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The Final Battle Meme.

It's been a long road. Your adventure, your journey is finally coming to an end. But, before that, you just have one more thing to wrap up. Before that, you need to defeat the Big Bad; the final boss. Only after they're defeated can you clearly say that you've won, and your journey can FINALLY be finished.

How to Play:
1) Post, you know this part of the drill.
2) Either the poster or the replier may be the final boss! It's up to you.
3) Final Round! Ready? Fight!

And if you need it, here's some scenarios for you.

1) Platforming Boss:- All your running and jumping skills have really paid off! You've even probably done some puzzle solving and have powered up quite a bit. But now, you have to be exhausted. One life left, no continues, but on the bright side, you have a full life bar. Unfortunately, here comes the final boss of the game! Maybe they take 8 hits, or 10 hits, but either way, get ready for the end!
2) Adventure Boss:- An epic adventure, but there's just one thing standing between you and your treasure or your goal. Maybe it's a rival of yours, or the evil enemy you've been trying to keep from getting there first.
3) Fighting Game Boss:- After fighting seven other people and even a midboss, you're now staring down the final fight. The guy at the top of the tournament. The boss in charge. Are they an SNK boss? An MK Walker? THEY HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU
4) RPG Boss:- You know how at the end of a lot of RPGs you and the end boss just have a one on one epic LIMIT BREAK VS. LIMIT BREAK MOST POWERFUL MOVE VS. MOST POWERFUL MOVE battle? Yeah, that's what this is. No, you don't get EXP for winning this one.
5) Puzzle Boss:- Someone's been threatening your land and you're finally confronting them. How are you going to stop them? A good ol' game of Tetris. Or maybe something else. Whatever floats your boat.
6) Monster Battlin' Boss:- No, you weren't the one who fought their way here. Be it a team of Pokemon, or monsters you've been able to summon, you and this boss aren't going to fight directly. Instead, you're going to command your monsters to the final showdown between you and them. Can you two (or more) pull it off?
7) Misc. Boss:- The finals of a card game tournament? Maybe the final game of 1 on 1 basketball to save the rec center? The World Champion Boxer/Wrestler? A huge robot that you have to go through an obstacle course to fight in only a truck? Something else I may have forgotten? There's only one way to win, and it's to go at it head on. So get to it.

Taken and based off of the meme here.
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Jill Valentine | Resident Evil | OTA

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[Can you do it without a partner this time?]
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zero suit, so someone's going to end up having to decide to shoot them both just to be sure

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They look like the same person is what i'm getting at

[Samus jumps back, her body still sparking with energy as her Varia suit crumbles into light around her. It turns out that no matter how heavily armed she was, she couldn't take out such an agile fighter in her armor. She'll have to do this one by hand.

It's just fortunate that, agile or not, Jill has the decency to literally wear her GIANT GLOWING WEAK POINT on her chest. Maybe if she can land some hits on it and avoid getting her limbs dislocated...
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LOL seriously

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My account name for Jill on LJ was zerosuitjill, so I totally love the joke |D

[There's a reason Wesker usually has Jill wear her catsuit zipped up tight -- the same reason the true Jill beneath the virus did everything she could to get it open enough to reveal said weak point. Fortunately, she knows an explanation isn't needed; Samus is definitely bright enough to realize One of These Things Does Not Belong.

Unfortunately, her P30 alter ego is no less vicious, weak point open or not -- so with a low hiss as the only warning, Jill darts in low, dropping into a rapid slide and throwing out a sharp, upward kick aimed at Samus' middle.]
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[One of the benefits of adjusting to wearing a heavy suit of armor for long stretches of time is that without it, your body is much more responsive and light, so you can move more quickly and more readily.

Unfortunately, this advantage applies more against average human opponents, and even though Samus sees the incoming attack, it's too fast for her to properly counter it. Instead, she has to try and leap away from the attack, and it's not quite fast enough to avoid getting hit. The food connects, and even though the brunt of the force is lost, it's still enough to wind the hunter for a moment as she lands on her feet with a slight stagger.

