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It's summertime! Out with the snow and the dark, here come the sun and sea, watermelons and slushies, long lazy days, and all the things that make summer wonderful.

Along with a few other things.

Honestly, your character loves summer. How can they not? They don't mean to spoil the fun. They could've been having a grand old time right now, if it weren't for...

1. The heat! No kidding, hot in summer? Who would've thought. The AC broke and the fan just can't keep up. What to do? Why, complain, of course.

2. The bugs! EEK! It's cockroach season! Or possibly the invasion of the bloodsucking horde. Pick up a shoe and join the defending army.

3. Allergies! You know what's nice about the bare trees in winter? They're bare. Is it September yet?

4. Those meddling kids! Some of us don't get summer vacation no more, you little bastards. Stop partying at all hours!

5. The crowds! The beach was a lot nicer when you didn't have to share it with approximately twenty two billion other people. Some of them in wildly unflattering swimsuits.

6. That one unbearably cheerful friend who thinks summer is really just the best thing and they will prove it to you if they must shove a gallon of ice cream down your screaming mouth.

7. Or something else equally annoying and horrid, because fuck summer.

You know the drill. Comment with your character hating the season for a chosen (or randomly rolled) reason, others comment to alleviate (or enjoy) your misery, or possibly just complain along. Don't be dicks. Have fun. The OP is going to collapse in her fridge or something.

(Apologies to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere. I hate you.)