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Wade Wilson ([personal profile] beaarthur) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet 2016-07-05 08:34 am (UTC)

Logically Wade should have known that, but he didn't know as much as he should about the pet system or any of this. He avoided it for the most part. The life he lived was full of guns and war, not leisurely pet ownership.

The tag on the animal's collar glinted for a moment, catching Wade's eye. "Oh," he said quietly. "So you're Peter, huh? Let's spice it up a little. How about we stick with Petey Pie for now?" Nicknames were kind of his thing anyway. Lord knows this poor animal would have about a million of them if he stuck with Wade. And Petey Pie sounded cute. It was fitting.

He barely breathed as Peter smelled him and Wade melted when he nuzzled into his fingertips. Oh my fucking God. Wade followed his cheek, fingers drifting up to give him a gentle pet on the hair. He was so freaking soft too. Shit. This was getting deep fast. Peter was just so cute and Wade's biggest weakness was cute things. All Wade wanted to do was pet him and stare into those kind eyes.

God dammit, Weasel! He was getting a phone call tomorrow and Wade was really going to lay into him about this.

Wade cleared his throat and stood up. He was definitely going to have to get a book on owning a pet now. Probably tomorrow because it was already getting late. He wondered if Peter had been fed by Weasel or if he was hungry. Did he have to be careful about what he fed Peter? Oh jeez. Definitely needed to get that book.

"You hungry? Or thirsty?" his voice was gentle, trying to make him feel comfortable. How would he even be able to tell what Peter needed?

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