She can't win this by going on the offensive; Jill will pick her apart. So she gets moving as soon as her feet hit the ground, running off toward the nearest group of pillars for cover to prepare herself. If she can get around Jill's kicks, and maybe keep her from scratching her eyes out, she might be able to get a good shot in at that controller device. To that end, she pulls out her stun gun, and listens close for those feather-light footsteps.
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[After her kick lands, Jill rises with a quick twist of her hips that puts her on her feet, again low -- and doesn't immediately give chase, but waits, observing those pillars with a wary eye.

When her opponent doesn't show for a good two seconds, Jill moves again, intent on finishing this conflict as fast as possible. Standing straight now, she takes off at a full run; randomly picking one of the pillars, she rounds it and draws both SMGs to open up with blind fire to the right -- a guess of direction on her part, as the prospect of getting attacked from behind is, in the virus' mind, a 50-50 shot worth taking.]
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[Samus takes a leap when Jill rounds the corner, just barely managing to time it quickly enough to avoid getting perforated prematurely. It's just fortunate that jumping is something else she's very good at. She twists her body midair as she flies over Jill, taking aim and firing from above. Even if the shots don't connect, it'll at least cover her until she lands so she can think up a better plan. Several plans come to mind, mostly involving explosives. But she doesn't have any on hand with her suit out of commission, so she changes her gun to its whip configuration as soon as she lands and tries to strike out in Jill's direction.]
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[At the glimpse of movement, Jill immediately reacts to redirect her gunfire -- but at the return fire, she has to exchange offense for defense and lets her arms fall to her sides as she twists to narrowly dodge the shots.

As a result, she hears the crackle of the whip's energy before she actually sees it; reflexively, she raises her right arm in defense as she turns in Samus' direction, leaving the whip to coil around it--

--a bad idea, it turns out, as her battle suit honestly provides very little protection from anything, let alone something charged with energy.]


[Her right gun clatters from stunned fingers; Jill herself staggers, trying to jerk free, but without grabbing the whip directly with her other hand, it's easier said than done.]
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[Samus takes advantage of the opening the second she sees it. She dashes straight in at Jill to try and grab the control device on the other woman's chest, then swings the butt of her stun gun down onto it. She doesn't know what it does and what hitting it will do, but her tried and true method of "attack whichever thing glows brightest with every weapon until something starts working" hasn't failed her yet.

Of course, to make this maneuver work, she has to let up on the pressure from the whip. Even if Jill's arm is still stunned, the whip unwinds from around it the moment Samus starts bashing the weapon against the control device.

Wake up!

[Samus is no stranger to fighting friends under the influence of a more sinister presence, and she'll do what has to be done if there's no saving Jill.

... But... She really, really doesn't want it to come to that. Not this time.
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[Jill tries to sidestep, what with the whip keeping her from back-stepping, but Samus is faster than she expects -- because what she expects is the usual clumsy human speed, but this one is startling above the average in ability. Of course, she's realized that fact a little too late.

It takes her a crucial second to recover from that stun energy, but by that time Samus' gun makes contact with the control device, and with enough force to send a visible shudder through Jill's limbs as the shock of the blow makes the virus' hold stagger.

It's not much, but it's something: Jill, the true Jill underneath the puppet, has an instant between the virus' agony, and she takes it to quickly hurl her remaining SMG across the room. It doesn't go far, but the point is that she's disarmed herself -- so when the virus recovers a split-second later, at least bullets have been removed from the list of things Samus needs to worry about.

...But to compensate, Jill -- again not herself -- takes advantage of the women's proximity, swiftly pulling a leg up between them to instantly kick outward with it; another blow aimed at Samus' middle, but now with the added cruelty of intending to jab the sharp high heel of her boot into the other's abdomen.]
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[There, that's confirmation enough for her. Maybe if she can damage the machine badly enough, its grip will loosen entirely. She doesn't get much time to think about it, though, since her thoughts are abruptly cut off by a heavy impact in her midsection.]


