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>> premise

Hello, and welcome to The Care and Keeping of Your Pet! As you surely know, a pet is a big responsibility, and we're so glad you've decided to be a concientious master. A safe pet is a happy pet, and this handbook is certain to keep your precious lifelong friend as content as can be.

The history of the animal person is a long and difficult one, with their origins not being known even to this day. However, scientists believe that despite our common appearance - most animal people have humanoid forms except for the ears, tails, and sometimes teeth - we share no common ancestry, even if the ascent of this species corresponds with that of the homo sapien. We gained dominance over each breed thousands of years ago, beginning with the dog type, who have long been considered "man's best friend." Most breeds these days are docile and perfect for owners of any speed.

Of course, it is our duty as the superior species to take care of these animal creatures, and this is inherent in their genetic makeup. Everyone knows that an animal person, when matched with their correct human master, is loyal for life - a true "soulmate," if you will. Far be it for us to turn this away! Ever since the Great Domestication, these intelligent and loving animals have served us as friends, workmates, guardians, servants, and sexual companions and will for years to come. Despite recent hubbub from so-called "Pet People's Rights Activists," this way of life is wholesome and good. Scientific research shows that the natural desire of the pet person is to be owned and cared for by a human.

So, it's your first pet. What do you need to know?
As previously stated, pet people come in as many breeds as you can possibly think of. By far and away the most popular are the dog and cat types, but exotic birds and lizards have been gaining popularity among trendsetters from L.A. to Tokyo!
All pet types are best suited for certain jobs, and when hunting for one, it is best to search for a type that suits your needs best.
However, a "True Match" - when a pet person bonds with you and only you for the rest of their natural lives - comes naturally, and sometimes takes time before you can find the pet you will be able to give a forever home to.
According to all current research, pet people are completely sentient and like us in many ways. However, it is important to remember that they have many animalistic and feral characteristics. Do not be foolish and think that your pet is a person, despite the facts that many are clothed and may be allowed to read, write, and have "hobbies." Some traditional pet owners may eschew these frivolities, and that is within their right.
Pet people age more quickly than humans, at least physically, and many types have long lifespans. It is not uncommon for pets to be passed through the family. When getting your child their first pet, it's important to keep in mind that just because the pup is tiny now, a grown pet can be jumpy around a small child.
It is important to train a pet. Discipline will be necessary. This does not make you a bad owner. Failure to train early will result in a rebellious pet. Training is especially important if you want your pet to serve as a household servant.
Remember, your pet will be extremely protective of you, especially if you are Truly Bonded. It is best to socialize them early. A socialized pet is a perfect family pet.
These days, unowned and unbonded pet people are allowed to live as strays or "Frees" in certain designated areas. Some even hold "jobs." This is against their best interest, and owners who adopt these strays are to be rewarded. Still, the best place to get pets are from liscenced kennels or breeders.
Some masters find it beneficial to participate in activities with their pets, such as shows and other competitions.
Finally, much has been made about the sexual relationship between pet and master. This is a normal facet of the bond, and humans are sure to find pet people sexually alluring. But beyond that, it is only responsible and prudent for owners to care for their pet's needs. It is a well-known fact that the libidos of pet people are remarkably strong, and when they go into heat, it is usually more convenient for a master to relieve them. There is no risk of pregnancy. All rumors of hybrids are urban legends.
Despite this, masters must remember to not view their pets as romantic partners. Humans should stay with humans.

With that said, thank you and welcome to your first day as a pet's master!

>> how to play
Needless to say, The Care and Keeping of Your Pet is a bit biased and full of propaganda, but it gives a good idea of the world your character is now AU's into. They are either a pet person or a human master, and what that means for them varies.

So are they a devoted pet or a rebellious animal person looking to buck the system? A generous master or a cruel sexual sadist? Just a normal pet owner? Most likely they're something in between, but when you're raised in this world, it's difficult to see anything different on the horizon.

