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( nursed back to health shipping meme )

Nursed Back to Health
shipping meme

  • Comment with your character, preferences, preferred role, and any information you'd like to include.
  • Your character has either been injured/sick and had to be taken in (possibly against their will) or has been the one to help somebody like the former. Through the mending process, the two characters in a thread have fallen in love - or at least grown closer and more affectionate.
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  • Thread.
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[When Frank goes out on the streets and alleyways of New York at night, he doesn't expect to be worrying about anyone else's well being. He knows exactly who he's seeking out, where he has to go, and how to go about taking care of business. He knows it's a dangerous game when innocent civilians are involved but he usually doesn't expect them this late at night, which is why when Karen Page pops up in the middle of a dangerous drug deal, shit hits the fan. Of course it has to be her, and next thing he knows he's carrying her away from gunshots and angry cartel with a potentially bad wound.

This is not how the night was supposed to go.

Frank manages to kill a few who thought it wise to chase after them, all while keeping Karen out of harms way, and when he's certain they're finally alone and the sound of sirens grows farther away from their location, he finally sets her down on her feet.]

What the fuck was that?
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[ She'd been tracking one of the low level cartel members, trying to chase the rat back to the nest. Only at the last moment, did she realize what she'd stumbled into. And then the shooting started.

Somewhere in the chaos, fire exploded in her side and she barely managed to bite back the scream. The world swam before her eyes and she lost the next few minutes. The next thing she knew, a familiar voice was berating her. ]


[ She was pale, sweating, and her side was dark with a widening red stain. She clung to the edge of his kevlar vest, her knuckles gone white. ]

I'm sorry, I need to sit down.
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[It's worse than he initially thought and the sight of how pale she is sobers him to the severity. He needs to stop the bleeding immediately and while his first instinct is to drop her off at the nearest hospital, he can't just walk in with a bleeding woman in his arms, and by the time he even gets there -

For Christ's sake

Frank's thinking as he helps her sit up against the wall and while a dirty alleyway isn't the best place to patch someone up, it'll have to do for now; at least until he can get the bleeding to slow down and then take her home. Kneeling beside her to examine the wound, Frank pulls up the corner of her blouse but keeps his face passive at the spreading blood. On the bright side, it looks like the bullet's not still lodged inside her body.]

Whatever you do, don't pass out. [He insists before putting pressure on the wound with one hand.]
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[ She chuffs a quiet laugh, winces. ]

Don't know if I have a choice in the matter. Did it go all the way through?

[ Her head leans back a dumpster, her eyes clenched shut. ]
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[Keeping her conscious is important so Frank keeps talking with her despite the gravity of the situation, fumbling for something in his coat.]

You're lucky it just grazed you. Bullet won't be stuck inside and no exit wound to bleed out from.

[Not that it's any better as is.

He finds the roll of medical grade bandages he keeps for himself and rips off a piece to press to the wound instead, using both hands now.]

I'll ask why the hell you were there after we get you somewhere safe.

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It still hurts like hell. And I was just -- fuck. Ow.

[ She focuses on breathing while he works, focuses on staying awake, staying coherent. They're not out of the clear yet. ]

Are they gone?
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For now.

[Despite the blood he grabs one of her hands and presses it on top of the bandage where he'd been adding pressure, squeezing it for clarity.]

Keep the pressure on here, alright? Don't let go.

[Because now he's going to have to carry her to his car while somehow not getting seen. She needs something better than a dirty alleyway. Either way, Frank reaches to support Karen's back while scooping her up from behind the knees as well, aware of the discomfort she's in as he quickly makes his way to where he'd hidden his car.]
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[ She bites back a cry and clings to him, burying her face in his shoulder even as her hand keeps pressure on the searing pain in her side. The world sways and dims and she goes limp in his arms.

She awakes in the car just a few minutes later, as he's fumbling to belt her in. ]

I'm okay. It's okay. It's just -- shock, I think. I'll be okay. Just take me home.
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[He intends on doing so as soon as he can and while she may be in pain Frank is relieved to have her conscious. He'll be able to take care of this properly once they're off the streets.

He doesn't hesitate to get into the front seat and drive off, tempted to speed but knowing that would only attract the police even more. He doesn't even think about the fact that he knows exactly where Karen lives these days, and by the time they get to her apartment his next concern is getting her upstairs in one piece.]

C'mon. Almost there.

[Once again he's picking her up and quickly taking her up the stairs to her floor. It's a blessing that they don't run into anyone.]
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[ She doesn't ask how he knows where she lives, what floor, what apartment number. It's Frank. She's okay with it, somehow. She saves her breath until he's triple-bolted the door behind them. ]

I'm so glad you were there, Frank.

[ Her voice is quiet, almost childlike. The adrenaline crash is coming, she feels it, and for some reason, making it to safety makes her feel like losing her shit. She bites her lip, takes a deep breath. ]

There's leftover Chinese in the refrigerator. Help yourself. Oh, and beer.

[ Y'know, like this is one old friend coming to visit another. Like this is normal, and not at all terrifying and unexpected. ]
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[He takes her to the bed and sets her down carefully, immediately ridding himself of his bloodied coat and vest, tossing them to the floor for now. The babbling is probably a defense mechanism but at least she's still able to talk and Frank just nods along, even though he's obviously not going to go raid her fridge right now.]

I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere.