[This time, the kick connects in full. Samus feels the brute force of the kick in her gut before she even realizes the heel has been stabbed into her side. This is one of those times she really starts to miss her suit. She's lifted off the ground by the kick, but she keeps a grip on the machine with her free hand - if she loses this proximity, she'll lose her chance, and she'll likely have to deal with those machine guns again. So she shifts her body weight backward. The change in balance will at the very least get the creature to pull its foot out of her gut, and hopefully let her regain enough footing to try and pry the device straight out. She doesn't know how much good she'll do that way (she's strong but she can't punch out boulders without her suit), but it's worth a shot to see if it can disrupt the thing's hold on Jill.]
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[There's an aggravated hiss this time when her opponent's hold doesn't lessen -- and rather than directly killing the other woman, priority shifts to getting her hand off the device because that's where the biggest danger lies.

Jill's forced to put both feet back on the ground, but trying to stay there means dealing with Samus' weight shift, which puts more stress on the device; so in a split-second of desperate improvisation, Jill dives forward instead, intending to tackle Samus and do whatever she has to in order to get that hand off the device.]
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[The sudden shift in gravity catches her off guard, even if her grip doesn't waver. She's holding on with her left hand, the only one she ever has free when she's armored up. So it ends up being the one by which she finds herself hanging from cliffs, or using to cling to her grapple shot for dear life. Her right packs a fair enough punch, having had to lug the cannon arm around to the point that it becomes second nature, but her left has the grip.

All the same, she really feels that stab wound when her back hits the ground, compounded by the weight of Jill landing on top of her. The look in Jill's eyes brings back a flash, like the eyes of Ridley swooping in for an attack, the hiss from her throat becoming that hated screech. It hits home how dangerous Jill is in this state, when Samus realizes how strong that killing intent is. With a surge of adrenaline, Samus renews her efforts to pull on the control device, using her other hand to try to push Jill back. She tries to move her legs up between them, to provide added force, but all of Jill's limbs are still free, and Samus can only hope to pull the device out before she takes advantage of that fact to fullest effect.
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[At that moment, her focus is torn -- partly on trying to subdue the woman under her, partly on pushing through the physical agony of those tugs, and partly on resisting her host's growing influence.

One downside of the P30 virus is that its "mind" is surprisingly simple; it's rather animal-like in that regard, which is pretty appropriate, if one were to ask Jill's opinion. This makes multitasking pretty difficult, and combined with the unexpected strength of this one human and the fact that they would be here for another half hour if we went by canon boss fight rules, there's a crucial couple seconds where Jill scrabbles in something like a panic, unable to get around Samus' infuriatingly simple maneuvers amid everything she's struggling to fight off.

As a result, Samus' pulls have an effect: the device actually starts to part from its place on Jill's chest, although it still puts up considerable resistance thanks to the wires and tubing securing it in place. Even so, it moves, and judging by the trickles of blood and the angry, pained scream Jill gives, Samus is making progress.

But the pain is also enough to clear the virus' head -- Jill's left hand closes roughly over the one on her chest and tries to dislodge it, intent on prying those strong fingers off if even she has to break them; her right closes in a fist and, leaning forward against Samus's legs, she throws a punch down towards the other's face with as much strength as she can manage to put behind it in her position.]
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[Another shout of pain escapes Samus's mouth as the hand tightens around hers. It dies in her throat, though, when she feels Jill's fist connect with her face hard enough to slam her head into the ground. She'd been making progress, she knows, but she's swiftly losing what advantage she had. Her head is swimming with pain, and her left hand has already lost its grip, but if she just lays back and quits, she's dead.