Comment with your character and say whether they'd be a master or a pet. Ideally, they could be played as both. Mention what kind of each they'd be and what they'd be like, (ie: "Xx-chan is a bunny girl who is happy to please her master" or "Asterothia is a cat boy who is aloof but loyal to his true master"). For pets, be sure to include features ("wolf ears, tail, teeth).

REMEMBER, pet does not automatically equal submissive and master automatically equal dominant. This is not a BDSM setting though BDSM can be included. How far you want to go with the actual "pet" aspect is up to you, as well. Your pet could just be your slightly-furry roommate or soulmate!
Comment to others.
Play out the scene.

>> prompts
This by now means an all-inclusive list, but it should get you going in the right direction.

First Time Pet/Owner: Usually, pets are gotten at a young age; you're an old dog. Can you learn new tricks?
True Bond: What all masters and pets yearn for...the pet's loyalty and adoration for life.
Love: It's expected for masters to love their pets, but to love them? Romance is strictly forbidden.
Old "Couple": Master and pet have grown together and know each other. You know, know each other.
Loss of Master: The pet has lost their master, perhaps even their True Bond. Is it possible to move on?
Young Master/Older Pet: Pets age quicker than masters, so it's possible to end up with a bit of an "age" difference.
Family Pet: This pet's been raised as part of the family. What happens when their feelings for a family member get more than platonic.
For Your Protection: You don't want to be a master, but you have to take in a pet for their protection lest they be in danger from the general public.
Stray: You're a stray or a "Free." Can you live like this with your biology screaming for you to make a match?
Servant: You're more servant than pet.
All Sex, All the Time: The only purpose for this pet is to service the master, and not in a way that means cleaning their house.
Guard: You're a loyal bodyguard, a service pet. You'll do anything for your master. Anything.
Pet Play: This is for those who prefer to keep their animals on leashes, have them eat from bowls, and keep away from clothing.
Breaking In: Training is important with any pet.
In Love with Another Master...or Pet: To lust after another's master is no better than treason, and to wish to be with another pet just cruel!
Punishment: Bad dog, no nookie!
Heat: All pets go into heat, and it's the responsibility of the owner to take care of this problem. After all, unchecked dry humping kills thousands every year.
Breeding: Breeders know the best qualities in each type and mate the cream of the crop together to continue lines. It's a hobby for some, a calling for others.
Pregnancy: So, about that whole "hybrid" thing. It maaaay be more true than you think, even if pet/human pregnancies are the stuff of salacious tabloids.
Territorial: Hey, hey, other dog person! This is your apartment. Stay the fuck out!
Kennel: Kennels are where unadopted pets are kept. They're generally agreed to be depressing places. Why not volunteer at one, keeping the pets healthy and happy with the kind of affection only humans can show?
Rebelling Against the System: Damn the Man! Pet people are people, too! Just be careful not to get talk. You know what happens to bad pets.
Instant Attraction: You ever just look at someone and know they're the one? That they're...your master? But what if you've been trying to fight it? Well, don't try!
Dominant Pet: You might be the pet, but you call the shots, at least in the bedroom.
Pet Show: Everyone wants to show off how perfect their animal is. Look at that ass! And you'll never believe their special skills...
Therapeutic: Pets, especially those bred for their kindliness, are perfect therapy for those who've been through trauma and heartache.
Jealousy: Who's that around your master? Oh, hell no. They better not be touching them!
Petting: Pet people are absolutely gaga for being touched. Even the most steely ones turn to mush for rubs.
Games: Playing with your pet and giving them exercise is a key to happiness. Of course, with a pet person, you might want to use other toys instead of a ball.
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Peter Parker | Amazing Spiderman | OTA

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Nickov // Original Character // OTA

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[ooc: Kind and loving master or pet (little more feral version of his species). PM me with any questions, kinks and info are in the journal!]
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Garfield Logan // DC Comics // OTA

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Alex DeLarge | A Clockwork Orange | M/F

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[A mixed breed dog with tan, folded ears, a slightly fluffy black tail with a tan tip and clawed fingertips. Alex has a past of being delinquent and difficult to handle. This is his last chance at having a home before more extreme measures are taken with him. He knows what those measures could mean, so he doesn't want to screw up again.