[It's a half-assed attempt at humor as he goes to raid her bathroom cabinet instead, hoping for something he could work with. Thankfully, Karen seems to have a mini first-aid kit stocked and seemingly untouched. Once back at her side Frank tugs up on her shirt again to expose the wound, frowning deeply at all the blood. The gauze he gave her earlier is already soaked through.]

You trust me, right? [More of a rhetorical question but he takes the moment to look her in the eye, a wet cloth carefully replacing the gauze with added pressure of his hands instead.] I'm gonna have to sew you up a bit.
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[ She tries not to wince when he pulls the impromptu bandage away from her skin. It's angry red, still weeping. She knows what he's going to say even before he asks.

She meets his steady gaze and gives a little nod. ]

You do what you need to do.

[ And she's going to do her level best not to break down and cry. She bites her lip and hitches her shirt up, getting it out of his way. ]
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[Personal experience is enough for him to understand how much this sucks. It's always sucked. It never gets easier or better but Frank's learned to suck it up if he's going to put himself in the line of danger on a constant basis, and if Karen intends on being around him... she's probably going to have to get used to it too.

Although he hopes she won't.

Frank uses the cloth to wipe away the excess blood on her skin before grabbing the small vial of saline solution. Cleaning out the wound is more important than sewing it right now, but once done he's quick to move on to the next step. Thankfully he has no qualms against stitching someone up and doesn't hesitate during the process, hands steady and thorough despite everything else.]
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[ She's fine. She's really fine. It stings and yes, it sucks. But she's not used to it, so it's still scary. When the suture kit comes out, she swears under her breath and specifically directs her gaze at the ceiling.

She grew up with brothers. She tries to imagine how much shit they'd be giving her right now if she cried out or pulled away. It helps a little.

She tries very hard not to flinch. She still does but it's not enough to throw him off. By the time he's tying off the last suture, tears are streaming down her face, and she's breathing deliberately, in through her nose, out through her mouth. She tries to make a joke. ]

You've done this before.
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[There's no judgment for her tears. In fact, Frank goes on as normal and is impressed by the way she holds up, pain and all. He knows at the end of all this the trauma will be worse than the actual wound.]

Once or twice. [He replies with a smirk, grabbing for some clean bandages to cover the suture next.] You know, I once hid a razor blade in my own arm 'cause I knew I'd need it.

[He looks up at her, ignoring the tears.]

You get used to it after a while.
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Of course you did.

[ Did she say that out loud? She covers her face with her hands, dragging them through her hair. She's sniffling. ]

It isn't just me, right? This is some fucked up shit.
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No. Getting shot at isn't fun.

[Finally, he gets up to sit on the edge of the bed, wiping his hands off on a towel. He'll make sure to get her some new ones that aren't covered in blood.]

That's why you shouldn't follow these kinds of leads. Not ones where I'm involved.
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It's not like I planned the whole thing. Following leads is my job.

[ She doesn't look at him, tugging her blouse back down, quietly lamenting the possibility that the dry cleaners can get the bloodstains out.

A moment later, she finds the hole in the fabric. She puts a fingertip through it. ]

And I didn't just get shot at. Fuck.

[ Her hands are shaking now. ]
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[Sometimes it's easy to forget people don't brush off this shit as quick as him. Even during his deployment it all came too easy - the violence, the destruction. People like Karen Page shouldn't be suffering from bullet wounds.

Hesitating a moment, Frank reaches out to put a larger hand over hers, just a gentle weight to calm her down.]

The bullet's not stuck in you and you're gonna live. You just have to rest now.
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[ Something about his touch quells the wave of fear threatening to wash over her. She swallows hard, catches his hand between her palms.

His hand is massive beside hers. She turns it over, brushes her fingers over his palm. He's flesh and blood. And he's been through hell. And here she is, sniveling like a little girl with a skinned knee. ]

What about you?
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[The touch seems to be helping so he doesn't pull away even when it comes as foreign to him. It's been so long since any human interaction with him has breached the line to intimacy, even in a friendly sense, so much that he isn't sure how to approach it at all.]

I'm fine. Been through worse.

[His gaze moves to the abandoned vest on Karen's floor, the painted skull staring at him with judgment. He'd been so worried about taking her to safety he barely noticed he'd been shot at as well.]
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[ She follows his gaze and sees the blood. ]


[ Her voice is tight in her throat. If he's injured too, she knows they're going to have to call someone. ]

Is that your blood?
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[The last thing he needs is for her to worry and panic so he looks down over himself to assess his wounds. His arms, his legs, his chest... there's nothing more than flesh wounds and bruises, including those on his chest from being shot. Thankfully the vest suffered more than he did.]

Like I said, I'm fine.

[The blood is pretty bad but the majority isn't even his. Hell, some of it is hers but he doesn't want to say that. Instead, he retracts his hand and stands.] You want tea or anything? You're still in shock.
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[ She squeezes his hands. ]

What I want is for you to take care of yourself before you worry about me. I'm fine, now. I can rest. Get a shower. Get patched up.

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[It's still strange to have someone genuinely give a damn about him. Frank isn't sure he'll ever get used to it, especially when said person is constantly under danger because of him. He doesn't understand why.

Wordless, he turns away and gathers the bloodied coat and vest he dropped earlier, staggering a bit from how exhausted he is.]

I'll stay overnight just in case something goes wrong. You should go to the hospital tomorrow.

[It's all he says before slipping off into her small bathroom to take that shower, pile of black, bloodied clothes sitting in a corner as he washes away whatever he can see, checking his body for the damage done at the same time.]

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