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Re: fine by me, if they take after there dad they will have his eyes

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[She gave him a smile and nodded her head liking the name far more than her previous one.]

Rose Grey-LeBeau.

[She lifted their sleeping daughter into her arms and turned to the man beside her once more.]

Want to hold her?
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Re: fine by me, if they take after there dad they will have his eyes

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Now I don't know about dat

[He opened his hands out waving them in a "No, No" manner]

Gambit ain't to good with new born's.So nout has blown up since dey been born?
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Re: fine by me, if they take after there dad they will have his eyes

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Come now, Remy, [Jean tried to coax softly as she closed the gap between them and held out Rose for him to take from her.], don't you think your daughter would like to meet her father properly?
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Re: fine by me, if they take after there dad they will have his eyes

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[He awkwardly took Rose form her holding her looking like he didnt have a clue what to do. He looked down at his daughter an then just waged his finger in-front of her]

A koochie koochie koo?
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Re: fine by me, if they take after there dad they will have his eyes

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[Jean giggled, picking up their son and cooing softly down at him. She was quite happy with the two bundles of joy in her life. She had something that neither Scott nor Logan could give her.]

Come, little one, let us get back into bed, [Jean whispered softly into her son's ear as the two of them made their way back to the small hospital bed.]
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Re: fine by me, if they take after there dad they will have his eyes

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[He places the newly born Rose into her bed then falls back into his chair leaning back an forth]

So what is next on our list?
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Re: fine by me, if they take after there dad they will have his eyes

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Remy, [Jean began nervously as she took a seat on the edge of the bed and began rocking their son back to sleep. Her green eyes swept away from the baby and towards Remy.], what can you remember of that night?

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"Hypnotic Charm"- Basically like Jedi mind trick for Gambit

[personal profile] remy_le_beau 2012-08-01 09:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Dat would be because ol' Remy had a lot to drink at dat little get together for Robert Drake's Birthday. Den...

[He looks up thinking to himself]

Remy had to much ta drink an' you might have done the same or when Remy was drunk his Hypnotic Charm Mighta kicked in but a mind like ya'lls wouldn't be effected by the kinetic energy
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Re: Jedi mind trick? LMAO

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[Ah that made sense, Jean thought recalling the heavy flow of drinks that made their rounds from person to person. Even she had not been immune to the boisterous fun of the others. She had willingly joined in that fun and took on the challenge of seeing who could drink who under the table.

Of course she never did find out who won but she was quite sure it had not been her but then everything was a blur. Still it did not answer as to whom seduced whom but at this point, she no longer cared. She had two perfect little ones out the deal and she had not been disappointed that their father was Gambit rather than Scott or Logan.

I remember joining in on some of the drinking games; but after that, I cannot seem to remember anything further. [A small pause as she turned her head and smiled.] And Remy, I think you are watching far too much of Star Wars.
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Seriously the guy can make people do what he wants xD

[personal profile] remy_le_beau 2012-08-02 10:45 pm (UTC)(link)
So.... When dey gonna wake up, be nice ta know who has to deal with dese

[Pointing at his pitch black eyes with red iris]

Also about de whole Scott an' Logan. If dey don't know the Dad I can only guess day been fightin over the fact dey think the other one is liein....

I should tell Logan we go way back an' I know how to deal with it

[By this he knows he will probably brawl it out with him till they are tired and Logan excepts Gambit as a good father]
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Re: Of course he could. Haven't you seen his fanbase? They would strip if he asked them to. xD

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I thought I would give you a chance to have some hands-on with the little ones, [Jean replied looking down in marvel at the little boy still peacefully asleep in her arms. Even a small movement from her did not deter him from his dreams and she was grateful.] Think of it as bonding time with you.

[Hearing him speak of both Logan and Scott knowing made the corners of her mouth turn downward. Of course she wanted them two of them to know but she did not want Remy to go into the lion's dens on his own. She was much of part of what happened as he was and anything either of them had to say should be told in her presence too. Plus she could easily hold the two of them at bay but a small part of her told her that her intervention would not be appreciated...that this had to be done. Still it wouldn't help to offer any sort of assistance in the matter.

Do you want me there too, Remy?

That will be awesome! :D

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