So she sucks in a breath and pushes up with her legs sharply, trying to shift Jill's weight enough to dislodge her and give herself room to move. At the same time, she reaches up with her free hand to try and re-capture the control device. It's a desperate attempt, but it's not just her life on the line here.
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[As soon as that hand loosens, Jill's attention shifts again into the offensive; as a result, she loses balance at that unexpected reaction, enough that she has to catch herself with one arm and leg to the floor and leaving her chest momentarily open -- enough for Samus' grab attempt to succeed.

There's a fleeting instant in which Jill's caught at an awkwardly precarious angle, and that instant's plenty -- the virus might be winning the battle for Jill's body, but its attention is still torn. Instead of fighting the exhausting struggle for complete control, then, the true Jill underneath is specific: she throws every bit of strength she has into the arm that's holding her balance.

It's just a twitch, but it's enough: her elbow jerks, and beneath the brunt of her weight her arm bends instantly, making her hit the floor on her side before she can recover.

Not much, not for long, but it's gotten her off Samus temporarily.]
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[No time to catch her breath, Samus pushes herself up enough to throw her weight against Jill. She can tell something's slowing the virus down, or maybe her efforts are working. Either way, she has to keep fighting.

She tries to jam her elbow against Jill's chest, but the angle makes it difficult. Still, she can at least manage to grab the control device again, with both hands this time. If she can manage to tear the thing out before Jill can get back on the offensive, she can end this fight and maybe save the real Jill.
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[That doubled pressure on the virus' lifeline overrides the efforts of both P30 and Jill -- and knocked flat on her back, pinned by agony as much as she is by Samus, she's left entirely open for several seconds, only able to get out a weak hiss or cry here and there as the wires continue to strain against her, tearing through skin and muscle as they slowly begin to pop loose, one by one.]
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also, yet ANOTHER RE movie with zerosuit jill is coming out kill me now

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[With all her strength, Samus mashes the action button pulls, grunting loudly with the effort. Her gut aches and blood stains the front of her suit and her head is swimming, but her hands are on target and the rest of her strength is dedicated to pulling it right out. Through the fog starting to cloud her thoughts, she worries that pulling out the controller may kill Jill, but there's no choice. Besides, she's sure that living as a husk being controlled by some damn virus is worse than dying as yourself. She just hopes Jill's of the same opinion.]

Come onnnnn!
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oh God I know. ;; Those films make my soul hurt.

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[Honestly, that's been Jill's opinion since day one under its control.

The snapping of the wires is actually audible now -- or it is until Jill screams again, her same animal snarls fading in and out among a more human cry of pain.

But it's a sound partly of defeat, partly of finality -- between Samus' strength and Jill's weight playing tug-of-war on those wires, it doesn't matter how deeply they were drilled into her: the last two break, the device comes free, and Jill collapses, rolling onto her side with both hands clutching her bleeding chest.

Her growls take several seconds to grow weaker, replaced first with gasps, and then panting -- and all at once every tense muscle in her body relaxes and she goes limp, although her chest continues to heave with the effort to get her breath back.]
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And if my eyes weren't decieving me and Michelle Rodriguez's character really is back I swear to god

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[Samus heaves a heavy sigh of relief, the strength already draining out of her. She manages to push herself up into a sitting position, and starts surveying the damage. In her mind she starts cursing the fact that they both wear fairly resilient skintight outfits, because it makes it difficult to find any cloth to tear into bandages.

Fortunately enough, though and plot-conveniently, the discarded robe Jill had been wearing is near enough for Samus to stagger over and start ripping off strips from it. She wraps one around her midsection first, then manages as best she can to bandage up Jill. She doesn't know how much good it'll do it'd be easier if there was just a save station nearby but noooo it has to be all medical herb sprays and all that nonsense, but it doesn't matter much now.

