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regency romance au

regency romance


( 1 ) dancing; whichever dance - and remember, the waltz was initially frowned upon for how close partners were - you are dancing. maybe your dance card is full and you'll move on to the next admirer. maybe this is the partner you've had your eyes on forever. whichever it is, enjoy this one dance.

( 2 ) subtle touches; helping her down from the carriage, touching her hand in a crowded ballroom, whatever it is, tonight you're communicating with small gestures and subtle glances.

( 3 ) note passing; have something to tell the one you like but no chance to do so in person? surely there is a servant willing to run an errand or two for you...

( 4 ) awkward carriage rides; you're alone in the carriage without a chaperone. what to make of it?

( 5 ) arranged marriage; your hand was promised to this person. do you like them? do you hate them? will you come to some sort of arrangement?

( 6 ) absconding to the moors; obligatory smut option

( 7 ) rich/poor; you're from different social classes and your liason would be frowned upon if people knew