Alex isn't very affectionate, but he has a very high sex drive, and he would need an owner that would enjoy that. His owner would also need to be fine with being knotted. (Please note that despite his canon, I'm not interested in non-con here.)

In general he can take good care of himself. He stays well groomed, and he can cook, though not much of a variety. He also speaks using a street slang from his original home city, but he doesn't mind translating it.]
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Loki | MCU | M/F

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[Loki is a fox with straight black ears and a long, fluffy, silky black tail. He's often playful and mischievous, sometimes resulting in a few household items being destroyed. He's a fairly low maintenance pet as long as he's given things to keep himself entertained. He can be a bit over protective though.

He secretly longs to be a father, and he's heard stories of pet people being able to have offspring with their owners (though rare, apparently). Even with low odds, he would want to impregnate his owner, hopefully with a full litter of his own.

(Knotting is a given.)]
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[Let's try going with pet this time! And Masters will have quite the handful with this one. An alpha male pulled from his pack and then shunted home from home, he's a very stubborn and bull headed dog who is likely to be a pain in his master's ass until they learn to control him and his begrudging (to start) loyalty is earned. And after they do earn it he's territorial and doesn't like people around his master, especially those with romantic inclinations. He also comes with half-transformed or full dog transformations, though not in full several stories high sized. Seriously be careful of that though.

Most interested in: Young Master/Older Pet, Old "Couple", Guard, Dominant Pet, Heat, Pregnancy(Female Masters), Territorial, Rebelling Against the System and Jealously for this one. Transformations can also come with knotting options if you'd so like.
kinklist here.]
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[[Your very own pet spider woman. Is aloof and takes a bit to warm up, but becomes very friendly once she does. Is well versed in magic and can take a fully human form. Despite being a spider woman, isn't a perpetual domme. Tends to have somewhat paranoid thinking. A master/mistress needs a firm hand but also calm and soothing.]]
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[ as an owner she'd be unlikely to willingly take in a pet on her own unless it was going to benefit her to have it around in some way, so pushy pets who make themselves at home are welcome. and because her warm, loving side only comes out for one person it's easy to say she won't have much appreciation for any pet.

as a pet she'd be the definition of the cold, aloof cat. she'd have black ears and a sleek matching tail and she'd be willing to knock glasses off of tables or her master off a building if it suited her. any owner who takes her on should probably be strict enough to handle her since pushovers will be walked all over.

i'd like to avoid breeding/pregnancy. i'm open to any other prompts outside of those. ]
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[ooc: Most likely the master, PM to discuss him as a pet. Probably picked your character from a shelter though wouldn't be opposed to a stray. No heat or pregnancy. PM me with any questions, kinks are in the journal. Prefer no cats or dogs, exotics encouraged, but, again, PM me to discuss, I'm flexible C:]
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Jun "J" Kanzaki | Bloody Monday | M/M or femdom

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[ devious and easily bored cat that goes off disappearing on days on end. he does what he wants and is a little shit, but he's actually not that bad. ]
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Bracken | OC | M/M

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Months of healing had done enough for his body. He could walk and perform all basic functions again, but there was still much he was lacking. That was when a therapeutic pet was suggested for him.

He filed the paperwork and, since he couldn't drive, he waited anxiously at his home for his new pet to arrive. He didn't know exactly what they would be, but he paced around the house, which seemed so dark and lonely. Where he walked barely crossed his mind, as it was filled with thoughts of his new pet. How much time passed, he would never know. But when he heard the truck pull up he was quick to the door, opening it up in anticipation. He couldn't wait to have someone to cuddle and pet.

[Can be both master or pet, top or bottom.

As master, picking up a stray, adopting, a therapeutic pet or something along those lines would work.

As a pet, he would be a loving St. Bernard. Knotting and tight fits are on the table. Or catching him being a curious voyeur. Loves cuddling, might be obtuse about over-cuddling and squishing his partner.]