She sits back, finally finished. There's more work to do, but she's in no shape to this game right now. Maybe once she gets her armor repaired. For now, she has to make sure she hasn't actually killed Jill.
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LMAO RIGHT? It's like "Umbrella" went and cloned ALL THE PEOPLE in Alice's life or something 8\

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which is ridiculous because A) how do they even know she KNEW all those people and B) WHERE DID THEY GET ALL OF THEIR DNA TO MAKE CLONES? considering half of them were blown up or lost entirely lkdsjfl;askjdfa

[For the stretch of time that Samus is working, Jill doesn't bother moving just yet. She knows she's safe for the moment, and that's enough to convince her high-strung reflexes to let her rest for a brief stretch. That, and the need for gathering as much strength as possible.

Finally, she moves -- collapses, rather -- onto her back, cringing at the motion but otherwise alive. It's another couple seconds before she exhales with what looks like equal effort, letting her head fall to the side to look Samus' way.]

You okay? [It's a stupid question and Jill knows it -- she's looking over Samus' middle even as she asks it. Still, habits die hard.

Her eyes close again and she tries to shake her head, but then stops when that makes her feel dizzy.]

I'm sorry... I couldn't...
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I'm not sure if it'd be better or worse if they actually bothered trying to explain it

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But I will admit that if Chris punches a boulder, I will at least laugh. It won't be worth it, but I will laugh.

I'll live.

[The statement is quiet, but straightforward. Like it was never in question, for better or worse. Samus isn't one to speak very much, even to her "friends", but she's just glad either of them can speak at all. Despite herself she's still a bit shaken.]

It wasn't you.

[Though, admittedly, it's taking a bit of effort to get the image of that animalistic P30 hissing down at her out of her mind. Just another horrible memory to have rattling around her head. She reaches up to brush her hair out of her face, wincing at the stinging sensation in her head. She grits her teeth and sits back, as if they're waiting for a rescue helicopter to come. She's sent the signal for her ship, but she's not confident if it can make it where they are. It'll probably be conveniently parked in the next area she hasn't explored yet.]

... Will you be alright?
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idk but I'm willing to bet any explanation will insult the scientist in me. :|

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...NGL, either would be hilarious. X'D

[Jill hesitates, but doesn't press in either regard.]

...Yeah. It'll take me a while to get my full strength back, but... I'm okay.

[She opens her eyes again to look over -- and if the virus erased every bit of human emotion out of them before, the look she gives now, on the contrary, is saying a lot more than her words.

Thanks to you.

She grunts quietly, gradually sitting up to prop her back against a wall. It's still an exhausted position -- she looks like she's ready to collapse again at any second -- but she manages to stay more or less upright.]

I can move. I just... need a few. [She didn't say she'll be able to move very well, mind -- but she's not about to slow anyone down if she can help it.

And then, after another pause, and more quietly:]

...Thanks. Not a lot of people-- [She can't help wincing slightly.] --can get through to me. When I'm like that.
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I just want my RE4 movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio already. Alice is smalltime

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[The message gets across, and Samus nods gratefully. That makes it all worth it, if she's managed to save even one life. For someone whose missions usually result in a planet being destroyed for a sum total of zero successful rescues, just one is enough.]

Should I worry that I could only get through to you by hitting you very hard?

[It certainly feels telling of her methods, at least. Another moment's thought about whether or not the comment could be taken as an insult, and she shakes her head. This is why she doesn't make jokes.]

Never mind. ... The ones responsible for that... thing... will pay, one way or another.

[Even if it has to wait until the next game given this is the "final battle" meme Samus glares at the remains of the device on the ground, as if she hasn't already committed the symbols on it to memory by now.]
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At least her right hand doesn't come off

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[In spite of Jill's state, that first bit gets a twitch of a smile.

But then she follows Samus' stare, unable to hide a flicker of loathing as she eyes the device -- just looking at it sends a pang through the wounds on her chest.

Quietly, her voice a little too blank, she corrects,]
One. There's... really only one responsible. [It's a good thing, in the long run -- the fact that Wesker kept that one virus for his own designs rather than distributing it into the black market like nearly everything else he developed. It's a flawed product, after all.

Just not flawed enough, from Jill's standpoint.]

I might have a lead. We can look into it once we've recovered. [And straight back to business.]

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